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What Is A Belgian Tervuren?

What is a Belgian Tervuren?

The Belgian Tervuren is a great dog that has an abundant, sturdy coat. They also have a very muscular frame and a great proudly carried head.

On top of that, they do have a very intelligent demeanor and they are always excited to work and listen to your commands. The coat furnishings are profuse on males.

As expected, males can be much larger than females, which is something to take into consideration here.

Sporting a mahogany coat with a black overlay and black mask, the Belgian Tervuren is a strikingly handsome member of the herding breed native to Belgium.

Their classification varies from being classified by some breed standards as a breed in their own right and by others as one of the several acceptable variations of the Belgian Shepherd Dog.

This breed combines elegance and strength and these dogs are known for their exceedingly proud carriage and have been found that built into variants, they are often purchased without any clear understanding of what goes into owning one.

So without further ado, let’s find out more about this fascinating breed of dog.


The Belgian Tervuren is one of the four varieties of Shepherd dogs that were developed in Belgium in the late 1800s. Malinois, The Tervuren, Laekenois, and the Groenendael were once recognized as a single breed, the only big difference being the coat type.

These two tone-colored dogs are considered the foundation of the Tervuren breed.

When the First World War broke out, many Belgian Shepherd dogs were used by the military for a number of jobs including messenger dogs, Red Cross dogs, ambulance car dogs, and according to some even machine gun car dogs!

A few Tervurens made it to the US but the breed did not catch on and it disappeared by the 1930s. It was not until 1953 that more variants were important for the American breeding programs.

In 1959, The AKC declared them as a separate breed from other dogs and sheepdogs and added the American Belgian to the Kennel Club.


The Belgian Tervuren is highly intelligent and a very active dog. That means you need to be creative and come up with all kinds of activities in order to keep your dog happy.

With that in mind, they are not just worker drones. They do need some petting and time with you. However, with enough training, they are able to master pretty much any type of task, which is great to keep in mind.

Their personality and temperament mean that they are charmers noted for their intelligence, elegance, alertness, and brilliant sense of humor.
They stand their ground in the face of strangers and are super confident about their ability to protect their people and property.
But with their own family, these dogs are affectionate and extremely devoted.
Your Tervuren will probably follow you from room to room always keeping track of where you are and what you’re doing.
This is also a dog that needs a job to do whether it’s jogging or taking part in dog sports.
All in all, the Belgian Tervuren combines the love, loyalty, and temperament of a companion dog and the energy athleticism, and intelligence of herding dogs to create a breed that can truly do it all.

Be Careful With Small Children

They don’t prefer small children. The Tervuren can be good with children if they’re raised together. But it’s important to remember that these are high-energy herding dogs and they don’t tolerate nips and roughhousing at all.

This is why the Tervuren is best with all children that understand how to handle dogs and treat them with respect.

If you want your dog to get along with your children, You have got to start early and educate them on how to approach and touch dogs even then you should always supervise any interactions between your dog and your children.

What Is A Belgian Tervuren
A Tervuren needs strong leadership with mutual respect.

We always encourage proper controlled supervision between small children and dogs until you can be sure that they are safe and your kids understand that dogs are not toys.

Always be careful as a dog will always be a dog and they have in-built reactions that are instinctive.

Coat Care

Their appearance. The Belgian Tervuren is characterized by a straight and abundant coat and elegant, but muscular frame, and a proudly carried head. It has a double coat with a long-haired outer coat and a thick, dense inner coat.

They possess dark brown eyes that are slightly almond shade, pricked up ears, and an intelligent questioning expression that indicates that they’re always ready for action.

This breed has a double-layer coat. It just needs some grooming, and thorough brushing once or twice a week with a slick and pin brush will do the trick.

The shedding season might require 3 sessions per week, maybe a bit more.

You will also need to add a rake to the grooming set in order to remove the dead hair.

You also want to trim its nails often.

A grooming rake like this is absolutely ideal for the job!


