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Why Is My Dog Barking at Nothing?

Why Is My Dog Barking at Nothing?

Why Is My Dog Barking At Nothing?

Well, here is some news for you. They ARE NOT barking at nothing!

It’s just that we as owners haven’t tuned in to what they NEED!

The thing about dog barking is that although it is noisy it is a completely normal part of our dog’s communication with the world they live in and the way they communicate with us.

In order to try to reduce and even prevent barking firstly, it is for us to try to understand why our dog is barking in the first place and what they hope to gain for it.

They are communicating with you because they are anxious, hungry, bored, joyful, protective, or in pain.

The volume, tone, and pace of your dog’s bark can often tell you exactly what he is attempting to communicate to you.

Allowing your dog to bark continuously or to demand things from you will only serve to exacerbate the problem.

Try to come up with a way of teaching them is that they can still obtain what they want from this behavior or quieter manner this might involve introducing something that means they can’t bark or indeed want to, but generally, the dog’s bark because there is a concern or they’re not getting their meet needs met.

It’s up to us good owners to make sure that we can tune In, in order to try and understand and more that this might be through the form of good exercise. mental stimulation and making sure their needs are met every day.

Some dogs bark out of sheer frustration and they got all those pent-up energies that they want you to help them release.

In this article, we will look at all the different kinds of reasons that they could be barking and then will try and come up with some strategies in order for us as good owners to meet our dog’s needs and build that bond, and hopefully end up with a quieter pooch too!

Some of the reasons your dog may be barking

Let’s look at some of the reasons our dogs could be barking and then also look at ways we can help them overcome the need to.

Dogs Are Territorial

With many breeds of dogs, barking is absolutely the right thing for them to do. They are warning us, their pack, that there could be some sort of concern or danger (in their minds) that we need to be worried about.

Territorial behavior is frequently motivated by a combination of anxiety and anticipation of a looming danger. Given that defending their territory is such a high priority for them, many dogs are extremely motivated to bark when they detect the approach of unfamiliar persons or animals in familiar settings, such as their homes or yards.

They Are Hungry

Another possible reason for the dog’s barking is that it’s hungry. It’s possible that it hasn’t been eating enough, or that it has been forced to wait for too long in between meals.

If it is now solely fed in the mornings, it may be beneficial to feed it less in the mornings and instead feed it in the evenings and on weekends.

There is a concern with its diet.

Alternatively, it is possible that the animal’s nutrition is causing the problem. It is possible that it is not eating enough, that it is consuming foods that it should not be eating, or that it is not obtaining the nutrients it requires from its diet.

It would be beneficial to double-check that you have been providing it with a portion of nutritious food and that it has not been consuming something it shouldn’t have been.

Anxiety associated with separation

It’s possible that it’s suffering from separation anxiety.

This is the point at which it dislikes being left alone and becomes uneasy when left alone. A higher likelihood of this occurring is if your dog sleeps in a different room from you, or if it has begun barking since being unable to sleep in your bed with you.

It would also be more likely if it begins to become nervous when you are about to leave home or when you are about to retire to bed.

They Are In Pain

In this scenario, it’s possible that something has been causing it to experience pain at night. This would be more likely if the animal has been displaying other signs of pain, such as limping, and if it has only recently begun to do so in this manner.

In this instance, taking it to the veterinarian would be the best and ONLY course of action.

Boredom: Your dog is bored!

Dogs are normally meant to be exercised on a daily basis. When dogs do not get enough exercise, it can cause them to behave erratically, and this could be a contributing factor to your dog’s nighttime and daytime barking.

This would be more likely if the dog has a tendency to bark more on evenings when it has not gotten any physical activity. It would be beneficial to ensure that your dog has been receiving the appropriate amount of exercise for his or her age and breed.

A tired dog is generally a very happy dog as they have had their daily exercise needs met and the boredom factor is a really huge one when you consider just how much energy dogs have.

Brain Training Your Dog

Increasing the likelihood of a behavior

It’s also possible that you’ve conditioned it to bark at night by rewarding it with things it craves when it does so. If it does not appear to be barking for a specific purpose, such as the need to go potty, but you pay attention to it when it does start barking, it will most likely bark more in order to obtain more attention in the future.

If possible, avoid providing attention at night when it starts barking unless absolutely necessary, and instead give it attention in the mornings when it does not bark unless absolutely required.

There is an issue with your dog’s sleeping habitat.

It is also possible that there is a problem with the room in which it is required to sleep. It could be too hot, too loud, too bright, or too noisy, or there could not be enough space for it to lay down comfortably if it is uncomfortable.

During the night, your dog will need to go potty.

