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What Makes A Good Dog Walker

What Makes A Good Dog Walker?

What Makes A Good Dog Walker?

These days trying to find a good dog walker isn’t always easy. Sure, there are sometimes plenty of people saying that they can do it, but how many of them are actually any good?

Your dog should be and I am sure they are, super special to you so you wouldn’t want to just trust anyone with your dog and with that in mind, here are a few tips and questions that you need to be asking if you go down the route of requesting the help of a dog walker.

1. Are They A Dog Lover?

It’s an obvious question really. You love your dog and you don’t want any harm to come to them.
You need to feel like the person who is offering a dog walking service actually really has the same passion for the dogs they look after.
You need to feel that they understand dogs and feel at home with them.
Also, you need to watch closely how your dog interacts with them.

I have said this before on here, but dogs are smart and they can work people out pretty quickly.

Observe how your dog acts as they come into contact with your dog and you are expecting to hear lots of questions from the proposed walker as well.

They should be asking all of the relevant questions about your pet dog and this will show you that they know what they are doing.
The sort of questions would be “Where does your dog like to walk?” and “What times of day?” and “How Far do they like walking” along with any medical or dietary related questions.

These tips may seem obvious, but they are sometimes overlooked and you really want to make sure that you feel confident in the person that you are going to be trusting to look after our dog.

2. Does The Dog Walker Have A Professional Attitude?

As we have already stated, you want to feel comfortable and confident in your choice of dog walker so the first time they arrive for your initial meet and greet you expect them to be on time.

You also need them to be on time when you have booked them to walk your dog. This is very important as your time is important and that is why you need them in the first place.

What Makes A Good Dog Walker

What is their general appearance?

Dog walkers are required to actually look the part in terms of clothing and footwear if they are taking out your dog for a walk so check out their attire.

Do they wear any kind of his vis coat for instance for night walking or poor weather walking especially in Winter or night walks?

I always wear hi-vis clothing when I am walking my dog at night and would expect the same from my dog walker too.

It really is a safety issue for me as I live semi-rural and I would expect my dog walker to also have concerns about safety when walking dogs.

Does The Dog Walker Carry A Phone?

What Makes A Good Dog Walker

Again, in this day and age an obvious question that can be answered as most people carry a phone these days, but don’t overlook this. If your walker or dog got into trouble, a phone would be vital.

This again, shows a professional attitude and the fact they are thinking like this and have looked at a risk-assessment surrounding this would also make me feel that they had a professional attitude.

3. Will You Be Covered By Insurance? -Dog Walkers Insurance

Pet owners will be well aware that you can never predict what might happen when taking a dog out for a walk and unfortunately accidents do happen.
Asking the question to your dog walker “Do You Have Insurance?” is not a rude question.
Generally by law, if you are offering any kind of service to the general public you should be carrying at the very least Public Liability Insurance.

Dog Walkers Insurance is a real product that walkers who take on this role should definitely consider getting especially when some of the dogs they are walking may have cost the owners several hundreds of dollars or maybe even more.

This obviously varies from country to country and state to state, but it is a relevant question that you need to be asking and also, a good dog walker will carry documentation to prove this and again, going back to point 2, this only adds to them being professional and taking this service seriously.

4. Does The Dog Walker Know The Area?

It’s important for dog walkers to know where they are going to be taking your dog. A professional and well-educated dog walker should know all the best dog walking areas in your area as well as others that you may not know about.

Are there any great parks near you or forest trails as these are excellent places to walk your dog safely.
Once again, this shows you that they are knowledgeable and really taking this whole thing seriously!

5. Does The Dog Walker Have An Adequate Vehicle?

This may be something that is of interest especially if your dog walker needs to transport your dog to a place near to your home like a forest or a park for a walk or indeed if they need to get the dog to a vet if there has been an incident.

It’s always best to check this out just in case and it may be something that again shows that your dog walker is taking the task seriously.

What Makes A Good Dog Walker

6. Average Dog Walking Prices.

These vary from person to person and country to country and also time-wise as well.

Some walkers charge by the hour or half-hour and this is something that you will need to agree upon before commencing your relationship.
As a rule of thumb over in the UK expect to pay around £10 to £14 an hour for dog walking, which is reasonable whereas, in the US it could be as much as $15 for a half-hour up to around $25-$30 per hour.

These are just estimates and you may well find that a deal can be bargained especially if you are using a dog walker on a weekly or daily basis.

What Makes A Good Dog Walker

7. Going Forward, Does Your Dog Like Them?

You know your dog probably better than anyone else and you will instantly see if they have enjoyed their walk or indeed if they are happy to see the dog walker next time they come to do a scheduled walk.
This gives you a clear indication of how they feel around the person and this can ultimately make you continue using their service.

What Makes A Good Dog Walker
Sometimes things don’t work out and that is fine.

If for any reason your dog doesn’t seem like they enjoy it then stop and rethink your strategy.
If you force a dog to do something they don’t want to then other more serious issues can arise.
A professional dog walker will know and understand this, however, a professional dog walker will also want to feedback to you any kind of behaviors they encounter too.

Maybe you are thinking of actually starting your own dog walking business?

If so, I can highly recommend this great book by JD Antell that outlines everything you need to know about this great business.

This all helps to make for a great relationship with your dog walker and ultimately, a happy dog.

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