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The Benefits of Having a Dog

The Benefits of Having a Dog

We are looking at The Benefits of Having a Dog and what we can gain as humans form having one or more of these great animals in our lives.

How a Dog Makes Me a Better Person

From driving out people to be more active, to reduce the risk of heart disease, to assist us in fighting depression, dogs, in a way, can help us live longer and happier lives.

But as busy people as many of us are these days, exactly what does dog ownership teach us?

How can we benefit from such a unique lifestyle?

Here are some of the answers:

You Have To Go Home Early

Dogs have a limit for just how long they might be left on their own.

Sadly, in the UK, The RSPCA has recently conducted a survey and they have found that around 20% of dog owners think it is ok to leave their dogs alone at home for over 24 hours!

Dogs really should never be left more than just a few hours, 4 at the absolute outside as leaving them alone longer can really diminish the state of them and as dogs are so loyal to us, it can really upset them a lot and cause a lot of easily avoidable anxiety.

We don’t want anxious dogs.

Separation Anxiety is something that is very real and needs to be avoided when taking on a dog

Whether we are so busy at the office or are out and about on scene, dogs develop restrictions on how long we should be out of the house.
For professionals searching for that work/life equilibrium, the responsibility to go home early for your dog enables you to step clear of the hubbub and call it a night.

It’s important to know that when you take on the responsibility of owning a dog, it comes with quite a long list of requirements.

If you are thinking of getting a dog then you must realize that they come with responsibilities.

You Need To Plan Ahead of Time

Pets also put restrictions on that popular professional quality of vibrant impulsiveness. Last-minute choices and heat-of-the-moment decisions become considerably more difficult after we have a dog to consider.

This is not to say that the periods of impulsive trips along with random fun are over with the help of a dog, only that a bit more preparation along with planning is going to be required, which eventually helps all of us to take better control of ourselves and develop self-responsibility.

You can still do pretty much the things you like to do, but you have to involve the dog too!

The Benefits of Having a Dog

More and more pubs take dogs these days and also holiday parks and hotels too. It’s about doing a bit of planning and preparation and you will find that the world is a lot more friendly towards our canine friends and this is a huge bonus to you as an owner.

If you know that you need to be away and the dog simply can not go, then make sure you find good doggy daycare or a good local kennel for them.

This is vitally important for your dog too as they need to enjoy going to the kennel and it can be great for their confidence to see other dogs there too

It Makes Us More Responsible

Intended for professional roommates, sharing ownership of a dog facilitates us to work together effectively.

By sharing the work, designating who does this does that, we receive great practice from the art of teamwork: “I’ll do the walks if you take care of the feeding, ” or maybe “You pay the dog walker and I’ll take care of his food, ” or maybe “I’ll come home early this Friday in exchange for a TGIF next week, ” and many others.

My wife and I have to always communicate about our dog. Who does the walking and when, when was he fed?
All of these communications are important as you are sharing ownership and this builds teamwork too. Our dog knows he is part of that team as well and it is something that after a while, you will find yourself doing on autopilot

Sharing puppy ownership fosters those sought-after skills of cooperation and service.

Not Just Think of Ourselves

Almost everyone else thinks of his/her future, right?

But being too focused on ourselves is the same mistake everyone else is committing. It makes us less productive and even harmful (because we only think of ourselves that we don’t mind about others).

Owning a dog changes all of these.

It helps us keep things in perspective, keeping the balance in our life.

We are required to take care of them, and stop thinking of ourselves even just for a moment.

Taking on a dog is a huge responsibility if you do it right.

And that is what you want to be striving for and beyond because dogs are absolutely brilliant creatures that demand and deserve our respect and love.

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