All of our articles covering the exciting prospect of getting a puppy and how best to look after and train one.

Aggressive Dog Training Tips

Aggressive Dog Training Tips

Knowing how to deal with an aggressive dog or a dog that is starting to show aggression in the home is a vital part of being a good down owner. You have to learn these Aggressive Dog Training Tips because your safety, your family’s safety, and your dog’s overall wellbeing depend on it. So you …

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How to Prepare for a New Puppy

Exciting times require preparation and, hopefully, these tips will help you! You’ve brought your new cute bundle of fluff home and your very next question is how to keep a puppy healthy so that they grow into a fit happy adult dog. Well, taking these nine puppy care steps will help prevent the most common …

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Where Can I Get A Puppy?

So, you have decided to get a puppy. There are many, many factors that you need to consider when going down the route of getting a little puppy dog to live in your home with you and your family. It’s a life-changing decision for anyone, even seasoned dog owners because they will tell you, that …

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Walking Wіth A Puрру - How Lоng The Wаlkѕ Should Bе?

Walking Wіth A Puрру

When you get a new puppy you want to know exactly what to do and what not to do. Walking With A Puppy will tell you what you need to know. Walking With A Puppy Walking Wіth A Puрру – How Lоng The Wаlkѕ Should Bе? Yоu’vе welcomed a nеw puppy into уоur fаmіlу-соngrаtulаtіоnѕ. Aраrt …

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Puppy Chewing Solutions

Puppy Chewing Solutions

Puppy Chewing Solutions When you first get a puppy you need to understand that this new dog is going to chew pretty much everything it can get it’s little mouth on to and that includes you. It is up to us as owners to decide how we are going to manage this situation. There is …

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Puppy Problems And Solutions

Puppy Problems and Solutions

Puppy Problems and Solutions Puppies can provide us with possibly the very best opportunity to be able to train our dogs the right way from the very start of their lives. This can, of course, come with some challenges for a new owner as unless they can set the ground rules and boundaries from the …

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