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Reiki for Dogs

Reiki for Dogs-Does It Work?

What is Reiki for Dogs and does it actually work? Let’s find out more about this therapy today and open our minds to new treatments.

Reiki for Dogs

Reiki has been generally available as a holistic remedy for only a short time ( the last century) but in that time it has garnered wide-ranging respect from healers and users of the therapy.

In recent years it has been introduced to owners of pets as a form of therapy that can really help the wellbeing of the animal, especially dogs.

With that in mind, we will look at some of the benefits of this type of therapy and try to learn a bit more about it and how it can benefit our dogs and us as owners in hopefully simple to understand ways.

The one thing I can assure of is that dogs absolutely love this form of therapy. It’s a full hands-on style of treatment and can work wonders for your dog and their trust-building with you, their bonding.

It is often used as a complement to other treatments that your dog may be having or it can be just a nice way of pampering them.

Reiki for Dogs

Does Reiki Work on Dogs?

We live in a hurly-burly world and this all too often transfers down to our dog’s lifestyle. As I have stated before on this site, dogs naturally like to chill out and live calm and relaxed lives.

When we introduce stress into a dog’s life it can have devastating effects for both the dog and the owner.

By catering for your dog’s natural state, Reiki and its therapeutic touch can leave your dog physically more relaxed, emotionally better balanced and often…fast asleep!

What Is Reiki?

There are many many types of holistic therapy available around the world today. Many have been around for a long time, but of late, many new ones have popped up and it remains to be seen if these will be around for a while.

Reiki is different. It emerged from Japan in the last century and has fastly become established and respected and that respect has grown and grown throughout the community and the skeptics worldwide.

As a form of “energy healing” Reiki is designed to improve one’s overall well being by tapping into the energy fields around your body and the result is that it leaves the client relaxed, de-stressed and perfectly calm.

Person or Pooch, it really doesn’t matter as the way Reiki works is exactly the same for both.

As a human, you can be fully clothed too when you receive Reiki and our dog can just be a dog in their natural form.

Reiki is transferred from the practitioner’s hands to the recipient and it’s best on sitting dogs or dogs that are laying down on their sides.

A typical session lasts between 20 minutes to an hour and this, of course, is dependent on how long your dog wants to have the Reiki.

It’s not unusual at all for a dog to settle extremely quickly under the initial laying on of warm hands and fully relax into the calming influence of the treatment.

And it is a treatment in it’s purest form. A real Treat-ment!

Reiki for Dogs

On the rare occasion that a dog doesn’t like the Reiki, they will usually do what dogs do and they will vote with their paws and get up and move away.

Often, however, a dog may well wander around a bit and then settle back down and actually enjoy the feeling. It may just be that they are not used to the feeling at first.

When Can Reiki Work Best For Dogs?

Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui from Japan.
He developed it to help ease anxiety and to help people attain a higher level of relaxation and calm in their lives.

Almost one hundred years later it has grown from strength to strength and of late that includes the dramatic inclusion of canine therapy.

It is especially important to point out at this juncture that although popular, reiki should still be seen as a complementary therapy and not solely as an alternative therapy.

Reiki should only ever be practiced by qualified therapists as well and any form of diagnosis of a condition on an animal should only ever be made by a qualified veterinary surgeon.

Reiki can provide beneficial and comprehensive complementary therapy to pets that are suffering from a wide range of conditions.

How Can Reiki Benefit Dogs?

Dogs and humans have very similar body structure and because of that, we can suffer from similar physical and psychological conditions.

Do Dogs Have Chakras?


Just like humans, Dogs have chakras, from head to tail. Balancing your dog’s seven chakras, or energy centers can help him lead a happier, healthier life.

When open, chakras work optimally. If overactive or underactive, however, chakras can create psychological or physical problems.

Along with the calm and relaxing nature of the therapy, as long as your vet confirms it is ok to do so, Reiki can actually bring much-needed comfort and can speed up the healing of a dog that is recovering from a procedure.

This means that the “giver” of the treatment can concentrate their hands on a specific area and the “receiver” of the treatment.

Reiki’s most precious benefit is the creation of a sense of calm in the dog. This massively helps any dog that is suffering from any form of ongoing bouts of anxiety or display of fear loud noises or fireworks for instance.

Reiki for Dogs

Energy Healing for Dogs

There really is quite an extensive range of benefits connected to Reiki including increased energy levels, reduced blood pressure, a boost to their immune system, to aid better sleep and a great accelerator to self-healing.

One of the great upsides of this type of holistic therapy is that it provides great relief to a dog and it’s equally it’s very reassuring to the person who is giving the Reiki treatment can not harm the dog or indeed really ever do it wrongly.

That said, in reference to what we have said before here, it is ALWAYS the best practice to get the advice of your vet before doing any kind of holistic therapy of your dog has an underlying condition.

Dogs don’t have to have any health condition to benefit in order to benefit as Reiki can be regularly given for general wellbeing and to also enhance the bond between owner and dog.

Training And Beyond In Reiki

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, Master Teacher Rob Fellows has developed a range of easily accessible training options including live one day courses and an easy home study course that both resulting in a full certificated qualification allowing you to professionally do hands-on Reiki therapy.

Being able to actually know all of the methods and science behind this treatment, will enable you to become proficient in the therapy and safe in the knowledge that you will be adding great benefits to your dog and increasing the trust and bond between you both.

Reiki is something that is gentle and totally natural and this, in turn, could easily become something that other people will ask you to do for their dogs.

It is also something that your dog, the one that loves you without question, will benefit from and it is available to you easily from the tips of your fingers!

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