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What Can We Learn from Dogs?

What Can We Learn from Dogs?

Today, we are looking at What Can We Learn from Dogs? And if indeed they give us valuable life lessons that actually benefit us.

This article was written by a friend of mine and has been graciously permitted to be written here: 

My dog taught me five crucial life lessons that I will use throughout my life.

Since the beginning of the school year, our son has been on a long and exhausting campaign to convince us to adopt a dog. I have to confess that we are deteriorating.

Dogs have always been a part of my life, and I have fond memories of my own beloved childhood pets, as well as the urgent longing to have my own four-legged companion.

Furthermore, he is an energetic child who enjoys the outdoors, and he is an only child with no other children his own age living nearby, making a dog an excellent playmate and buddy for him.

However, I have a feeling in my heart that it is simply too soon for me to open my heart to another canine companion.

Despite the fact that it has only been a year since I lost my darling labrador Shamus, I still mourn her dearly.

Friends have advised me to buy another dog, but I believe this to be a bit heartless of them.

Similarly, if my husband died, no one would immediately send me out to find a new husband, and if my son died, no one would immediately propose that I become pregnant again.

As many people remarry or have additional children, I will ultimately adopt another dog to join our family, but I will not be able to move on from the death of Shamus until I have completed my mourning process.

You know, she was a very remarkable dog, and she played an important role in my personal and professional life.

Shamus became a member of our family during the first year of our marriage, more than a decade before our kid was born, and accompanied us on our relocation from New York state to Kentucky state.

She was the loveliest, most affectionate dog anyone could ever hope to meet, but she was a lab, and we all know that’s just how they are by nature. When she was younger, my husband would take her hunting, and she absolutely liked it, despite the fact that she was lethargic.

The fact that she didn’t want to waste a step, I was convinced, made her a better retriever. As a result of her affable nature, my husband proclaimed her to be the best dog he’d ever had; she was also eager to please (another characteristic of labs), which made her a pleasure to train.

During the later years of her life, she gradually became weaker and had to deal with a variety of health concerns, yet she remained affectionate and uncomplaining throughout. It was extremely tough for us to see her deteriorate, and I feared the thought of being forced to make a decision, but in the end, she made the decision of her own accord.

Despite the fact that we had known her death was imminent for several months, it was still extremely difficult to say goodbye.

And it was much more difficult to realize that the world now has one fewer compassionate heart and one fewer human who cares about me.

The lessons Shamus taught me, on the other hand, have stayed with me:

My dog taught me five crucial life lessons that I will use throughout my life.

When it comes to pet ownership, there are many lessons to be learned. These lessons begin the day your furry family member enters your life and continue long after you say your final goodbye. In so many respects, my dog was a far superior human being to anyone I could hope to become.

What Can We Learn from Dogs?

1. It Makes You More Thoughtful

And I mean that in the most literal sense! Every pet owner understands what I’m talking about. We humans don’t interact with one another nearly enough.

Sure, we embrace our kids and fondle our new lovers, but there comes a time in every relationship when kisses become hurried farewells and hugs become a luxury to be enjoyed only on special occasions.

They understand that a little touch from someone you care about can make any situation better and can even make all the difference in the world in some situations.

They understand the wonder and magic of a kiss (or lick) simply because they love you, and they understand that sometimes sitting near enough to touch regularly is all that is needed to keep the cold, dark evenings at away.

What Can We Learn from Dogs?

2. Never pass up the opportunity to take a nap.

While most of us are unable to fit in the 20 hours of sleep time that dogs get, we may all benefit from taking advantage of the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate during our spare time.

The majority of us are receiving inadequate sleep, and many of us are surviving on significantly less sleep than is actually necessary.

This is hardly a healthy way to live, let alone prosper. Just lie down on your back and let your tongue hang down, and your dog will be completely relaxed. I bet you’re astonished at how fantastic it feels!

In order for your dog to understand that sleep should be high on your priority list, it must be higher than laundry and cleaning, but not higher than any food-related activity. Rest assured that you will benefit from taking some time off.

3. Being envious is a complete waste of time.

It would have been acceptable if our dog had taken a disliking to our newborn from the very beginning. After all, she had been the “baby” of the family for the previous 11 years.

Moreover, during the nine months of my pregnancy, I had been ill and she had been my constant company on the couch and in bed for those nine months. It was done in an instant, and now there was precious little time left over for grooming, walks, and cuddling.

All of our attention was diverted to someone else at the time.

Lack Of Jealousy

She formed an instant attachment with the tiny screamer, despite the fact that we didn’t allow her to go too close to him until we figured out what was going on.

She was far superior to any baby monitor on the market since she would come running to our aid at the first sign of stirring or discomfort.

The best nursemaid because she thoroughly inspected any guests who came near the infant and slept by his bed to keep an eye out for intruders and to be on the lookout for his every need.

Afterwards, as the baby developed and became more mobile, she demonstrated incredible patience as he explored the world around him, grasping his hair and tugging at his lips and pulling on his ears.

She was his guardian angel, playmate, and furry walker, and she relished every minute of it.

4. The best toys are discovered rather than purchased.

Is it necessary to purchase an expensive squeaky toy? In a matter of minutes, it was shredded. What do you mean, knobby ball?

I’ve become disoriented in the bushes. Is that a rubber bone? It was tucked under the couch. What do you do with a frisbee you find by the side of the road?

Every day was spent playing with it, and when not in use, it was carefully tucked away in bed. Is it the palm of someone’s hand? There are countless options for play.

Dogs and small toddlers offer us a valuable lesson about giving and receiving gifts. Your time and attention are the most valuable gifts you can give someone, and with a little imagination and enthusiasm, you don’t even need any toys, let alone pricey electrical equipment, to make someone happy.

What Can We Learn from Dogs?

5. You are never too old to participate in sports.

Despite the fact that she suffers from arthritis and muscular atrophy, Shamus still enjoys wrestling and will even romp around for a short while if given the opportunity.

She wants to be in the middle of the action and engage as much as she can despite the fact that she is no longer able to be as active and play fetch for hours on end as she once was.

We, as humans, tend to forget that the urge for play and fellowship does not go away when we grow out of our childhood selves. It is impossible to be too elderly to participate in sports.

Perhaps we might reconsider our selection of game and venue, but there should be no age restriction on our ability to participate in the festivities!

What life lessons have your dog imparted to you? What is the function of your dog in your household?

What Can We Learn from Dogs?

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