In general, a male can go up to 25-30 kg, females will be 20 to 25 kg.


The Belgian Tervuren is known for being a rather healthy breed. However, you do want to check for some things like epilepsy, hip dysplasia, or elbow dysplasia.

Other things to check are things like retinal atrophy, which can lead to blindness and vision loss.

Checking for any dental or ear infections is also a good idea here.

So if you’re getting a Tervuren puppy make sure you find a good breeder who will show you health clearances for both your puppy’s parents.


Tervurens should also get enough exercise to offset the weight gain. If you notice your Terv gaining weight you want to cut back on their daily calorie intake.

If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet but the best fitness plan and don’t forget to take your dog for routine health checkups

Life Expectancy

Your Belgian Tervuren can live anywhere from 12 to 14 years, maybe even more depending on the care that it receives.

What Is A Belgian Tervuren


The average cost of a Belgian Tervuren puppy is around $1500 to $2000 words. That being said, the most important aspect to keep in mind here is the fact that high pedigree, a great origin, and documentation can raise prices significantly.

This is why it can be quite common for a Belgian Tervuren to go even double that price if it fulfills many special requirements.

Exercise Requirements

Many say that the Belgian Tervuren is always in motion, and that’s true. This is the type of dog that will always need exercise.

They like challenges and they have a lot of energy, which makes for some long and intense training sessions. With that being said, they do have a herding instinct and they are super intelligent too.

That means agility, herding, and obedience exercises are very good in their case.

As a result, their heritage makes them very active dogs that require daily physical exercise and mental stimulation.
They need strenuous activity, that being either a long walk or a jog or an invigorating play or work session every day.
Even the pampered ones love to work hard so challenging activities like agility training and dog sports can be a good option to keep their energy level in check.

And remember dogs like these that do not get enough exercise will likely take matters into their own paws and as medium-sized dogs that means they can do a lot of damage to your home!

Therefore you have got to make sure that if you are getting a dog like this or a breed that has similar physical needs, you will always need to provide sufficient physical and mental stimulation.


Belgian Tervurens need obedience training and a lot of socialization. Since they are filled with energy, they do need a lot of care and attention.

With that being said, training them is fun, but keep in mind they can be reserved with strangers!

They have a strong herding instinct Belgian Tervurens love to chase, so animals that stand their ground will probably fare better than those who would turn tail and run because they will chase them.
The herding instinct also puts passing joggers and cars at risk because they’ll instinctively chase people, bikers, and cars.
This is why a fenced yard at least training is absolutely necessary not only for the safety of others but also for the terms own well-being.

They are highly intelligent, the Tervuren is not just a herding dog anymore. These dogs do police work and are accomplished assistants and therapy dogs. They also participate in any number of dog sports from hurting to agility, obedience, and even sledding.

What Is A Belgian Tervuren

This clearly shows that Belgian Tervurens are smart and intelligent dogs they enjoy trying new things and are eager to please and this is what makes them quick learners.
But you got to be aware that this speed of learning can also be applied to undesirable behaviors.

This means that the Tervuren is sometimes too smart for their own good!

Early training is a must. You got to start training your puppy the day you bring one home, even at eight weeks old. These dogs are capable of soaking up everything they’re taught so you don’t have to wait until six months old to begin training.
If you delay training, you’ll have a more headstrong Tervuren to deal with. You can get your pup into puppy kindergarten class by 10 to 12 weeks and focus primarily on socialization training.

9 Great Training Tips
This is because these guys can act aloof with strangers and their highly protective instinct can prove to be dangerous.
However, be aware that many puppy training classes require certain vaccines to be up to date, and many veterinarians recommend limited exposure to other dogs in public places until the puppy training has been completed.
So in lieu of formal training, you can begin training your puppy at home and helping socializing by keeping your pup among family and friends until the vaccines are completed.

This great video and transcript will let you know what it’s like to actually have one of these great dogs.


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