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Natural Dog Food Benefits

Natural Dog Food Benefits

Natural Dog Food Benefits

If we as humans eat a more natural and healthier diet is can benefit us. The same can also be said for our dogs.

In the past, our dog’s forebears were omnivores who spent their time foraging and hunting for their food for themselves and the pack they supported.

This is why when we take our dogs out for walks today they are still foraging through sniff this past action that is hard-wired, imprinted into their DNA.

In the past, dogs hunted herbivorous prey which meant that, as well as the prey that they had killed, they would also eat what that prey had already consumed in their stomachs. Nothing went to waste.

Therefore a dog’s diet would have consisted of all of the nutritional variety that the meadow or forest where they had killed their prey, would of offered.

In fact, just around 100 years ago, a meadow would have boasted around 200 different species of the plants compared to a fraction of that today because of urbanization and plant life dying out.

Modern-day dog food manufacturers try to recreate that same mix of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the dog derived from his past pasture-fed prey.

Of course, in this day and age, our dogs’ digestive systems have evolved to recognize certain compounds like vitamin C in a Carrot for example.

Our dog’s digestive systems have developed in such a way as to break down that same carrot and just to metabolize just what they need to.

Natural Dog Food Benefits

Laboratory-made dog food can contain a lot of vitamins that our dog simply doesn’t need and they can be Vitamins A, B, and C too!

Most dog food contains a lot of these extra additives that bulk it out and generally, our dogs simply do not need that.

It is much better to go for a dog food that contains a much higher proportion of human-grade meat alongside a healthy mix of nutritional herbs, vegetables, and fruits and combined with high-quality carbohydrates.

Such foods are beneficial to our dogs as they are in essence, a premier kind of meal. It’s like us as humans always eating the value of supermarket food instead of fresh, wholesome, and nutritional.

It may well be cheaper in our pocket, but the long-term effects on our health are all too obvious.

A lot of cheaper dog food is full of sugar and that is why you sometimes see your dog eating a lot more of that or going a bit crazy for it as it can taste more appetizing…but we want our dogs to eat well, so going down the line of budget only can often be a false economy, especially if our dog then starts to develop any kind of condition associated with a poorer diet.

Natural Dog Food Benefits

What Should You Look For In A Dog Food?

There are many things to consider when looking into a brand of dog food. Sometimes, however, it is unfortunate that the real information that you need to know is not that easy to find.

The best way is to read the ingredients first in the bag.

Dog food manufacturers are obliged by law to name ALL of the ingredients on their products.

Try to avoid any food that says “Meat & Animal Derivatives” or “Extracts Of Vegetable Origin” and other equally disconcertingly vague terms.

Look for clear labeling with the names of things that you would happily see on your plate at home. I mean, you wouldn’t eat a “Meat & Animal Derivative Pie” would you?

So why would you want the dog you love to eat it?

When you are in your dog food suppliers’ store, don’t be afraid to ask staff questions about the food. A Good quality establishment will almost certainly have knowledgeable employees that can answer your questions and if not, shop elsewhere,

Try emailing or phoning companies too that make the food. they will almost always have an expert who can tell you what you need to know as well.

Don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions either. I know that may well sound a bit rich coming from me, but it’s important to find good quality food that is good for YOUR dog.

It might be fine for someone else’s dog, but you need to find what YOUR dog is good on and that can sometimes be a bit of trial and error.

What Happens When You Feed A More Natural Diet  To Your Dog?

There are many potential health benefits to feeding your dog a more natural diet.

One thing you may well notice is that your dog’s digestion can improve dramatically. Natural food diets have much less in the way of ingredients in them and most certainly a lot less in chemical bulking additives and your dog is much less likely to suffer from any kind of intolerance to it too.

With no bulking agents or fillers in the food, the food is much better digested by your dog and this results in less poop too!

There is far more goodness going into your dog and you will certainly see that particular benefit and your dog will too.

We have all had the scenario where our dog needs to keep pooping a lot and this is nearly always down to a poor diet with poor quality, cheap food.

natural dog food benefits

Benefits of Natural Dog Food

It’s important to remember that you really want your dog to be the very best they can be and food is a huge part of a dog’s life.

Generally, the better the food is then the better the dog’s life and health is going to be.

Again, none of this is rocket science.

Your vet can help you hugely in making the right food choices as they will know the best foods to recommend and then it’s up to you as you are going to be the one buying it.

Another huge benefit is your dog’s appearance and general energy levels. A better diet often results in a better-looking dog in terms of coat, eyes, and teeth along with making your dog feel a lot better in themselves and these only aids you when it comes to training your dog too.

It is much easier training a happy dog that feels well.

A natural diet can reverse an existing condition too like a flaky coat or indeed any underlying joint pain. If you want the best results with your dog you have to put the right fuel in.

A famous soccer coach over her in the UK once said about professional players who were drinking too much when they had time off “You can’t expect to win Formula One Races if you only put diesel in the engines”

If you want your dog to be the best they can be, then give them the best food that you can afford…in the long run, you will be glad you did.

All Natural Dog Food Brands

This is a great example of what we have been talking about…

  • First Ingredient Is High-Quality Protein
  • Grain-Free Recipe For Easier Digestibility
  • Supports A Shinier Coat, Less Shedding & Healthier Skin
  • No Poultry By-Products, No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat And No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives
  • Cooked In The USA.

A perfect kind of food that you will be glad you got your dog to eat.

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