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What Is An Alano Espanol?

What Is an Alano Espanol?

Is there a Spanish bulldog?

Generally speaking, the Alano Espanol is indeed the Spanish Bulldog.


The Alano Espanol’s origins are uncertain. It is believed to have originated in Spain. A popular theory holds that the breed originated in Spain during the Migration Period in the fifth century when it was introduced there by the Alani, a nomadic pastoralist group from Central Europe.

Conquistador Ponce de León’s fearsome Alano Espanol, Becerrillo, was named after him.

There are many other breeds of dogs in Spain, some of which can be found all around the Mediterranean, including Turkey.

Mastines ( Spanish Mastiff), hounds, and Presas are just a few examples.

Alano is a one-of-a-kind kind that does not originate in Spain or the Mediterranean.

The origin of the Alano can be traced back to the dogs of the Alans, a tribe of Sarmatians.

The Alans were a nomadic tribe who lived in the Pontic steppes of Russia. In the fourth century, they were conquered by the Huns.

After that, the Alans, along with other Germanic tribes, began to migrate westward. The Alans were the first people to cross the Rhine in 406 AD.

A group of people crossed the Pyrenees into the Iberian Peninsula in 409 AD and settled in the region that is now known as Navarra and Extremadura / north Andalusian.

Character & Temperament Of An Alano

The Alano Espanol is a highly clever and completely obedient canine who is ideal for working, hunting, or simply keeping the family secure and protected.

They’re remarkably quiet canines who don’t bark too much at all. Instead, they sit calmly and wait for anything to happen that will alert them.

These dogs are extremely apprehensive of outsiders, and if they feel it is essential to defend themselves, they will not give any vocal warning before doing so.

Are Alano Espanols Good With Children?


Because of its love for it’s family, the Alano Espanol is willing to die for them!

Obviously, always follow the sensible approach and make sure your dogs and children are supervised in any interaction until you are sure and they understand each other. This great article really helps with understanding this.

Benefits Of Having A Dog For A Child

They are strong and fearless canines who have a high pain tolerance and can endure a lot.

Alano Espanols are extremely loyal to their owners, despite the fact that they are generally quite dominant canines in general.

They’re extremely calm and collected dogs who are devoted to their masters and would do anything they’re told.

Interestingly, despite the fact that they are capable of cornering and keeping highly hostile animals, these dogs display absolutely little hostility at all.

However, it must be kept active and provided with enough mental stimulation in order to avoid developing undesirable behaviors as a result of boredom.

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Health Concerns & Keeping Them Healthy

An ancient breed, the Alano Espanol was bred to operate in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

Originating in an adverse habitat, this breed was compelled to develop extreme hardiness as a result of its origin.

While there are numerous robust breeds out there that are resistant to a wide range of health issues, the Alano Espanol pushes that to a new level of resistance.

The only truly normal conditions to be on the lookout for are Elbow and Hip Dysplasia types of concerns, but you will find that these are generally limited due to the fact that these dogs are so well made, which may have something to do with their diet and the amount of sunshine they receive in Spain!

These dogs hardly ever get sick; in fact, they’re among the most disease-resistant canines on the planet. An Alano Espanol does not pose any significant health risks, and there are no dangerous side effects to be concerned about.
Even if they do contract a rare ailment or condition, the incredible immune systems that these dogs possess to enable them to fight it off and survive illnesses that should have been deadly to other dogs of the same breed.


Fully grown these are dogs that hover around 55 to 77 pounds and that is normal for them as they like to be active.

Coat Care 

The amount of hair loss by this breed is average. They do, however, have very short coats, which means that they require little grooming.

Simply brush the coat once a week to prevent loose hair from collecting and clogging the pores.

However, keep in mind that these dogs are designed to be outdoors, so shedding should not be a significant issue.

Generally speaking, keeping up with an Alano Espanol is a breeze, as they require significantly less maintenance than most other breeds of dog.

What Is An Alano Espanol


Exercise Requirements Of An Alano 

They require a lot of exercise because of their extraordinary endurance and muscularity, which makes them an excellent choice for working dogs.
You’ll need to get at least an hour of exercise in every day, and two hours would be much better if you can.

Besides space to run and exercise on their own, you should take your Alano Espanol on three walks each day, one of which should be at least a half-hour in length.

They are excellent running companions, as it would be extremely impossible to outrun one of these dogs at any point in time.
As long as your feet are on the ground, so will theirs be, too!

Life Expectancy 

Anywhere between 10 and 14 years is generally the norm for these fabulous dogs.

Trainability Of the Alano Espanol

When properly trained, the Alano Espanol is a dominant dog who will subordinate to their master.

These Animals have the ability to be friendly and submissive if handled from birth, socialized early, and trained in the appropriate manner.

The Alano Espanol are extremely clever canines who are devoted to their owners and who demonstrate outstanding devotion to them.

Although they are fairly dominant, this also means that you must be even more dominant if you want to win the respect and loyalty of these dogs.

In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that only experienced dog owners own Alano Espanol.

Without a firm hand, the dog will not regard you as the pack leader, and you will end up with a very huge dog who believes the house is its own, which is not the case.

Alano Espanol will be one of the best-behaved dogs you’ve ever seen if you manage to maintain a firm hand and plenty of confidence when training him.

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How Much Are They To Buy?

How much is a Spanish Bulldog?

Because they are so scarce in the United States and other nations besides Spain, they are not inexpensive to acquire. A Spanish Bulldog puppy can be purchased for between $600 and $2000. If you want to adopt an adult Alano Espanol, be prepared to spend up to $300.


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