Mental Health

Dogs For Depression

Dogs For Depression

How Therapy Dogs Can Help Those with Mental Health Issues. Therapy dogs are trained to help those with mental health issues, especially children. The work of therapy dogs involves a variety of tasks. They help individuals deal with issues such as panic attacks, depression, fear, and grief. They work by assisting the individual with these …

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Are Greyhounds Good Family Pets

Are Greyhounds Good Family Pets?

Today, we are asking Are Greyhounds Good Family Pets. And also attempting to answer another bunch of home-related questions about these fabulous dogs. So, if you are really interested in greyhounds like I am (I have owned 4) then read on!   We are going to attempt to answer some of the common questions that …

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Therapy Dogs Training

Therapy Dogs Training

What Does It Take To Become A Therapy Dog? Many breeds of dogs are now used as therapy dogs. Here we will look at the sort of training and character traits a dog will need in order to become one. Calm and warm loving dogs make the ideal kind of dogs to become therapy dogs. …

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