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Stop A Dog Peeing In The House

Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House should be something that we, as responsible dog owners, should all aspire to.


How Can WE Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House?

Sometimes dogs that have been house trained when they were puppies can still develop the habit of soiling in the home, especially later on in their lives.
This can be caused by a variety of conditions and the reasons behind it can be equally varied.

To stop a dog from peeing in the house in the first place takes time to analyze what we as owners are NOT doing before we look at why our dogs ARE doing what we want them to.

These can include our dog’s health and general condition, external forces, or changes in the home.

Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

We as owners have to try to look at how we are affecting our dogs in order to find a way of dealing with a pretty unpleasant issue.
Dogs can start urinating or defecating in the home and we as owners can often find it puzzling as to why it may have suddenly started happening.

Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

Dog Marking-What Is It?

We have to remember that wild dogs and Wolves use soiling as a way to mark their territory, to mark the boundaries of their areas.
The smell that is given off is a clear warning to other animals that any violation of their area will be met by resistance.

Generally, the act of territorial marking will be done by the Alpha dogs or wolves in the pack.

This is why that through evolution, that dogs have developed the ability to urinate a lot in short bursts over a wide area, just to satisfy this action.

Of course, in the wild, this is perfectly normal and understandable as dogs and Wolves are predators.
However, in our homes, it’s really a very different matter.

Why Does My Dog Pee in the House?

Apart from the obvious health issues to us as humans, having a dog that is using the home to relieve itself can be also very stressful for you as well as financially detrimental.
Homes cost money and so do the things we put in them.

Furniture and carpets are not cheap and can easily and quickly be ruined by having a dog that is having this kind of issue.

That said, we have to look harder at the reasons behind it.

We have to ask ourselves some serious questions too.

How To Stop A Dog From Peeing In The House

Are You Exercising Your Dog Regularly?

This is probably the most obvious one when you think about it. Personally, I walk my dog around 4 times a day and this gives him plenty of time to relieve himself.

I started off when I first got him by giving a long walk first thing in the morning and then two shorter walks during the day and followed by a medium-length walk the last thing at night.

Now, I know that maybe not everyone can do this, but if you are having an issue with a dog soiling in the house it is important to look at what WE are doing as owners firstly.

Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

Don’t Let Your Dog Out And Hope For The Best

Often, dogs are let out into the owner’s garden or yard and expected to just do their business and with respect, they often do and that is great.
We are dealing with another matter here though and as a responsible owner it’s is right for us to make sure we keep an eye on what our dog is doing in the yard/garden and if you do have a dog that is having a problem indoors, then rewarding them when they do their business outside is a great way to positively reinforce the good behavior.

It’s up to us to take an interest in what our dos do for health reasons too.

It may also be a case of revisiting the toilet training that you have done in the past as a sort of refresher course for your dog.

Dog’s are smart, but sometimes their training can slip and a brief recap may well be all that is needed. Again, by using positive reinforcement, your dog will soon be back on track.

One thing I can share is when I moved into a house that the previous owners had a dog that had obviously urinated on the carpet in the past.
When I got my first dog, Albert, one of the first things he did was actually urinate on the very same spot!

Once I had figured out what he was doing and the carpet had been totally replaced, he never did it again!
It’s something worth noting especially as dogs have such incredible senses of smell, this can be another reason why do dogs pee in the house.

If you experience a similar situation then try to use biological washing powder to clean up the area after a dog.

It is much better than a disinfectant as it breaks down the fatty enzymes in the toilet and gets rid of the smell that our dog will almost certainly recognize and use the same spot again.

Could there be an underlying medical reason that your dog is peeing in the house?

If you suspect that your dog is ever off-color or just not themselves, it is ALWAYS the best course of action to visit the vets.

how to choose a vet

They are the true professionals in the health of your dog and although websites and blogs like these can be a great help, they are no replacement for a skilled professional Veterinary practitioner.

5 Great Tips To Stop Your Dog From Peeing In The House

Stop A Dog From Peeing In The House
The powerful and safe enzymes in these cleaning products can make all the difference in terms of breaking the cycle of repeat soiling.

Stop My Dog from Pooping in the House

This is never a pleasant task trying to clean up poop in the home and I have had my fair share of doing this over the years so I feel for you if this is a new experience.

It really does come down to the exercise and anxiety issues once again.

Always exercise your dog thoroughly and really take an interest in what your dog’s stools look like when you are out and about as this is a great indicator of your dog’s health and how the food you are giving them is affecting them.

In the home, however, I have found that the main times I have had to deal with dog pooping has nearly always been when they have been left home alone, even for a short while.

In my article about separation anxiety, you will remember how a dog doesn’t understand why you have left or for how long.

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Dogs

This can seriously upset some dogs and pooping is an anxiety-related release.

We can, of course, negate this by using the training we have learned, but an important and simple step for your dog can be to limit access to all areas of the home.

Being given free rein for a dog can be confusing and intimidating.

Especially if you have gone out and they are desperately checking from room to room to find where you are.
They get scared, worried, anxious….and out comes the poop!

Limiting your dog at night to the use of a crate is a superb way of controlling where they go as well as maybe using an indoor gated area that you can close off safely (preferably with an easy-clean floor).

These kinds of measures will really help your dog as you will find that dogs seldom soil where they sleep.

It really is down to us to tune in to how our dog thinks and feels and if you can get the balance of exercise and care correctly then you will limit your experiences of this particularly smelly problem!

Let me know if you have any other tips and advice that we can add to the arsenal of training that our much-loved hounds need to be the best dogs they can be.

This great video will also address some other issues with your dog peeing in your home

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