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What Is A Biewer Terrier?-Find Out Today!

What Is A Biewer Terrier?-Find Out Today!

If you have ever wondered What A Biewer Terrier is then you are in the right place!

When you see the Biewer Terrier, you will certainly like it since it’s a very cute, small dog breed. It’s a lot of fun to be around since these pets are very playful.

With that in mind, they do bark from time to time, especially when they alert you of something.

Another thing to note here is the fact that they do love being around kids and other animals, which is quite ok.

It will take a bit of time to get used to children, however, but other than that there are no issues.

This is a breed that gets along with new faces and children should always be supervised on their interactions with any dog and the Biewer is no exception. It has Terrier genes and we know that terriers can be easily excitable around people!

The Biewer Terrier is closely related to the Yorkshire terrier and it’s a smart, happy, and devoted dog.

What Is A Biewer Terrier-Find Out Today!

The Piebald Yorkie

The history and origin of the Biewer Terrier can be traced back to Mr. and Mrs. Biewer who were breeding Yorkshire terriers for many years.

In January 1984 a piebald party-colored Yorkshire terrier puppy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Biewer. and it was the first documented piebald Yorkie and this little pup was the start of the Biewer Terrier breed.

It was sold to a breeder in Germany and was used as a foundation dog of the Biewer Terrier breed, which was recognized in Germany in 1986.

So the Biewer terrier is basically the same breed like a Yorkie with the recessive piebald gene, but they are recognized by some kennel clubs as a purebred dog rather than just a variety of the Yorkie.
Today,  the Biewer Terrier is already recognized in the USA, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Finland Moldova, Poland, Croatia, and some other countries.

Since there is a large demand for these cute dogs, some breeders are trying to recreate the breed by crossbreeding the Yorkie with some multicolored dogs, but those dogs should not be named as
Biewer Terriers.

When the Biewer Terrier Club of America began tracing pedigrees they found many discrepancies, which is why it was almost impossible to recognize the breed based on its pedigree.

This is a reason why the Biewer Terrier is the first dog breed that was recognized as a breed through scientific data rather than researching pedigrees.


When it comes to the Biewer Terrier, this is a hearty breed and a very athletic one as well. When you see their stature, you might not believe that about them, but things like these might be deceiving sometimes, which is something to take into account here.

Moreover, the Biewer Terrier has a personality that’s larger than life, and they can steal the show very often.

Even though the Biewer Terrier is small and super cute, they are not the typical toy dogs. They are terriers and they do have the typical terrier personality traits.

Most of the Biewer Terriers are quite energetic and bright.

Loyal and devoted, playful, they love exploring and sniffing and they thrive for our companionship.
Overall this is a great companion dog for people who like outdoors and that have time for daily walks and proper playtime with their dog.

Do Biewer Terriers bark a lot?

They don’t tend to. These are a quite relaxed nature breed and as result don’t tend to live on their nerves as much.

What Is A Biewer Terrier-Find Out Today!

Coat Care

The Biewer Terrier is tricolored in white black and then color combination. The white is the most
important. This is what differentiates them from Yorkies in basic appearance.

Due to the long coat when compared to their stature, it’s normal for the Biewer Terrier to require daily brushing. On top of that, your pet will need to take a bath from time to time.

Use only pet-focused products, as that’s a very important thing to keep in mind here.

Always make sure you are using an approved shampoo like this for your dog.

The Terrier is marked as a hypoallergenic dog and even though there is no such thing as a completely
100% hypoallergenic dog, since they all produce some dander and saliva, the Biewer Terrier does not shed and thanks to that they are known for not triggering the allergies that some people get from dogs.

Their coat is not the easiest to maintain and groom and the fur does need regular almost daily grooming.

Because of that many owners choose to use professional grooming services and they keep the coat shorter so the brushing and grooming are not that time-consuming.
Tangles can easily occur if the Biewer terrier has a long coat, which is why regular brushing is needed

Other than the coat color differences, these dogs have the same appearance as Yorkies and the size is similar as well.

Typically their height is between 7 to 11 inches, which is 17 to 28 centimeters and weight is typically between 4 to 8 pounds which is 2 to 4 kilograms.

Nail clipping is also necessary, and cleaning the ears is mandatory as well.


The Biewer Terrier can vary 4 to 8 pounds, so it’s a very light dog. In fact, it might be one of the lightest dogs that you can find out there.

Health Biewer Terriers can have some health issues.

Having a sensitive GI system is quite common, so a discolored or soft stool is not something you have to majorly worry about.

Some of them can have a more sensitive stomach which can sometimes cause diarrhea.

Overall, they are a relatively healthy dog breed though.

Other health concerns associated with this breed include patellar luxation, portosystemic shunt, and dental issues.

On top of that, these dogs can also have eye problems.

Life Expectancy

It’s common for the Biewer Terrier to live around 16 years. Their lifespan will vary based on health issues and other factors. But yes, this is a breed that will live for a very long time, and it’s certainly great for those that want a dog with a long lifespan.



Getting Biewer Terrier puppies can be quite expensive. On average, they can cost $1500 and up to $3000.

It might be common for them to go a bit over that, especially with a great lineage and pedigree, among many others.

Exercise Requirements

Since the Biewer Terrier is a mellow dog, they do like playing and exercising, but they don’t require a huge amount of attention.

Exercise levels are generally normal for the breed and nothing too strenuous other than two to three gentle walks a day, 20 or 30 minutes, and opportunities to go to the toilet for them should keep them very happy indeed.

You can try out some indoor activities that can actually be a lot of fun. They are great for walks and outings too.

They tend to get on really well with other dogs too.

Attend to the basic exercise requirements and just make sure that you care for them adequately and your dog will be happy and so will you.

What Is A Biewer Terrier-Find Out Today!



The Biewer Terrier is very dedicated and also a loyal pet. With that in mind, they are chill, they listen to commands, so training them is extremely simple but not necessarily a walk in the park, should we say!

They are bright and intelligent dogs and they do get new commands very quickly.

On the other hand, they are also independent dogs and they know how to be stubborn, which is definitely a good thing for hunting, but not so much for obedience training.

They are not total pushovers to train and you will have to be patient and consistent when training these dogs, but with a proper trainer, they are definitely capable of learning a lot of different tricks and commands.

Potty training can take a bit longer than normal, however, once you get into the regular training process, you will have no problem training your pet properly.

Can A Biewer Terrier be left alone?

Of course, all dogs can be left alone, but is that really the best thing for them or you? Dogs love humans so maybe if you are planning on leaving your dog alone a lot, it might be an idea to read this first.

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Dogs

All in all, it’s like with any dog. Look after them and love them and you will find that the positives far outweigh any side issues.

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