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What Is A Great Dane

What Is A Great Dane?

What is a Great Dane Dog? 

Some quick facts

Great Dane Facts

What makes a Great Dane a Great Dog?

He has character, strength, and stamina. A Great Dane is known to be strong-willed and devoted to his work.

He is also known to be devoted and loyal. This makes him one of the best dogs for a family with kids or people who love animals.

A Great Dane dog is a big dog, a giant breed with a long, sturdy coat. His coat is silky, smooth, and dense with an oily texture. The face and ears of this breed are usually coated with fine hair and a tail that wags a lot.

Once you see one you will never forget them!

The face and ears of this breed should be cleaned often and should be groomed gently so as not to cause damage or discomfort to your dog.

Are Great Danes Good Family Dogs?

Great Danes are often called gentle giants and they’re loved for their joyful spirit. These dogs love to cuddle with you, play games in the yard or go on long walks-whatever your mood dictates!

A well-trained pup will thrive no matter what household he/she lives in because of how close these best friends stay even after years together as family pets.

They are extremely affectionate and will greet you with excitement and happiness every time they see you or your loved ones.

They can be very stubborn, however, and this makes them somewhat difficult to train because they tend to be resistant to positive reinforcements.

Good thing there are some excellent tools available to help train your dane!

These tools can help you achieve your desired results in keeping your dane well behaved.

Some people use toys to teach their dogs, but it is not a recommended practice. Toys are meant to keep your dog occupied and away from your favorite things.

But, they can do more than that. Toys can make your dog confused and can even teach him to fetch or play ball.

That is why it is not a good idea to leave a toy near him while training him.

Are Great Danes High Maintenance?

With a reputation for being the gentle giant, Great Danes are known to be one of Britain’s most popular breeds.

Despite their towering size and massive frames, these pooches require little maintenance when it comes down to care requirements!

With average health stats similar or even better than other dogs in this category (they’re prone only to have general illnesses), you can prepare yourself from worry about major vet bills with all those doggy essentials including vaccinations annually so keep them healthy while they stay happy at home too.

Health Issues

That said, The Great Dane is one of the most well-known dogs in America and around the world, but there are some risks associated with them.

These can include bloat (which may lead to death), hip dysplasia from too much sitting down or lying on their side while sleeping which also causes back problems later on for these large breeds like humans do when we overdo it at work then go home all tired out;

Bone cancer is a concern though and because Danes have so many folds where skin could easily rub against raw tissue without protection ̶ you would never know a dog had this type of condition so it’s important for you as an owner to keep checking your dog on a regular basis.

A Great Dane can develop character traits.

These traits make him lovable and can eventually earn his respect and friendship. If he feels like your friend, he would surely do all he can do to please you.

But, if he is just afraid of you and does not want to let you near him, you may have to work on that instinctive behavior first.

Another character trait of the Great Dane dog is strength and courage. You can rely on this strong character when you need him most.

But, having this also entails that you cannot easily control him. When you are out on a stroll, you cannot just snap out of your dog’s grasp because he might just pull away.

Strong and brave danes can’t be shaken by passers-by, neither can they be pushed in a crowded park by bumbling kids. So, while you might consider having him as a pet, you should also consider training him well so that he becomes obedient and respectful of authority.

The last character trait is an eagerness to please. If your dane is constantly at your heels, he is already considered a fast learner.

He is willing to learn anything that you ask of him. Just make sure that you are patient when training him because patience is a virtue that your dane cannot really possess.

All of these traits make up what is a great dane dog. There are a lot of other traits but these three will surely serve as the basis for all the others.

Having a dog like this can be a challenge but once you’ve succeeded in training your dog, you can rest assured that your dog will always follow your commands and love you unconditionally.

And best of all, your dog is guaranteed to become a loyal friend to you and your family. So start training today!

A dane requires a different kind of training compared to other dogs.

This is because they have short tempers and are extremely stubborn when it comes to learning. To avoid having a hard time training your dane, it is suggested that you start your training sessions early.

Start your sessions with simple commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”.

Once your dog has mastered these simple commands, you can then introduce more difficult commands which will require more of your focus and attention.

Another important thing to remember when training your dane is to praise him often. He wants to be praised so much so try to find creative ways to do so.

You can give him a special treat or even a toy for each correct command that he performs.

What Is A Great Dane

One last thing that you must do in order for your dog to behave well in any situation is to always provide him with a safe and comfortable place to stay.

Dogs tend to get nervous when they’re left alone and that’s the reason why you should put them in a dog crate during travel or at least have a vehicle large enough for them to travel safely.

It is also wise to let him roam around just in case he gets bored.

These Dogs also need exercise in order to stay healthy and fit.

Great Dane Dogs are able to remain fit if you allow them to play outdoors or you can take them for walks on a leash.

Plenty of good exercises, great food, and love are the essentials with this big dog!

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