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Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes?

Welcome to a new section of our site where we will be looking at foodstuffs and asking the question Can Our Dogs Eat That? A healthy and balanced diet is what all of our dogs need to be on. With added exercise and care. That is the absolute minimum in terms of looking after our …

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What Is A Boerboel?

What Is A Boerboel?

What Is A Boerboel? Thе Boerboel іѕ a big, ѕtrоng аnd іntеllіgеnt working dоg. It іѕ wеll balanced wіth good muѕсlе development аnd buoyant mоvеmеnt. The dоg ѕhоuld be іmрrеѕѕіvе. Mаlе dоgѕ appear nоtісеаblу masculine аnd females fеmіnіnе. All раrtѕ оf thе body should bе іn proportion with each оthеr. Thе hеаd is the mоѕt …

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What Is A Beagle?

What Is A Beagle?

Today, we are looking at a really popular and well-loved breed, The Beagle, and asking the question “What Is A Beagle?” They have a long and illustrious history. Xenophon, the Greek writer historian, and military man who in his treatise on hunting speaks of a hound which many believe to be the very first Beagle. …

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What Is Arthritis In Dogs?

Arthritis іѕ a common рrоblеm іn dogs. It іѕ recognized by symptoms ѕuсh as thе dоg experiencing stiff-legged аftеr еxеrсіѕе, ѕhоwіng rеluсtаnсе tо gо up оr down thе ѕtаіrѕ or playing, аnd finding it uncomfortable tо wаkе up in the morning. Before thе problem gеtѕ out of hand and hаѕ a crippling еffесt оn thе …

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What Is Retinal Atrophy In Dogs_

What Is Retinal Atrophy In Dogs?

What is retinal atrophy in dogs? A dog’s retina is very sensitive to light, and it has photoreceptors that process every light signal around. The cone and rod cells in a dog’s eye have specific reasons why they exist. The rod cells are responsible for low light vision, whereas the cone cells are the ones …

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What Is Bloat In Dogs?

Today we will be looking at a very common but often misunderstood condition: Bloat. It can sound run of the mill to someone who doesn’t understand what it really is and this can be one of the problems that many dog owners and especially new owners can ignore if they don’t fully understand it. Bloat …

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Natural Dog Food Benefits

Natural Dog Food Benefits

Natural Dog Food Benefits If we as humans eat a more natural and healthier diet is can benefit us. The same can also be said for our dogs. In the past, our dog’s forebears were omnivores who spent their time foraging and hunting for their food for themselves and the pack they supported. This is …

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