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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen?

Using a secure exercise pen, field, or paddock for your dog has to be one of the very best ways for you to exercise your dog safely.

It gives them the opportunity to really run around and get tired and also it gives you a chance to practice any training that you want to do.

Have you ever been in a situation where your dog is becoming aggressive and the other person’s fear of their own pup getting hit by yours doesn’t allow them to do anything? 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen

It can be scary for both people, not just one.

These situations are difficult because it’s natural for dogs to show aggression when they feel threatened or have an overwhelming feeling that someone else in their space may harm them.

This kind of stress makes these stressful interactions between humans more heightened than if we were alone with our pups on lead down at the local park. 

This is why sometimes, the local park isn’t really the best place for our dogs to exercise. After all, not all owners are the same and I get tired of quietly walking my dog on the lead only to have another dog that is off lead come bounding over to either say hello or worse.

It has happened a few times and after it, I discovered using secure dog fields.

With this in mind, we will look at 8 great reasons to use one and look a bit more in detail as to the reasons why you should consider using one.

Costs vary but many places in the UK and the US charge around £10 or $10 per hour which is really great value.

A simple Google search will tell you where your nearest fields are and also ask your local kennels or Vet as they will probably know of a place that you can use.

Always take your poop bags and use them too!

So here we have 8 Great reasons to use one!

  • Dogs With Poor Recall

If you own a dog like I do, namely a Greyhound, then you will have experienced the simple fact that these sighthounds are very difficult to train and recall with.

Not impossible, but it is difficult and by using a secure and safe place that is big enough for them to stretch their legs, this has to be an excellent choice for recall training.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen

  • Dogs With A High Prey Drive

Again, if you own a sighthound breed like a Greyhound, Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Saluki etc then you already know they love to chase and how it really is never a good idea to have them off lead unless they are in a secure area where you know you can get them back. 

This is why secure paddocks are ideal. No nasty accidents and missing dogs! And also, they can have some fun too!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen

  • Dogs that suffer from being anxious around other dogs.

Although dogs are sociable creatures and generally love the pack mentality of being a dog, this doesn’t mean that they all do.

Some dogs are Lone Rangers and simply enjoy the company of humans only and see other dogs as troubling, worrying, and a threat.

Secure paddocks are great for these guys to have some extended area fun without the fear of running into another dog.

  • Very young dogs (puppies) and older dogs too. 

At either end of the age spectrum, it’s great for dogs to be able to enjoy the space and fun of playing and interacting with you and any other dogs that you own.

The space that is afforded to them gives them a chance to play and tire themselves out and also for older dogs, an opportunity to have controlled play where they are not going to be chased by dogs they don’t know.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen

  • Dog Walker Use Them

One great way that dog walkers have been quite innovative in their approach to business is that they hire these places to ensure that they give a client’s dog plenty of quality fun, play, and exercise again, in a safe and controlled environment.

Many professional dog walkers will have already struck up a discount rate with the paddock or pen owner and this is a smart way of running their business.

In fact, if you were thinking of a good business idea, then you could do a lot worse than looking at a field where you could operate such a scheme. 

  • It Can Be Really A Great Social Thing To Do!

If you and your dog get along with other owners’ dogs, what better way than hiring a dog exercise pen for an hour and letting the guys run around and play for an hour while you catch up, chat and have a coffee?

It can be a great way to see them and for your dogs to have fun together too.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Dog Exercise Pen

  • Helping Reactive Dogs

Reactive dogs are those that react aggressively when they see a trigger, such as other animals. The triggers can be anything from dogs to people to bicycles and more. 

Reactive dog owners often feel powerless and frustrated with their pet’s behavior, but there are many ways to help reactive dogs through training and management techniques. 

One of the best things about using a dog exercise pen is that you avoid any triggers or distractions that can set your dog off and also it can give you a really good platform for the recall training we discussed earlier.

  • Dogs That Are In Recovery From Illness

This is something that often gets overlooked. Many people associate exercise with feeling good, but it can be difficult to find motivation when you’re recovering from an illness. 

There are many dogs out there who have overcome their illnesses and some of them may have had to do so without much exercise during recovery. 

Dogs that are recovering from injury or illness often need special care in order to build up strength and recover fully; one way this is done is by exercising appropriately while avoiding overexertion. 

A secure and safe place for them to get their daily needs without fear of coming into contact with other animals can be a perfect way for them to recoup gradually.

So there you have it.

8 Great reasons to try out using a secure field or paddock or pen that will really help with all aspects of giving your dog a great mixture of fun, training, and exercise.

Be sure to check out one near where you live and I am sure you will enjoy it but, I am pretty sure your dog will enjoy it more!

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