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What Is A Beauceron

What Is A Beauceron?

Today, we are looking at an absolutely formidable and beautiful French breed, The Beauceron.

This is quite an old French breed that has been around since the late part of the 16th Century. predominantly know as a working dogs, they have specialized in herding cattle specifically Sheep and they are the largest of the French sheepdog breed.

Originating in Northern France these fabulous dogs have quite a background so without further ado, let us find out some more about them and also to see if they would be a good fit for you!

Character Of A Beauceron

The Beauceron is the largest french sheepdog and they’re popular for their athleticism and intelligence. These dogs are known as gentle herders who can herd the cattle without scaring them with loud barks.

Beauceron has a tireless work ethic and a headstrong attitude and that has earned them a reputation as being stubborn in addition to that though, they’re also admirable protectors and companions to their owners.

These spirited and versatile canines also go by names such as the Beauce shepherd and the french short head shepherd, Beaucerons are excellent with active owners who are patient and assertive enough to train them.

The earliest mention of the Beauceron dates back to the renaissance manuscript of circa 1578 in which they were described as working dogs of northern France, however, the breed did not acquire its name until 1863 when John Pierre Magnan named the dogs “Berger de Beauce or Beauceron”.

What Is A Beauceron

Coat Care Of A Beauceron

Grooming the Beauceron is not too difficult.
To upkeep, their short and flat line coat generally sheds little but that amount can increase during spring and fall.
I would recommend that you brush your Beauceron’s hair a few times a week to get rid of stray hair and it’s always a good practice to check for any skin-related lumps and bumps when doing this.

These dogs can get away with bathing once every few months with a mild dog shampoo, the rest is just general care.

Weight Of A Beauceron- How big do Beaucerons get?

Generally, these dogs can be considered a medium to larger breed. With Males ranging between 32kg up to 45kg and Females slightly less at 30kg to 39kg.

These are ideal weights and a mixture of a healthy diet, exercise, and care will give your Beauceron the very best chance in life.

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Health Of A Beauceron

When it comes to their health, they are a robust and healthy breed that suffers from no real breed-specific ailments.

Now of course the dog’s size makes them prone to health issues typical for large breeds such as bloat, elbow, and hip dysplasia, but apart from that the Beauceron still benefits from the natural selection process the breed was submitted to for hundreds of years.
Out there working on the job of herding and guarding livestock, only the strongest healthiest dogs would survive and then get the chance to procreate and, because the Beauceron has never been a fashion breed, it has been spared the many health issues that several more popular guardian breeds suffer from today.

Make sure to check your pup’s ear frequently and clean them to lessen the chances of infection also remember to brush their teeth and trim their nails regularly.

Despite being purebred the Beauceron has relatively few health problems

These dogs are prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, allergies, and dermatomyositis, which is an inflammatory disease that humans suffer from and dogs too!

Life Expectancy Of A Beauceron

The life expectancy of this robust healthy french breed usually ranges from a really good 10 to 12 years.

What Is A Beauceron

Price Of A Beauceron-How much do Beaucerons cost?

These are a much rarer breed of dog and therefore the price will always be higher. Typically for a puppy, you would be looking somewhere between $1000 to $1500 and maybe more for a show breed.

As always, take a look at our great article all about how to make sure you get the very best dog from the very best breeders.


Exercise Requirements Of A Beauceron

These large athletic dogs do need plenty of workouts and stimulation to stay healthy and well-balanced.

Being utility dogs by nature, Beaucerons are quite high in their energy levels and exercise requirements, so as long as you are an active type of owner then these dogs could be an ideal fit for you.

They enjoy their walks and playtimes, but for them, nothing beats an opportunity to actively work even if that work just consists of performing obedience drills, bite work tracking, or any other kind of canine
sports that you can get them to really sink their mind and physical prowess into.

What Is A Beauceron

Especially rambunctious until three years of age, but even as mellow adults, their energy levels are not something that everybody can handle, so needless to say Beaucerons do not fare well as kennel or apartment dogs.

They should be provided with lots of space to run around in, for example, a fenced-in plot of land, a large garden, or a spacious backyard.
And as they are used to working in teams in their original job of livestock guardians, they do thrive in company which is why they should be given the opportunity to regularly play with other friendly well-mannered, well-behaved dogs.

Of course, the ideal setting for a Beauceron would be to have its own little flock of animals that it can watch over in tandem with another dog, and in the absence of farm animals adding a friendly second dog (preferably another Beauceron) to the family is an excellent way to ensure that your Beauceron is getting its needs in that department met.

Trainability Of A Beauceron

They are highly trainable and very intelligent.

Knowing their glorious history as military dogs, it is no surprise that Beauceron’s can be trained intensively as the video below shows.

There is no narration with the video but it does give you an insight into the talents of a Beauceron when it comes to training and responding well to instruction.


These guys can be trained to herd flocks as their ancestors did along with many other tasks.
Most notably, Beaucerons can be trained to serve in the police canine force, to help in tracking and rescuing, they can also be trained to simply guard the house.

However, an important thing to note is that Beauceron’s require a confident trainer.

This is an independent breed and they’ll not hesitate to take charge of a timid owner or trainer therefore these dogs are not for owners with no prior experience of raising dogs
Once you establish yourself as their pack leader your Beauceron will be eager to please you and they excel at memorizing tricks tracking and obedience and agility lessons.

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Are Beaucerons aggressive?

They can get aggressive, so firm training with positive reinforcement is always our go-to route.

These are a breed of dog that likes to be in control of people and their activities around them so they could get aggressive when they don’t have their way at times.
This is another reason that this breed is more suited to a more experienced dog owner.

This can include behaviors such as growling and pinning down other dogs or even humans.

They especially tend to show a crescent towards dogs of the same gender as them and you can help them carve their aggression by regularly socializing them even as puppies.
Early socialization with this breed is key.

They are loyal to their family, although Beaucerons can be mistrustful of strangers, they form tight bonds with their human companions they enjoy the cuddles and company of their owners.

Once they feel welcome and respected, Beaucerons will stay devoted to their family.
These guys are generally patient around kids but may try to hurt them or nip at them which can be harmful.
As we have learned before, natural herding breeds can treat children like cattle and treat them like they would sheep, so caution and careful consideration are needed with these dogs, and never leave small children unsupervised with any dog, especially a herding breed type.

It is wise not to get a Beauceron if you already own pets as they tend to dominate other dogs or chase cats or small animals.

These dogs are best suited for active families with older children and preferably no pets.


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