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Pet Grooming as a Professional Career

How Much Do Dog Groomers Make?

Pet Grooming as a Professional Career A career in pet grooming can be a fascinating and lucrative endeavor that provides both adventure and financial reward. Even veterinarians and breeders are exempt from following certain requirements when it comes to their profession of pet grooming. You will fill an extremely essential niche in the pet industry …

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Best Therapy Dogs

Best Therapy Dogs

What is a Therapy Dog? A dog who offers emotional support and assistance to the handicapped or elderly. Generally speaking, they offer emotional support to those who are in need of support or who have physical disabilities. A Therapy dog, therefore, provides emotional support by assisting the disabled person to maintain independence and improve their …

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Older Golden Retrievers Adoption

Older Golden Retrievers Adoption

Anyone interested in getting a Golden Retriever but not ready to go through the difficulties and tribulations of owning and training a puppy can consider adopting an older Golden Retriever. Older Golden Retrievers have matured and have shown to be excellent companions in households where they must spend a significant amount of time by themselves …

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What Is a Golden Retriever?

People are drawn to Golden Retrievers because they are a fatal attraction in their world! I don’t think I have ever met anyone who isn’t totally captivated by these dogs whether they are the right fit for them or not! When Did The Golden Retriever Originate? The Golden Retriever was first produced in Scotland in …

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