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The Main Reason For This Website

The Main Reason For This Website

The main reason for this website.

Hi, My name is Tony and I have decided after owning dogs for the last 20 years or so to build a site that covers all aspects of looking after an animal at home that is quite rightly called “Man’s Best Friend”

I am sure as a dog owner or people interested in dogs, you will agree with that statement.

I simply feel that my life has been enriched over the years by having a dog.

If you take the plunge into the world of adopting a dog then it can be quite a minefield.

I hope that you can find the tips and the help on our website that will make your journey so much more fun and rewarding.

With that in mind, check out this great FREE gift that you can download today which will really help you with training your dog once you get them.

The most important factor to me and my wife whilst we have had dogs is their wellbeing.

Their health is THE vital aspect of looking after a dog.

This includes pretty much everything you do with your animal from adoption, food, health concerns, exercise, and training, to caring for it in older age.

With that in mind, this site will be a way for you to follow our progress and learn the dos and don’ts of looking after a dog.

On this website, we will be focusing on all aspects of looking after your dog from beginning to the end and everything in between.

I have been an owner of rescue Greyhounds since 1999.

And after owning these wonderful dogs over the years, we have found that you do indeed have to spend a small fortune sometimes on great stuff that you need for them to be happy.

And that goes for all breeds, so we decided to open an online store to help others and share information and add new products that we think will make your hounds a lot happier.

It sells mainly clothing but we hope to add some more products along the way.

20% Of All Revenue From Sales On This Website Is Donated To Dog Rescue Charities In The UK and In the United States.



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