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How to Stop My French Bulldog From Attacking My Other Dog?

In addition to neutering, one of the most important things you can do for your dog is to change its behavior. You should avoid using aggressive “war style” play, which will make your dog more likely to become a bad influence.

Instead, you should use toys to play with your Frenchie, and make sure to give your dog the command to sit or go to a place whenever he/she starts acting aggressively.

Positive reinforcement

To make sure your Frenchie does not attack another dog, try to teach him a game. You can use a toy or a wood stick. A Frenchie will focus on the object in its mouth, so play in this manner. After a few minutes, he will begin to focus on you and the object. This will make him less aggressive.

Once he realizes that you are not interested in the toy, he will turn back to the toy or treat.

Remember that training a dog to stop its negative behaviors takes time. A positive reinforcement strategy is not effective if you use it only a few times.

It takes time to change a dog’s behavior and is likely to take a few days to see the results. In general, positive reinforcement should be used with known triggers, such as food or toys. However, if you are using a treat, be sure to use the highest value.


If you have a history of attacking your neighbor’s dog, you may want to consider neutering your Frenchie. Neutering your Frenchie will decrease the levels of hormones in your dog, making them more docile and easier to control.

It is recommended for Frenchies with aggressive tendencies. Another solution is to stop the incidents before they happen. For instance, show your Frenchie a treat or command it to stop.

It’s important to know that male and female French Bulldogs have different temperaments, so it’s not the gender that’s the problem. Many breeders say that female Frenchies are more aggressive than males, but this is not the case.

French Bulldogs are usually gentle and kind, and female Frenchies can be moodier and sassier than males. If your Frenchie is being aggressive towards your other dog, neutering her is the best solution.

Changing the dynamic of your relationship

It may sound complicated, but a few simple steps can change the dynamic of your relationship to stop your French Bulldog from attacking your other dog. It may seem like a big deal, but many dog fights are actually just noise, with little or no damage done.

The key is to understand the motivation behind these fights. Changing this dynamic will help minimize the occurrence of outright conflict and reclaim your relationship with your Frenchie.

Try separating your dogs by yelling or blasting an airhorn.

Alternatively, try separating them with wedge sticks or a blanket. If none of these work, try the wheelbarrow technique, which involves walking backward with the dog’s legs.

When this method doesn’t work, try eliminating the underlying stressors. Once you’ve eliminated these causes, you’ll be able to restore a cohesive pack.

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