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What Is A Bedlington Terrier?

What Is A Bedlington Terrier?

The Bedlington terrier is a breed of small dog named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in the northeast of England.
Originally bred to hunt vermin in mines, the Bedlington terrier has since been used in dog racing, numerous dog sports as well as in competitions and shows and is also a fantastic companion dog.

Today, we are going to find out a bit more about them.

Originally known as the Rothbury or Rothbury terrier the name Bedlington terrier was not applied to the breed until 1825.

Some of these dogs have pedigrees that can be traced back as far as 1782. The first dog show with a class for Bedlington terriers was held in the year 1870 at Bedlington.

Bedlington terriers shown at early shows were frequently dyed to improve the look of their fur.

In 1948, a Bedlington terrier called “Rock Ridge Night Rocket” also won best in the show at the Westminster kennel club dog show.

They are super fast and loud.

It’s a stuffed toy, it’s a lamb, it’s a poodle… nope it’s Bedlington terrier!

What Is A Bedlington Terrier

Bedlingtons are sharp their bark has been called hound-like and has been compared to the firing of a machine gun!

A fast dog with high endurance, the Bedlington terrier is just as quick in water as it is on land, and its swimming speed rivals that of the Newfoundland.

Bedlington terriers have pace enough to keep up with the ordinary speed of a horse because of the whippet in them and because of their lineage they have a tendency to bolt.

They’re also known for their intelligence and tenacity when it comes to taking on vermin.

Character Of A Bedlington Terrier

They are very sociable animals. Bedlington’s just love to be the center of attention. This is a very enthusiastic and social animal who wants to spend every minute with you.
Sometimes they can act clownish and they will definitely make you smile thanks to that they make amazing playful companions for all children.
As we always advocate on here, dogs and children should always be monitored but these are really great dogs for children to be around.


They really do make great pets and it’s because of their confidence and intelligence that they sort of dog that is simply great fun to have around.

They love being in the home too so these make great companions.

Are Bedlington Terriers Friendly?

You bet they are! In a nutshell:

A fun-loving, dog that enjoys chasing after cats and other pets.
The friendly-looking Bedlington can be unwelcoming toward strangers unless they are adapted to its ways early on! Despite this tendency towards aloofness in some cases though you’ll find most of these animals barking up a storm or playing around with children constantly – just like any good dog would do.

Coat Care Of A Bedlington Terrier

Coat Care Of A Bedlington Terrier


Weight Of A Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington terriers usually grow less than 17 inches tall.
Bedlington like most terriers are small dogs and they can grow up to 18 inches tall, but the breed standard is 16 to 17 and a half inches for males and 15 to 16 and a half inches for females.

This makes them about as tall as Basenjis or Beagles but they are lighter weighing 17 to 23 pounds.

As a small dog, the Bedlington terrier can easily be kept in the house and brought along on travels. Its care and nutrition also cost less than big dogs still there is absolutely no guarantee that a small dog is easier to care for than a big dog and this breed poses some challenges of its own.

Health Of A Bedlington Terrier

The most common health issue Bedlington terriers have is copper toxicosis. What this means is that instead of copper being metabolized, it gets stored inside the liver and when there is too much the liver fails which in turn slowly causes the death of the dog.

This disease occurs in about five percent of Bedlington terriers and may be inherited.

They can also have eye problems like cataracts and retinal dysplasia as well as kidney and thyroid problems.

Life Expectancy Of A Bedlington Terrier

What is the average lifespan of a Bedlington terrier?

These conditions aside the Bedlington terrier is a healthy breed and can live quite long up to 18 years older which is longer than the lifespan of other dogs of this size.

Generally, though, you would be looking at an average of 13-15 years which is still really good for dogs.

Price Of A Bedlington Terrier

These are truly sought-after dogs and this fact means they do command a hefty puppy price tag.

$1800 + is the sort of price you would be looking at if you went down the route of purchasing one of these wonderful dogs.

Please take a look at our great article all about getting your dog from an approved breeder here.

Always check out the rescue centers first because your next best friend could be waiting for you there!


Exercise Requirements Of A Bedlington Terrier

Are Bedlington terriers fast?

Yes! Absolutely. They have Whippet in them so they are super fast, very fleet of foot or paw, and extremely agile.

As with all dogs, they need exercise. The better you exercise your dog the better they will become. 

Dogs love getting out and about and although Bedlingtons love being in the home, they are great diggers and runners so make sure you can give them the exercise regime that they so richly deserve.

1 to 2 hours of decent walks daily (2 x 45 mins) of good quality walking followed by play is perfect for these clever little dogs.

It is directionally proportionate that great exercise for your dog makes for better training and this is especially true for Bedlingtons.

These are dogs that can easily feel at home in the suburbs along with apartment living and again, if you have a decent-sized enclosed yard or garden, then these little guys can really get some decent runs…and digs!

Trainability Of A Bedlington Terrier

Even though this is an intelligent breed still a terrier you may have a challenge on your hands especially if you haven’t had much dog training practice.

Bedlington terriers tend to have a mind of their own so they may not take kindly to your commands.

For the best results, treats and positive reinforcement will garner what you want. If you let them think that the training benefits them they’ll be more likely to pick up good behaviors.

9 Great Training Tips

Once basic obedience has been taught you may want to enroll your Bedlington terrier in agility or other dog training.
This a dog that loves to dig so this will help him tap into these instincts by providing an opportunity for him to do this.


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