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Stop Barking Dogs

Stop Barking Dogs

If you want to stop your dog barking then completely then you are out of luck!

Seriously, it simply is never going to happen as the bark is our dogs “speaking”.

It is their way of communication and also they are trying to tell us something.

It’s up to us to try to work out why they are barking.

So our first step is always to be wondering why they are barking?

Of course.

For instance, my dog Wilson will come up to me and actually look at me and bark. After tuning in to him years ago, I know that this is his way of actually asking for only two things.

And yes, he does have different barks for each!

It will either be that he really wants to go out for a walk, exercise and to have a chance to relieve himself or the other bark which is that he wants something to eat.

That’s it. That’s all I need to know and as long as I fulfill his needs fairly quickly, the barks stop when I start to provide him with what he needs.

And this is actually very important. You see in his world, he is communicating this to me and the fact that I am responding quickly lowers any anxiety he may have built up and actually improves his confidence and strengthens our bond.

All of these things are super important for your dog.

They are giving him the confidence to know that he can rely on you.

He can rely on you to:

  • Provide for him.
  • Understand him.

Of course, these are what we as humans are anthropomorphizing onto our dogs, but we all know the difference between a happy dog and a dog that is clearly suffering from stress don’t we?

Brain Training Your Dog

It’s a fact that the more common causes of inappropriate barking are:


An excited dog can be a difficult thing to calm down. Luckily, there are many ways you can work on calming your dog. The first is by using the “leash and treat” method. 

This process involves putting the leash on your dog before they get too excited, then giving them treats when they stop being so excitable. 

Another way to deal with an excited dog is through exercise and distraction tactics like playing fetch or tug of war with them.

 There’s no need for medication!  If you’re still struggling to calm your pup down after trying these methods, it may be time to consult a professional pet trainer or veterinarian for more advice on how to handle this situation.


Another cause of barking can be sheer boredom. If your dog is bored that is clearly your fault!

Harsh? Yep. Listen, all dogs are different and some are smarter than others so it stands to sense that you need to make sure you are up to scratch when it comes to keeping your dog entertained.

Through a diet of exercise and play, good quality ownership, and care, your dog will not suffer from this.

Anxiety including separation anxiety

Dogs with anxiety can be difficult to manage and when they are, their lives can be made much more manageable by following a few simple tricks. 

Dogs may experience symptoms such as hyperactivity, excessive barking, urinating or defecating indoors, avoidance behaviors (of people or situations), decreased appetite, and other signs of stress including trembling ears and dilated pupils.

These are just a few things that might indicate an anxious dog needs relief from its suffering!

Again, it’s up to you to sort these issues out as they are pretty much going to have been caused by you neglecting your dog in some way.

Attention-seeking behavior.

Dogs with attention-seeking behavior are often the most frustrating to live and work with. They will do anything they can to get your attention, from barking excessively at you for no reason, to jumping up on you when all you’re trying to do is walk past them. 

These behaviors are not only annoying but also really hard on your body!

You know how dogs jump high in the air? 

Well if a dog jumps up on you and lands without any warning it’s going to knock the wind out of you (pun intended) and can cause back pain. Not pleasant!

 The best way to avoid these problems is by teaching your dog what “sit” means so that he or she will stay put instead of following behind as soon as their leash comes off. 

Overall though, it’s key that you try to always find the root cause of the barking and if you find what it is, then you can address it.

Remember, dogs are smart and not that complex. They are barking for a reason and as long as you find that reason and address it, you will be able to minimize the barking.

You will never stop your dog barking, but as long as you tune in to your dogs’ needs then you will most definitely have a much quieter life together.

Brain Training Your Dog


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