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Why Are Elevated Dog Feeding Bowls So Good?

Why Are Elevated Dog Feeding Bowls So Good?

If you love your pet dog, then you should consider giving him high-quality pet food.

What do I mean? Well, if they had to choose between a home-cooked meal and kibble from the grocery store’s dog bowl aisle, most would choose the latter.

But is that really the best choice for your beloved pooch?

What you feed your dog is obviously very important, but also what that food is served on can make a huge difference to their enjoyment and digestion.

In this article, we’ll explore why elevated dog feeding bowls are so good, and why you should consider one for your pet as well.

Why are elevated dog feeding bowls so good


First off, you need to ask yourself this – Why are elevated dog bowls so good?

This question has two answers, and both are important to understanding the importance of your pet’s health.

In the first place, let’s take a look at the fact that your dog’s bowls will be placed much higher than normal.

In fact, you might even have to give him a step up if you want to feed him at all.


This allows your dog more space to move around and stretch out, which is exactly what he needs in order to properly digest the food he’s eating.

Next, there’s the matter of the angle the food bowl is set at. Usually, you’ll see that your dog’s food bowl is angled down so that his nose is resting close to the ground.

Dogs can choke and making them more comfortable when eating can certainly minimalize this.

Bloat can be caused by dogs rushing their food and eating too quickly by some breeds is something that we as owners need to be mindful of.

The reason for this is to encourage him to drink more water. Water is good for him because it flushes out toxins that otherwise might cause sickness or might even become fatal.

Your dog probably won’t drink enough water throughout the day to cause harm, but you should still try to give him a drink after every meal just to make sure that he’s drinking enough.

Otherwise, it’s a sign that your dog isn’t getting enough food, and that could lead to worms.

Elevated feeding stations make it easier for you to monitor what your dog is getting. If you have an enclosed space, then it’s impossible to keep an eye on what he’s eating all day long.

A portable bowl station, however, makes it easy to know where your dog’s food bowl is at all times. It’s just a simple matter of reaching over and putting your hand in his bowl.

Three Great Products

With this in mind, let us take a look at three high-quality raised feeders that you could consider for your next canine-related purchase!

The Neater Feeder Express

Neater Feeder Express elevates dog bowls to an elevated level that makes clean-up easier. The innovative design catches dropped food on the top of the bowl and gathers water in the base so spills are wiped up.

It is a patented design and assures your dog of a dry, safe, and comfortable meal.

This feeder eliminates messy table scraps by getting rid of the water left in the bowl after each meal.

The design eliminates droppings from the bowls by lifting them off the floor and holding them above the level of the dog bowl.

Neater Feeder Express elevates bowls up to six inches off the ground so they are ready for immediate use.

They can be used on concrete, wood, vinyl, and other surfaces with ease, which makes cleaning them a breeze.

Cleaning these bowls is made even easier because each one has a removable, self-cleaning rack at the base.

Cleaning the bowls is a breeze simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Each dog bowl is also dishwasher safe. Your dog will love them and you can save money on buying dry food.

If you have more than one dog, then you know how costly it can be to buy dog food in bulk. This can get extremely expensive and shopping at the store can become exhausting.

To save money, why not consider making your dog’s meals at home?

With a dog food dispenser like the Neater Feeder Express, you can be sure that your dog’s food is freshly made and there is nothing left to spoil.

The Urpower Elevated and Dog Adjustable Bowl

URPower Elevated Dog Bowls are the perfect solution if you want the style and grace of a traditional metal bowl but without the hassles. The bowl is extremely comfortable, easily adjustable, and simple to put together. It is also durable, having rubber grommet-protected liners that prevent sticking and ensure a leak-free operation.

It is able to withstand hot dog feedings up to 160 degrees, which is more than double the normal temperature range for most stainless steel bowls.

This also allows the dog owner to use the bowls for other purposes other than feeding treats.

URPower’s Elevated Dog Bowls come in three heights ( Tall, Short, and extra tall), each of which offers a different level of comfort for your dog.

The Tall bowl is best used for medium to large size dogs and can be adjusted up or down to provide your dog with just the right amount of access to eat. With a non-slip floor, the dog bowl stand is easy to clean. Extra tall models have three heights which allow the user to adjust the height for larger dogs.

They are also made of heavy-duty non-stick material, making them ideal for families with children.

URPower offers its products at an affordable price and has a reputation for creating high-quality dog supplies. They are manufactured in the United States and are known for their long-lasting dog bowls.

The company has three styles of product to choose from: the Metal bowl, the Plastic bowl, and the Wood bowl. All of these bowls are constructed from a high-quality non-slip non-stick material. One feature they do have is a non-skid surface, allowing the bowls to be used on all types of floors.

If you are looking for a high-quality bowl that will endure the wear and tear of daily use, then this might be just what you are looking for.

The Averyday 4 in 1 Raised Dog Bowl for small, medium and large dogs


AVERYDAY 4 in 1 raised dog bowls are specially designed according to extensive research and expertise of what a healthy dog requires. Ideal for medium to large-sized dogs with the possibility of joint problems. They are an absolute convenience to place this dog feed station in the kitchen of the house.

AVERYDAY 4 in 1 Raised Dog Bowls|AVERYDAY 4 in 1 Raised Dog Bowls

AVERYDAY 4 in 1 Raised Dog Bowls are ideal for puppies and older dogs as they are very easy to fill up and empty. They have a dual-action design that makes them a snap to clean.

Unlike other bowls, these bowls do not require you to stuff extra treats inside them so your dog will not end up overeating. Your dog will have lots to eat and enjoy, all the while keeping his or her tummy full.

You’ll also find that elevated dog feeding bowls prevent your dog from being a target for other dogs. Some dogs, especially larger ones, can be a target for other dogs when they’re eating.

They have more challenges in getting their food than smaller dogs because they’re bigger. If they have an elevated dog bowl, they can sit at it comfortably and not worry about being attacked by other dogs.

This can be a big benefit for older dogs with arthritis that might sometimes have difficulty moving around.

With a portable bowl station, his risk of getting sick from parasites, worms, and anything else goes down drastically.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Why are elevated dog feeding bowls so good,” you should find a way to make sure you get the right size bowl for your dog.

You don’t want one that’s too small or too large for your dog.

You also don’t want to buy a cheap bowl and then realize you can’t fit him in it comfortably.

Make sure you get an adjustable one that’s right for your dog’s height and weight.

That way, he can eat without stressing himself out and you’ll feel better knowing your dog is safe.


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