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How To Stop Dog Licking

How To Stop Dog Licking

8 Great Tips on How To Stop Dog Licking

Like many things our dogs do, understanding the underlying reason they are doing it is essentially the key to our better understanding of them.

In order to try to stop dog licking from becoming something that causes us concern either at home or outside, we need to find the “Why”

Many people simply ignore it, some people don’t mind it and some owners find it either annoying or disgusting.

Well, in my opinion, I only find it annoying if I catch my dog licking something I don’t want him to and a gentle pull on the leash when we are out for a walk is my way of dealing with that.

Let’s look at the bigger picture.

An underlying health condition.

Always make sure that your dog is healthy and the licking is not the result of them having a deeper reason for the licking.

A trip to the vets may well be needed if they seem to have other health-related issues along with the licking. If in doubt, always check that out.

Gaining Information About Their World.

Dogs are curious creatures and they use their senses to understand their world, licking is fine for them to do as long as you know what they are licking is relatively safe.

Showing Affection to Us.

Dogs DO love us. They lick us like they would a puppy and it’s a bond and connection thing. Also, humans are quite salty and dogs love the taste!

If it’s too much though, then that can be an issue.

Without further ado, here are 8 great ways How To Stop Dog Licking that you can use….plus 6 more for luck!

1. Use a product like Bitter Apple to discourage licking.

2. Give your dog a bone or chew toy, which will take the place of licking things.

3. Apply bitter apple spray on furniture and other objects that are being licked.

4. Introduce your dog to new surfaces such as concrete or tile floors so they can stop licking carpeting.

5. Change up their diet by adding more vegetables and fruits to their food bowl; this will make them less likely to lick household items because they’ll be too busy eating!

6. Offer an alternative for when they’re feeling anxious, bored, or even just plain hungry – try giving them some peanut butter in a Kong toy or hide it around the house for them to find!

7) When all else fails, give your pup a good belly rub instead of letting him lick you!

8) If these tips don’t work after two weeks then consult with your veterinarian about possible medical causes of excessive licking behavior before consulting other options (i.e., medication).

Also, think about the following in terms of what you can do if they persist in licking YOU!

You can negate a lot of these behaviors if you are proactive

1. Create a routine for your dog.

Dogs are routine-based animals so make sure you tune into that fact a deliver a program of consistency.

2. Make sure to play with your dog on a regular basis.

Never overlook the fact that dogs love to play. Make sure you take the time to interact and have fun with your dog.

Don’t overlook that your dog needs stimulating in a positive way.

3. Give them plenty of exercise.

Structure exercise to suit your dog’s needs. Some dogs need more than others so do your research on the breed and meet the demand.

4. Teach them not to lick you.

Simple “OFF” commands work best and repetition will harvest results. Stick at it!

5. Keep their paws trimmed and nails filed down so they don’t scratch you when they’re licking you.

Yes, keep them trimmed, clean, and tidy as rough nails hurt, scratch, and can cause infection to you.

6. Use bitter apple spray or citrus oil on the areas that are being licked most often (i.e., legs, tummy) until it becomes an unpleasant experience for them to lick there again!

If your dog persists in licking you on your arms or legs, make it unpleasant for them by putting some of the bitter apple sprays on yourself…they will soon get the message!

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