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What Is an Armenian Gampr?

What Is an Armenian Gampr?

Today we are looking at an uncommon breed and asking What Is an Armenian Gampr? Lets find out a bit more about them.

If you’re interested in getting your own Armenian wolf-hunting dog, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found the article devoted to this large, versatile, and adaptable breed. Read on to learn about its unique history, temperament, and health issues.

Here, you’ll learn about the main types of gampr, and how to find the perfect one for you!

What Is an Armenian Gampr?

In spite of its modern appearance, the wolf-hunting gampr still bears some of its original traits. The wolf-hunting gampr is one of the most dangerous combat dogs in the world.

The Armenian wolfhound is one of the best wolfhounds in the world. In spite of its ancient history, it has maintained a healthy body composition and excellent health despite the harsh environment.

The gampr is a legendary breed of dog, praised in Armenian folklore for its bravery, strength, wisdom, beauty, and infinite loyalty.

The dog is mentioned in ancient Armenian mythology, as is the winged Araleze. Aralezes were believed to resuscitate dead soldiers and heal battle wounds.

Their loyalty and instincts made them indispensable to the Armenian people.

The Gampr is the traditional flock guardian dog of Armenia, and it is a large, powerful canine. Large numbers of the dogs were brought to Russia in the 1920s when Armenia was placed under Soviet authority, and they played a vital role in the development of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, which is still in existence today.

A small number of them were exported to the United States about the same time.

Following Armenia’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the dog gained new significance as a symbol of the country’s national history.

The first breed standard was developed in the 1990s, and the breed was officially recognized by the International Kennel Union, which is based in Moscow, in 2011.

It is a large and robust dog that weighs approximately 50 kg and stands at least 60 cm at the withers. It exhibits the typical sexual dimorphism, with males being somewhat larger and heavier than females, and females being slightly smaller and lighter.

The Gampr’s primary traditional function was that of a flock guardian dog, protecting flocks of sheep and goats from attack – mainly by wolves – on upland pastures in Armenia’s hilly regions, where they were kept as livestock.
However, wolves continue to threaten flocks in the country, despite the fact that sheep-herding has diminished since independence.
They can also be used to protect people and property, which is another traditional application.

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Large breed

The large breed of Armenian gampr has long been a prized pet. While their appearances vary, both types are very similar and their personalities are quite distinct. The two types have some differences, though.

The gelkheght is a cosmopolitan breed with a strong connection to its heritage in Western Armenia. This breed was developed through breeding and trade with neighboring countries, including Turkmenistan.

The influx of other types has made it difficult to obtain historically accurate shepherd’s dogs. Unfortunately, the breed has been heavily impacted by the lack of genetic purity and vigilance in Armenia.

The first attempt to create a new breed in the 1990s resulted in the development of the Caucasian Obcharka. Other attempts to develop new breeds include crossing with the Saint Bernard.

The Gampr has been bred in three varieties over millennia, with each type having unique features. They are also known as “Armenian wolfhounds” and “shepherd’s dog.” Over the past 4,000 years, the breed has interbred with the local wolf and is often found near ancient archaeological sites such as Metsamor.

Evidence of religion and culture in Armenia dates back to 2,000 years before the birth of Christ.

Working dog

The Armenian Gampr is a working dog. Its wild side and soft side makes it a great working dog. The dog’s temperament, loyalty, and ability to work make it an excellent companion. Here are some reasons why you should consider an Armenian Gampr for your next project.

Read on to learn more about the history and purpose of this working dog. Once you’ve seen this magnificent dog’s personality, you’ll know why you should adopt him or her today!

The Armenian Gampr originated in the Caucasus Mountains and was used by Soviet breeders to create a better breed.

The Soviets controlled the Caucasus Mountains at the time, and the breeding efforts of the Gamprs allowed them to become better suited to their job. These dogs were eventually used throughout Eastern Armenia and other countries in the Caucasus.

Ultimately, the result is an improved working dog for both countries.


Known as a “wild dog” in Armenia, the Gampr is a native of the Armenian Highlands. Although the Armenian Highlands are mountainous, it is not unusual to see gamprs in the cities.

However, these dogs can often be found in the wild, where they are a valuable part of the local economy. There are several reasons why these dogs are considered “wild.”

The name gampra refers to the dog’s size, strength, and intelligence. Gamprs were traditionally used as herd guards and protectors by Armenian hunters for centuries.

They also worked as rescue dogs in the mountains.

They should not be smaller than 67 centimeters at the withers, and they weigh 45 to 70 kg. Their intelligence and strength make them ideal pets, but they are not suited for small spaces or first-time dog owners.

What Is an Armenian Gampr?


The Inquisitive Armenian Gampr is an independent, dependable, and protective landrace breed of dog. They are generally lower energy than livestock guarding breeds, but still can be protective of people and property.

While they are gentle with children, they are not prone to play. The breed has been known to be extremely intelligent and protective, but may be difficult to train.

Because of their high sensitivity, they must be trained to behave in a manner that is pleasing to their owners.

Inquisitive Armenian Gampr dogs must be sourced from livestock operators and shepherds, so they can be tested in the real world, where they may face natural threats and interact with children and strangers.

This is an ideal situation for evaluating the protective instincts of this dog breed. This type of dog should have an open space for grazing and be a part of a working relationship with the family.


The Armenian Gampr is a large, giant-sized landrace dog that was developed in the highlands of the historical homeland of Armenia. Its isolation and uncontrolled breeding preserved genetic variation that lent itself to varied appearance and structure.

Moreover, landrace breeds are often more genetically sound, with fewer defects, and better traits than standardized breeds.

Here are the basic characteristics of the Armenian Gampr.

The Armenian Gampr has a very heavy bone structure, a double coat, and a powerful pulling ability. Its body length is slightly longer than its shoulder height.

The coat length varies, but is always the longest over the shoulders, chest, and flanks. The coat of the Gampr is not standardized, so individual dogs may be of different lengths and color. Interestingly, the ears and tail are often cropped soon after birth.

National dog of Armenia

The Armenian Gampr is the National Dog of the Republic of Armenia. They are livestock guardians native to the Armenian Highlands.

These dogs are part of the Ovcharka group, which includes sheep, goats and yaks. This breed is also found in the Transcaucasus area. As such, they have an important role in the Armenian culture. However, the name has many connotations.

Here are some fun facts about the National Dog of Armenia.

  • The Armenian Gampr is an excellent guard dog. Because of its thick double coat of fur, it is well-adapted to the cold winters in the Armenian Highlands.
  • Its name is derived from the word ‘gelkheht’, meaning wolf.
  • The Armenian government has even offered a $250 reward to anyone who kills a wolf, as wolves often prey on defenseless livestock.

Some gampr dogs may still be gampr

The Armenian Gampr dog is a rare and ancient landrace, dating back to approximately 12,000 BCE. Its traditional use as a livestock guardian was documented throughout Armenian literature. Yezidi Kurds and Armenian shepherds used these dogs to protect their flocks from predators, including wolves and leopards.

The Gampr’s ability to adapt to different circumstances made it the ideal breed for these purposes.

Gamprs are characterized by a distinctively muscular physique, which is designed for a low-calorie environment.

Their long, flat muscles are neither overly thick nor too fleshy. Their tails are not docked and are raised over their backs when they are walking.

The Gampr’s coat ranges in length from two to six centimeters, depending on climate. Although Gamprs are not particularly fond of offal, some breeders report that Gamprs thrive on raw diets.

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