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What Is A Basset Hound?

What Is A Basset Hound?

Today, we are asking the question: “What Is A Basset Hound?”

Sure, we all know what they look like and they are famous for many, many reasons through popular TV and Film, but what do we really know about them or their background?

The basset hound is a short-legged breed of dogs and a member of the Hound family with their trailing ears and adorable drooping faces.

These guys are some of the most endearing pups around. Don’t let their droopy looks fool you. There’s more to this noble breed than what meets the eye.

Basset hounds are excellent tracking dogs running after any scent that comes their way. But they’re also just as happy to spend all their time relaxing with you.

What Is A Basset Hound?

Well, let’s try to find out a bit more about this incredible and loveable breed of hound!

Background Of The Basset Hound

The basset hound has long been a favorite breed for hunting small animals, but it’s widely believed that their existence is a bit of a fluke.

These dogs are believed to be descendants of the famed St. Hubert hounds which are Bloodhounds, (pictured below), and resulted when a gene mutation produced a dwarf version. Perhaps unintended, this short-legged breed proved useful for tracking small game mostly rabbits and soon enough, the breed became popular with French aristocrats who would spend many hours on trail hunting with their Bassets.

What Is A Basset Hound?

And after the French Revolution, Basset hounds became more common around the world. The breed most likely came to America by way of England in colonial times and was recognized by the American Kennel Club as its 10th breed way back in 1885.

Character Of A Basset Hound

Their personality and temperament around the house is well documented. Basset hounds are calm and rather lazy on their own, but they make wonderful family dogs as they get along well with just about everybody, children, adults, dogs, and even other animals.

Having developed as pack animals, Basset hounds always feel a need for company and are the happiest when they have their families around.

They really hate to be left alone for a long period of time. And so you may find your Basset howling and becoming destructive if you leave them unattended for too long. If you’re planning to get one of these dogs, I recommend that you get two of them instead so that even when you’re not home, they’ll have each other’s company.

What Is A Basset Hound

Generally, though, these dogs are well thought of and quite simply lovely dogs to have around and because of their naturally relaxed and calm nature they are ideal for anyone who is looking for a dog that will help them destress and the Basset will certainly make you relax.

Interesting Aspects Of The Basset Hound: King Of The Nose!

They have a very strong sense of smell. Coming in a close second to the bloodhound, Bassets are known for their incredible sense of smell.

In fact, they have over 220 million smell receptors and the portion of their brain responsible for the sense of smell is way better than that of any other dog!

They can even take a huge range of smells and isolate just one to follow. This is why Basset hounds consistently perform so well in scent work and tracking.

There’s even a whole competition called basset hound scent trails organized by the American Kennel Club based on their impeccable ability to track sense and hunt.

Health Of A Basset Hound

They’re prone to obesity. Basset hounds are hearty eaters and they are not very active in the house.

What Is A Basset Hound?

This is part of the reason why they can gain weight quickly and can become obese in no time. Obesity in turn can also result in back and other health problems.

Any dog that piles on too much weight runs a severe risk of joint issues and these are amplified with the Basset hound.

So it’s also important to properly portion your Basset hounds food. Essentially, good food, plenty of water, a regular (daily) exercise regime that is adequate+ for your hound, and as always, plenty of love and general care is the perfect recipe…as it is with all of our wonderful dogs!

The average life expectancy of a basset hound is between 11 and 12 years and the health problems more commonly associated with them include issues with their eyelids, folding inwards, and outwards primary glaucoma. In vertebral disc disease, elbow dysplasia, skin conditions, and bloat and gastric torsion.

You can talk to your vet about the best diet for your dog. You can also keep an exercise schedule of at least one long walk per day to keep your basket fit and healthy. We will look at a decent exercise regime for your Basset a bit later on.

Weight Of A Basset Hound

The basset hound stands no higher than 14 inches tall at the shoulder, but they’re remarkably heavy bones, powerful little legs, and massive paws.

They possess strength and stamina just like any other big dog. They’re famous for their large domed heads that feature extremely long, velvety ears and mournful eyes, and a wrinkled brow giving the breed the look of a sad clown. Their body is long and their short legs make bassets look like they’re rectangular in shape.

But even with their short legs. These hounds are truly are big dogs weighing anywhere between 50 to 65 pounds because they’re so bulky, bassets are slow to mature and won’t reach their full size until they’re two years old.

Life Expectancy Of A Basset Hound

These beautiful guys have a general lifespan of 11 to 12 years. They are so lovely it’s a real shame that it is so short.

Coat Care Of A Basset Hound

The grooming requirements takes a lot of time and effort to groom these hounds you got to keep wiping up the drool they leave behind all the time because they do a lot.

Their ears are long and drag on the ground and can get dirty very fast. Those lustrous ears also don’t circulate air very well and this is gonna lead to infections, so you need to clean their ears at least once a week their eyes need frequent wiping to prevent infection.

Additionally, as a result of being so low to the ground, bad assets pick up more dirt and other dogs which means they need frequent baths. Basset hounds also shed all year round, but if you brush them weekly shedding should not be a problem.

Price Of A Basset Hound-What is the average cost of a basset hound?

You would be looking at around $450 up to $1000 for a puppy and maybe much more for a show dog.

This equates to around £300 to £800 in the UK, but as I say, show dogs and dogs with a great pedigree will certainly cost a lot more.

As always, do your due diligence and this great article will help you. Please take a look because it covers many things that you need to know when getting a dog and it will save you a lot of money and possible health-related heartache too.


Trainability Of A Basset Hound

It will be fair to say that Basset hounds boast having a mind of their own when it comes to training. They are intelligent, but this independent thinking side of their natures can make it hard to train a basset hound. With this said their socialization and training must start as early as possible.

Pay particular attention to the recall command. The reason being that the hound in these dogs will see them wandering off if they get a whiff of something they find more interesting.

The key to successfully training a basset hound is to be consistent and to show patience because rushing their training will not bring good results. basset hound puppies are incredibly cute and therefore is all too easy to spoil them during the early months of their lives, which can prove costly when the dogs mature. owners need to start out as they mean to go on which means educating a puppy right from the word go by setting limits and boundaries for them.

9 Great Training Tips

Exercise Requirements Of A Basset Hound

Keeping your Basset fit and well has to be something you take seriously. As we have already discussed, they can easily be lazy and can easily put on weight. Neither of these traits should ever be encouraged with any breed, but especially with these dogs.

Keep them lean and on a great diet and exercise them daily up to an hour with play and really decent walks. They can do it and you must embark on this regime to keep them well.

It’s easy to look at a Basset hound and be taken in by their relaxed demeanor, but this would be a mistake.

Exercise them well and they will benefit from it physically as well as mentally. They love scent related tasks and this should be used in training as well as play-related physical exercise.

They are such wonderfully beautiful and gentle dogs that they deserve the best kind of care. Always positive reinforcement as with all dogs and they will love you back 100 fold…easily!

Snuggle up with your Basset Hound!

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