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The Best Low Maintenance Dogs

What Are The Best Low Maintenance Dogs?

6 Great breeds that you may want to consider

Many of us are very busy, yet they still want to have a pet. If you’re in this type of situation, then figuring out which are the best low maintenance dogs is a very good idea.

There are many dog breeds that are very easy to take care of, and which require minimal support and assistance from your side.

With that being said, what dog breeds should you choose if you are busy? Well, we have 6 here that will satisfy owners and they range from small to large so there is something for everyone!

Let’s find out more about each breed!

Boston Terrier

These dogs don’t require that much exercise, and they just need some indoor playtime. The other advantage is that these dogs are great if you live in an apartment, not to mention they are friendly with kids too.

Even their coat doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. So if you’re looking to find the best low maintenance dogs, this is definitely one of the top breeds to focus on.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers have found their way into the hearts and homes of many owners around the world thanks to their smart locks, and their dapper eye-catching appeal.

These charming little dogs boast a personality that perfectly matches their good looks.

They are known for their intelligent and lively personalities, they can be a little strong-willed at times which can border on them being stubborn, and why it’s important for these little dogs to be well socialized and correctly trained from a young age.

Male Boston’s tend to have a little more protective and territorial than their female counterparts, which is something worth knowing when you’re planning to share your home with one of these attractive lively dogs.

The problem is that they tend to form a very strong bond with the person who trains them. And this can lead to dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

The conclusion the positives are that they’re extremely people-orientated, loving, and affectionate dogs. They’re low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

They’re very intelligent and always eager to please making them very easy to train. Boston’s are good watchdogs and they shed minimally, Boston’s are a great choice for first-time dog owners. negatives can include Boston terriers or high-energy dogs that like to be kept busy, and not the best choice for families with very young children and they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.


They are small and devoted, not to mention they don’t require a lot of maintenance either. You just have to take them on a few walks and that’s it. When it comes to playtime, they enjoy all kinds of toys.

As you can see, the dachshund is a stellar pet for those that want low-maintenance dogs.

They are a hound-type breed, commonly known as a sausage dog due to its elongated body with short legs. Their build is compact and muscular, and although small, they love to run and have large paddle-like feet, which make them excellent diggers.

Their versatility makes them great family companions. They are popular amongst families and can be suited to country and town living.
They enjoy spending a lot of time with their owners and have outgoing, strong, and bold personalities.
However, this unconditional love for being with people can often lead to separation anxiety when left alone, if not gradually exposed to being by themselves at a young age, they can often be seen to bark and whine if the owners leave them, which can also lead to destructive behavior in the home.

Don’t be alarmed as separation anxiety is very common amongst most dog breeds and can be dealt with as long as you take the time to work with your dog’s needs.

If considering bringing Dachshund into your family, it is important to be aware of their fragile backs.
Due to their shape, they are genetically predisposed to having back problems, which can be elevated by certain activities, such as jumping off furniture and running up and downstairs, especially in their older age.

Although a small and fragile breed, they do need a moderate level of exercise, as they love to explore and sniff out new environments.

They’re typically sociable and comical, especially when with others of their breed. Therefore, many owners will have more than just one.
This breed can be difficult to train due to their stubbornness and are notoriously hard to housebreak especially with males who may feel the need to mark indorsement agitated by noises. In order to have a well-balanced and confident sound.

It is important to socialize them at a young age, especially with introductions to strangers, as this can be particularly nervy toward them. With the correct training, they can be excellent loyal family members who will entertain you and provide you with a lifetime of affection and cuddles.


Although Dachshunds are small and very cute and puppies, it is important to try and refrain from picking them up all of the time, especially when they are nervous or fearful.

In order to have a confident and independent dog, they need to learn how to cope with stressful situations. And positive encouragement will help with this.

They are strongly motivated by food!

However, you can also use play as a motivation and reward a ball on a string and slow down to the floor is perfect for this breed.
So Dachshunds can be great little dogs with the correct training, encouragement, environment, and stimulation they will enrich your lives for many years to come.


A bullmastiff is large, yet very affectionate. Since these dogs have a low energy level in general, you can easily offer them plenty of support and assistance with just a few walks, which is exactly what you need to keep in mind.

This colossal canine is the oldest English breed and its history goes way way back. And these dogs have been around since the beginning of dog time.

It’s believed that Venetian traders brought the ancestors of the English Mastiff to Britain around 500 bc and in 55 BC, says it makes mention of them fighting valiantly, next to the English soldiers when he invaded Britain.

But for all their brute force, these mammoth creatures are more likely to lick you than lunge at you!