Another possibility is that it is in need of urination. This would be more likely if the dog is a puppy and if it has a tendency to bark more in the evenings when it does not have access to the bathroom.

An alteration in your dog’s nighttime routine

Dogs, on the whole, prefer to have a regular routine that they can stick to. If your dog has started barking since you changed its nighttime schedule, it is possible that it has been confused about what is going on and has been barking as a result.

Your dog is awakened by noises in the middle of the night.

It is possible that it is awakened by noises that it does not like in the middle of the night. When a dog howls exclusively on certain nights or only when it is in a specific room, the chances of this happening increase dramatically.

Their Age

As our dogs get older their needs can change sometimes quite dramatically. We as good owners need to address this as early as we see the signs.

We have an article dedicated to Caring For An Older Dog here.

As our dogs grow older, their joints can become more uncomfortable, which may be contributing to their day and nighttime barking.

This is more likely to occur if your dog is old and has been displaying signs of discomfort both during the day and at night for some time.

In this situation, it will be beneficial to speak with your veterinarian about it.

The age of your dog will also play a significant role in this decision. This would increase the likelihood that it is due to anything as simple as a puppy needing to go potty or requesting additional attention.

However, if it is an adult, it is more likely to be as a result of factors such as a change in its habit, obtaining less exercise, having a problem with its sleeping environment, or experiencing pain when sleeping.

Understanding your dog requires getting to know him or her, and puppies are different from older dogs in the same way that children are different from adults.

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Things We Can Do As Good Dog Owners To Help Our Dogs!

Ways in which we can minimize our dogs barking

The following are some suggestions for how to encourage your dog to quit barking at nighttime or to minimize it.

As we have already touched upon, we simply can’t eliminate all barking, after all, it’s our dog’s way of telling us things.
However, we can do lots of things to make everything a bit more pleasant for all involved and also improve our bond with our dog.

Avoid making the barking more frequent.

As previously said, it is possible that it is acting in this manner in order to garner further attention or rewards from you and your family. Keeping it from being rewarded with attention when it barks at night would be beneficial, so that it learns that barking does not result in additional attention.

Except when it appears to be barking for a different purpose, such as to go outside and urinate, a problem with the room it sleeps in, or an injury, in which case it should be ignored.

Give them some physical activity.

Even if your dog is in good health, it would be beneficial for you to ensure that it is able to acquire the daily necessary amount of exercise for his or her particular breed. Activities such as fetching may also be beneficial in increasing the amount of wear and tear on the animal.

Make certain that your dog is receiving the proper nutrition.

Given the information provided above, it is possible that the animal’s nutrition is causing the problem. Taking steps to ensure that it is receiving the proper nutrition, that no one has been feeding it without your knowledge, that it does not have access to foods that it should not be consuming and that it is fed earlier in the evening would be beneficial.

Don’t feed your dog after 8:00 p.m.

In addition, it may be beneficial to avoid feeding it immediately before night because it may be causing it to have difficulty falling asleep.

Make sure your dog’s sleeping area is as comfortable as possible.

Making sure that the room it sleeps in is cool, not too light, not too loud, and that it has enough space to sleep peacefully would also be beneficial.

Good quality and comfortable bed for your dog is definitely the way to go here. Also, a top tip is to leave an old t-shirt of yours (unwashed) on your dog’s bed as they find the scent very relaxing!

Training in crates

Crate training is the process of teaching your dog to feel comfortable in a crate that has been specifically built for canines.

If you crate train your dog in the proper manner, you will provide it with a secure environment in which to feel safe. This will provide your dog with a safe haven where it will be able to feel secure at night when you are not there to supervise.

Allow your dog an opportunity to relieve himself before night.

It would also be beneficial to make sure that it has enough time to urinate before bedtime, as it is possible that it has been barking because it needs to go potty.


If it has started barking as a result of a change in its nighttime pattern, such as being forced to sleep in a different room without you, it is likely that it will cease barking within a few days or weeks.

In this scenario, it would be beneficial to be patient and avoid rewarding it for barking as much as possible.

If the situation does not improve after a few weeks, it would be beneficial to seek assistance from a dog behaviourist or to take the dog to the veterinarian.

This is often the case with puppies and it is perfectly normal

Take them to the veterinarian.

It would be beneficial to take it to the vet if it has been displaying signs of being in pain or if it has been barking excessively recently.

Then you should be in a better position to rule out any medical issues and receive expert guidance that is specifically customised to your unique canine companion.


So there you have it, we can’t stop our beloved dogs from barking but we can try to tune in and make things a lot better for both of us.
Tuning in or bonding is vital to you and your dog and once you get this right, and it takes times, you will have a much calmer and happier dog and that should always be the number one goal.

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