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Natural Dog Flea Treatment

Natural Dog Flea Treatment-Some Handy Help

Natural Dog Flea Treatment

Natural dog flea treatment is what we really want to ensure that our pet dog doesn’t have to suffer this miserable affliction that will affect most dogs in their lifetimes.

It’s down to us as responsible owners to keep checking our dog’s coat and general health condition in order to rid them of this problem before it gets a hold.

Like it or not, dog fleas are an all-year-round problem these days, and with milder climate conditions and the advent of most dogs living inside centrally heated homes, this makes for a fabulous breeding ground for these pesky parasites.

They feed on our dog’s blood and carry all kinds of pathogens that can make our dogs unwell and also us (Typhus) and also bite the heck out of us too!

The good news for us is that we can adopt preventative strategies to stop it from happening in the first place and also there is
also a huge range of excellent products available to help if we need to get the problem gone quickly.

With that in mind, there are some great steps we can take to give fleas the boot and keep our dog feeling a heck of a lot better.

Natural Dog Flea Treatment

Thankfully, they are not this big in real life!

Don’t Let Fleas Get A Hold In The First Place.

Regularly check your dog. This means take a real interest in their coat, their behavior and if you start to see them scratching a lot.
If you see them scratching more than often it’s a sure sign that the fleas could be in town.

Also, fleas bit us as well. And you will know when you have been bitten so it makes sense to keep looking at this problem for the entire duration of your dog’s life with you.

Yes, it is that serious. Fleas can completely destroy your dog’s life unless you look after them and are always vigilant.

Keep an Eye on Your Pet

Watch your pet for commons signs and symptoms of a flea infestation such as excessive biting and scratching, particularly around the tail and lower back areas.

Check for raw patches of skin where your dog or cat may have been scratching at fleas for some time.

Another bit of evidence is “flea debris,” specks of dried blood that are black in color.

Regular brushing and grooming of your dog is an important part of owning a dog.
Taking your dog for a pamper every month is no real hardship and you can expect to pay around £10 in the UK if you want your dog professionally bathed.
This is a great way of keeping them clean and also making them feel soothed and relaxed.

My local Kennels offer this service and whenever I take Wilson down for a pamper, he comes back sparkling, really very chilled out (must be the pretty girls and the soothing warm water), and smelling like David Beckham!

Seriously, he smells really lovely!

This is something I do regularly and because of this I hardly ever get any kind of flea problem (been over 2 years now since I had any kind of issue)

Flea Baths

It’s helpful to bathe your pet frequently using a specially formulated soap or treatment.
It’s necessary to take into consideration the type of fur or coat your pet has when bathing.

This is particularly true for dogs as some breeds have essential oils that shouldn’t be washed away with soap and water more than once or twice a year.

If bathing in a flea bath isn’t an option for your pet, consult your vet for other alternatives.

Crack The Flea-Egg Problem

Believe it or not, a single flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day! Now just imagine how many fleas a dog could have in a short space of time!
All laying eggs, all hatching, and all drinking his blood as food and then mating and making more eggs….and so, it continues.

You have a real problem now. And your dog is going to get sick.
You need to be proactive and preventative in your approach to this problem.

You see, the flea eggs will fall off of your pet and hatch and that is when you then get the fleas all over your home and they are looking for blood….yours as well as his!

There are many flea treatments available to you to regularly administer and each one usually is a 28-day treatment.


Natural Dog Flea Treatment

Flea Collars and Powders

If you have caught the problem relatively early, it may be possible to eliminate fleas by simply using flea collars and powders.
There are several brands and types to choose from, and many contain a special comb with fine teeth that are designed to remove fleas from fur.

Take Your Fleas To The Cleaners

Fleas absolutely love warm dark spaces which is why they love our sofas, chairs, and beds so much. They are absolutely top draw breeding grounds for the little beggars.

You need to be vacuuming your home regularly, carpets and upholstery and also washing your dog’s bedding, coats, or any soft toys too at 60 degrees minimum to keep them clean and free of any infestation.

You can get great household flea sprays like and these really help to keep everything as flea-free as possible.

Keep An Eye On Your Pet Dogs Weight

Generally, in the colder months, dogs can be less active and this can be a time when they may gain weight. If this is the case then always make sure that if you do have to administer any kind of vet prescribed or shop-bought treatment then you are giving them the right dosage according to their body weight.

Monthly Medication

There are pills available for your pet to take on a monthly basis that will prevent fleas from reproducing, but they do not kill the ones that have already reached adulthood.
There are also multi-purpose medications and products available that are designed to prevent fleas from reproducing as well as controlling heartworm, hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms.

Things like

Are really excellent and highly recommended in prevention and cure.

Fleas will always exist, but with careful planning and proper treatment, they need not become a problem for you or your pet.

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