They’re very easygoing, very laid back. Just kind of like a couch potato-type dog!

Just make sure you have a big couch!

Heavy boned and muscular Mastiffs take up a lot of space.

The English massive has wide-set eyes, a wrinkled forehead, and a very broadhead. A Head the size of a polar bear!


And this short-coated canine comes in three distinct colors fond, apricot, and brindle.

You might think an English Mastiff would need a house the size of a castle, but this animal is sedentary enough that an average-sized home will do and a daily walk around the neighborhood will keep this slow-moving dog exercise. 

The short coat also means they need little to no maintenance on that front as well.


Another one of the best low-maintenance dogs is the pug. A pug doesn’t require lots of grooming and attention. On top of that, these pets don’t really need a lot of exercise, they are very happy to stay indoors.

The pug can be a headstrong dog but can be trained easily under a firm hand. obedience training is highly recommended.

Many pugs can also be taught simple tricks easily. The breed does not require vigorous exercise and a short game or a moderate walk should be enough.

Pugs can’t bear heat or humidity and should be kept indoors in such weather.

“Some Like It Hot…..I DON’T”

They are very sensitive to the moods of their owners and are always eager to please them. pugs are often referred to as shadows because they follow their owners all around. Most pugs also tend to nap a lot.

That’s where most of their focus is on.


Overall, pugs are a very good pick if you just want a dog breed that’s loyal and not very demanding.


A greyhound will not require a lot of attention from your side. Instead, they will just go around, jog, and have fun. They are filled with energy and a lot of fun to own and play with.

I am of course, very fond of Greyhounds and I especially rehome and rescue them because of the plight they suffer from the racing industry. That said, they are also incredible dogs!

Here is my current boy, Wilson enjoying his time at our superb local kennels in Cornwall.

That being said, a single jog per day is sufficient, and they have a short coat which makes grooming a breeze.

The dog has a strikingly aerodynamic body with a long narrow skull, long muscle, long legs, and an arched back. The long tapering tail helps it in maintaining speed while running.

The coat is short and smooth. The colors seen are a wide range of combinations of white, brindle, fawn, black, blue, and red.

I have had 4 Greyhounds over the years and can honestly say that they are absolutely superb dogs to own. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually very well suited for a laid-back apartment lifestyle. In fact, a greyhound is often compared to a cat for its long sleeping hours and love of comforts, such as a soft cushion or a warm room.

I can confirm that they are indeed couch potatoes!

My boy, Wilson.

The Greyhound is a gentle and loyal breed perfect to be a family pet. It enjoys being in the company of humans and is generally friendly with kids, other dogs, and even strangers.

Be careful with cats though as many ex-racers see cats as prey and this can of course be a problem.

The Greyhound has a sensitive nature and requires gentle and patient training. A long walk can fulfill its daily exercise needs. It is very important to keep a greyhound on a leash on walks.

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They are sighthounds. This can be an issue if they are off lead as they have amazing long-range sight and if they see something then they are off …and you won’t be catching them!

A fenced area for the dog to run around, especially when young is helpful.


The corgi is small, it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance when it comes to grooming or going out although heavy seasonal shedding can be a drawback and should be a consideration when looking at this breed.


As long as you keep on top of the general care then you should never have a problem.

You will need to brush their coats from time to time, and a short walk every day is more than ok. Plus, they are very cute and apartment-friendly, which is always a plus.

The Corgi is now one of the best-known breeds in the world, specifically because of their long association with the British Royal family since 1933.

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Welsh corgis live 11 to 13 years and are a relatively healthy breed.

They’re prone to back disorders and glaucoma and can gain weight easily so they shouldn’t be overfed, so take it easy on treats!

A loving protective and playful companion they make excellent family dogs but may fare better with older children because they are a herding dog and they tend to nip, so be aware of that if you have very young and very small children.


We recommend you to use these tips as you try to figure out which are the best low maintenance dogs out there.

All these breeds are ideal for people that have a limited amount of time to take care of their pets.

Plus, most of these breeds are apartment-friendly, and they enjoy staying indoors most of the time.

That makes them very good for any pet lover that’s short on free time!

As long as you buy into giving great care and love to any dog you bring into your life then you are going to be fine.

The simple way of thinking about dog ownership is treating them as you would want to be treated, with love and respect. It really isn’t too much to ask.

Dogs are NOT people but I have found over the years that the better I treat my dogs in terms of caring for their needs, be it in food, exercise, comfort then the result is much, much better for my dog and in return, me.

Hopefully, you will learn as much about the breed of dog that you want to get and really dive into learning the best way to care for them. That way, you will be on the winning side of owning a dog!

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