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What Is A Basenji?

What Is A Basenji?

Today, we are looking at the Basenji and trying to find out a little more about this breed of dog and hopefully, some interesting facts as well.

Background and some history for the Basenji.

It’s one of the earliest dogs that can be seen on the African continent. Records show that it was a prominent dog breed in ancient Egypt with statues and stone tablets that would depict dogs that looked like the Basenji.

Because they are part of the hound group of dogs, they do indeed resemble Pharoah Hounds somewhat.

They were a part of everyday life, helping farmers, hunters, and royalty alike.

Some sources would suggest that they have been with humans even longer.

When Ancient Egypt fell, the Basenji didn’t, up until they were discovered by explorers in the 17th century, they could be seen everywhere along the Nile and Congo River.

The name of the century actually comes from a Congo language which means village. It was still popular with many African tribes for their amazing athleticism, keen eyesight, great sense of smell, and hunting instinct, the rest of the world would eventually catch on. Like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Europe and America were impressed by this amazing dog breed.

By the 1930s, a Boston dog breeder was able to successfully care for a female, a male, and their puppies. Ever since then, they have been living with families in the United States, getting a sense of history and every household.

Character Of A Basenji-Do Basenjis make good pets?

The Basenji is an ancient but fantastic breed of dog. It’s been around for 1000s of years and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. If you are looking for an athletic mix with affection and a well-groomed dog, the Basenji might be the perfect fit for you.

Nothing is more beautiful than watching it run across the park with long strides. They possess explosive speed as you would expect for a member of the hound group of dogs and this would of been one of the main reasons they would of excelled at hunting back in the day.

You can imagine how it would have looked hunting in the savanna with a large pack or hunting with ancient kings!

However, for all of its inbuilt hunting traits, the Basenji is also a  quiet dog.

You won’t hear any barking coming from this dog, but it might make small noises or yodel if it’s feeling distressed.

They are good in families and can get along well with other dogs and children too as long as the usual caveats of care are in place.

Make sure to socialize them at a very young age. Bring them to dog parks so that they can be with other dogs or constantly have them play with different people.

What Is A Basenji?

Life Expectancy Of A Basenji

Typically a dog like this would have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years (which is standard for most dogs in the small to medium Hound group) and with a good diet and exercise this could be a little longer.

Weight Of A Basenji

As stated before, this is an athlete when it comes to the world of dogs. A powerful sprinter therefore their weight has to reflect this. A Basenji is considered small to medium and their weight should never really exceed 25 pounds.

A good and balanced diet along with plenty of access to clean, freshwater couple with a consistent exercise regime will guarantee this.

What Should I Look For In Dog Food?

The Basenji can grow up to 17 inches and weigh up to 25 pounds. It’s a small dog that is perfect for people who live in apartments and given that they like to exercise, these dogs will benefit from an active owner who can offer this.

Price Of A Basenji

A well-bred puppy of this breed will set you back between $500 to $800 or around £350 to £500. As I always state with my breed articles, you need to make sure you are asking all the right questions of your breeder and always do your very best research.

This article will really help you in this.


Coat Care Of A Basenji-Do Basenji dogs smell?

Do Basenji dogs shed a lot?

It’s a short-coated dog and because of that, it is relatively easy to groom.

They have a short and smooth coat that’s always colored white with a spot of either red, black, or a mix of all three colors. They don’t shed often so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up all over your house!

The short coat makes it very easy to clean since it doesn’t get that dirty. You might not even have to give it a bath that often. Basenjis are famous for keeping themselves clean like cats, and they often lick themselves to get the dirt off their coats.

Other breeds might come with an odor, but Basenjis for some reason don’t have that stinky dog smell. This dog is naturally clean, and it shows with how they keep their surroundings.

They work hard to keep their coats clean, so they want you to do the same to the house, therefore they prefer to live in tidy and clean homes. I myself find this with my Greyhound and have found it with all the Greyhounds I have owned. Hounds seem to like to be clean and tidy, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion!

What Is A Basenji?

Health Of A Basenji

This is a breed of dog that doesn’t really carry any hereditary health concerns. Other than the general conditions that a dog can normally get, there is no underlying concern here. As with all breeds, a regular check-up with the Vet is an absolute must along with yearly boosters vaccinations.

Make sure that all its food whether commercial dog food or food you prepared at home is high quality and its filled with nutrients needed to keep a dog energetic

Trainability Of A Basenji

It can be a difficult dog to train so if you do get one from a puppy, then early training and socialization is a must.

The main reason they’re hard to train sometimes being they can be considered completely aloof!

Some dog owners have described them as being a bit cat-like so it would be natural to expect them to sit around or just stare at you when you’re telling them to get off the couch!

These dogs would require a very patient owner, but training them isn’t impossible.

Since they lose interest very quickly a variety of different kinds of training would be a good idea along with varied reward-based play, like agility, flyball, or general fetch type games.

This really would help with the Basenji as it’s a smart dog and works things out quickly. Training is not impossible, but be prepared to really work at it.

For that reason, I would recommend a Basenji to a more experienced dog owner.

9 Great Training Tips

Exercise Requirements Of A Basenji

As with most Hounds, exercise is a key ingredient in the breed. This is a breed that blends being outdoors and loves exercise.

If you’re looking to own a Basenji, make sure you have enough time during the day to take it out for a walk or better yet a run. It needs around at least 40 minutes every day to stay healthy.
If you don’t take it outside, it might get agitated indoors and would look for any other way to release all that energy.

In summary….

Interestingly enough, the Basenji doesn’t like being outdoors when it’s nighttime.

The Basenji doesn’t mind staying outdoors during the day. While some dogs might get a bit paranoid if they’re not allowed to go inside the house.
They were hunting dogs in the past and would have a lot of activity during the day.

But,  when it’s nighttime, they might straight-up refuse to go out with you. A last-minute toilet break before bed could take a while for your Basenji to get on board with!

It is a dog that likes to be with you and also likes to be in the home at night where it feels safe and cared for, and who can blame them for that?

Are Basenjis dangerous?

A great family dog but don’t think that this dog is all that easy. The centuries have afforded this dog a lot of great benefits in terms of character and they are affectionate and loving animals. However, at their worst, they can be fiercely protective of those that it considers its family.

Overall, a superb dog that you would be very happy and fortunate to have in your life.

What Is A Basenji?

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