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What To Play With Your Dog

What To Play With Your Dog

You hear people say “Play With Your Dog” but knowing what to play with your dog will give both of you loads more fun and bond-building too!

Enjoyable Activities With Your Dog

A dog is more than just a pet. It is a friend one can always count on when things go wrong and no one seems to care.

Having a dog for a pet is not just about feeding it and giving it a good home. It also takes maintenance to keep that dog strong and fit.

Spending time with mans best friend further deepens the relationship one has with a pet. It tells the dog that the owner loves being with it and by either playing or working together; it strengthens the communication, understanding, and respect between man and animal.

There are many ways to teach a dog discipline and learn new tricks and by teaching it through games instead of the normal routine added with a little imagination, it can both be fun for the dog and the owner.


What To Play With Your Dog

One game is called follow the leader.

This activity consists of a group of owners and dogs.

By placing objects such as cones or cans on the ground and making the group go around these objects, the dog will learn to follow when it is called.

Further strengthening that could be by switching who the leader is and doing the entire process all over again.

Although ‘Follow the Leader’ is an enjoyable game for dog and owner to engage in with each other, it can also be a great training technique for establishing appropriate off-leash manners and as a foundation for teaching other skills.

Teaching your dog to follow you helps her to pay attention to you and copy your movements.

Being guided through unfamiliar territory in a safe and enjoyable manner helps your dog to put her trust in you as her leader.

Your dog will learn to look behind her for you and may even assist you in following her, which will allow her to develop empathy for you and others.

While hunting or tracking with your dog, playing follow the leader provides your dog with a model of a good leader that she can replicate later on when she is in charge of leading you along the trail.

Empathy, trust, and attention abilities that can help your dog become a dependable companion can be developed through participation in games such as ‘follow the leader.’
It is best to begin playing this game with your dog while she is a puppy and her natural inclinations to follow you are still quite strong.

If you’ve ever observed a child interact with a puppy, you’ve most likely witnessed this training in action firsthand. Kids have a tendency to jump from one interest to another, and the puppy instinctively follows them and exhibits interest in the same thing that the kid is interested in.

This is because children and puppies demonstrate the natural interaction that exists between people and dogs, in which people and dogs work together to pursue their common interests.

Dogs take the lead when the work necessitates a superior nose or ears, and people take the lead when vision and preparation are required.

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It does not matter how old your dog is; you may still recall her instincts to follow and lead you as a team. It is possible that you will need to exert more control and suggestion during the training process at first, but your dog will gradually come to understand that working with your results in better results than working on her own can.

Another game is hide and seek.

Children play this game with other children but by teaching the dog to stay in one place then have the dog search for the person when the dog’s name is called, it teaches the dog discipline and will make the dog learn to wait until being called.

One can modify this game by hiding a treat in a certain area and having the dog look for it. The animal will learn to use its keen sense of smell to search for things and be rewarded for it.

To play hide and seek with your dog, you need to be in the same room as the person hiding, and you can use voice or visual cues to lead your dog to you.

Once your dog spots you, use your hand to signal, “come!” A universal sign for “stop” is also effective. In a true game, your dog will go by you and turn to look for you. To make it even more fun, whistle and call your name when you are in sight.

If you have small children, you can play hide and seek with your dog during mealtime.

The game can be challenging, so try hiding some treats for your dog and a few toys. Then, release your dog and reward him for finding them. This can be a great way to get your puppy’s attention and make him want to be a better watchdog. If you are unable to find the object, take it out of your reach and throw it back.

Your dog will love this game!

Hide and seek with your dog is a great activity for both you and your dog. You can choose a large open space or a cozy corner. In both cases, you should hide and seek in the same area.

After a while, your dog should learn where you are hiding and run to you. If you are in a crowded room, you can make the game more difficult by moving to a new location.


Not necessarily a game as such, but it’s still a joint activity that you and your dog will enjoy.

What To Play With Your Dog

Waking up in the morning and taking the dog out for a jog is another good chance to spend time with the dog.

This gives both the owner and pet good exercise keeping both physically active and in shape.

Dogs like to play often and sometimes change the game with a little twist like catching the Frisbee or fetching the stick; it not only strengthens the limbs but also involves some thinking on the part of the dog to successfully catch the object.

Spending quality time with one’s dog through a variety of activities is fun.

It gives the animal an opportunity to learn good manners making it easier to live with and making the owner enjoy how wonderful the experience can be.

What To Play With Your Dog

Dog Frisbee

Play Frisbee with your dog if you have one.

Frisbee is another entertaining game to do with your dog. In my opinion, frisbee is a more advanced version of fetch since it encourages your dog to chase after the discover extended distances.

A game of frisbee is a fantastic kind of exercise, and it’s especially enjoyable for dogs who have a natural desire to chase after objects.

If your dog doesn’t know how to catch a frisbee, I’d recommend starting with a soft disc to teach him. Traditionally made plastic frisbees are quite rough and made of fairly hard plastic, and if they hit your dog in the face, they may deter them from attempting to catch it in the future.

To make your dog enthused about the frisbee, toss it short distances or roll it on the ground to get him used to it.

Encourage them if they begin to chase after the object and follow it around. Once your dog becomes interested in chasing it, you can increase the distance between you and the object and begin tossing it.

Good Puppy Training Tips

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