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How to Stop a Dog from Begging for Food

How to Stop a Dog from Begging for Food

We all have experienced this and it can be quite a worry so let’s try to find a way How to Stop a Dog from Begging for Food!

There are several different approaches to stop your dog from begging for food.

Don’t Give In To Temptation

The first step in stopping your dog from beggaring for food is to stop giving in to the temptation. If you give in too often, your dog is likely to become even more aggressive. This is why long-term training is crucial. It will take time and patience but will pay off once you have a pooch who doesn’t ask for food.

The best way to correct this behavior is by being consistent and patient.

One effective method is to show your dog that you’re not a hungry person, so you must ignore him and avoid his begging behaviors.

Ignoring Your Dog

One of the most popular approaches is to ignore your dog. If your dog is constantly begging, it may think that you aren’t paying attention to it.

It is often quoted that the best way to stop a dog from begging is to ignore it. This approach is more effective than punishing it. You will have to try to ignore it at first to see if that gets the results.

Remember the golden rule though, never punish your dog. This is something that is natural for them to do and besides, they love you, and hopefully, you will give in and give them some of that chicken from your plate!


Observe your dog while you are eating. If your dog tries to pester you, ignore it for at least a few minutes. When your dog stops begging for food, you can feed him.

This way, your dog will associate begging with food and will be less likely to try to sneak food. This tactic may need to be repeated several times. But it will help your dog stop begging for food.

Aside from ignoring your dog, you should also try to use the most effective strategy to stop your dog from beg. It is a very simple method that will work wonders for your pet. By avoiding the begging behavior, you’ll reduce the chances of your dog begging for food and ensure that you can enjoy dinner peacefully.

Instead of punishing your dog, try to ignore your dog instead. It is more effective than ignoring your pet for a long time, and it will take you a short time to notice a significant difference.

It’s important to stay consistent and keep a positive approach to training your pet. Eventually, you will be able to prevent your dog from begging for food when you have no time to feed it.

It only takes a few minutes and will teach your dog to associate begging with being fed.

It may be necessary to repeat the training multiple times, but it will make a difference in the end. So, you can stop a dog from beg for food by ignoring him at mealtime.


As a last resort, you should offer your dog a toy.

Having a toy is a good way to divert your dog’s energy and keep it busy. A toy will distract your dog from eating, which will help it stop begging altogether. In addition to this, the physical stimulation provided by toys will also satisfy your dog’s gnawing urges.

Nevertheless, it will learn that begging for food will result in treats. Distracting your pet from dinnertime can be an effective way to stop your pup from beggaring for food.

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Once you have identified the problem, you need to redirect your dog’s attention. Use a toy or rug under your sink to make sure he stays put and out of reach of the table.

This way, the dog will learn to differentiate between good and bad food. Using special toys and toothbrushes can also distract a begging dog.

If you are having difficulty training your dog to stay in a certain place, try using a baby gate or dog gate style approach or tie-out to block your pet from coming over.

You should stick with these approaches for a few days to see if it works. You should never give up if you haven’t seen results in your dog.

Feed Them First

The most common method to stop a dog from begging is to feed it first. By feeding your dog before dinner, it will have less interest in table scraps. Moreover, it will teach your dog to associate begging with getting food by itself.

If your dog is accustomed to eating, this method will prevent it from begging.

A Different Corner Or Room!

If your dog is begging for food, you should try to teach it to go to a different area. For instance, you can use a rug under the sink or your dog’s crate.

When your pet tries to beg, teach him to go to this designated spot and leave the room for a few minutes. If your dog still begs for food after this, repeat the exercise again.

If you can eat in another room where your dog can still see you but not get to, that would be a fine solution.

Everyone has To Do The Same

You should also make sure that your children (if you have any) don’t feed your pet from the table.

When you bring your new dog home, you need to create good habits.

Try to enforce a rule that your dog cannot eat from the sofa, table, or table. This rule needs to be shared with your entire family to be effective. If the whole household agrees, the behavior will eventually end.

Another effective method is to train your children not to feed the dog. If your child is feeding the dog, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them not to give the dog food.

Keep these tips in mind to help you prevent your dog from begging for food.

This way, he will learn that his behavior is not acceptable. Then, your dog will stop begging and start learning to wait for his meal.

A new mealtime routine will help your dog stay focused and stay in the same place.



The Best Approach is to be proactive

Rather than waiting for this inevitable occurance of a dog wanting extra food, try to expect it and be proactive in your approach.

Come up with a plan and stick to it from the start.

It’s all part of dog training anyway and is good for your dog to get on board with it sooner rather than later.

If you have the space in your home to et away from your dog, but they can still see you then this can be a great approach.

If not, feed them first and then sit down for your meal.

Remember, generally human food is for us and dog food is for them!

By ignoring him, you can ensure that he won’t feel lonely and will eventually stop begging for food. A quick game of fetch or a tug of war is also an effective way to stop your dog from pestering you for food.

It is important to remember that ignoring your dog completely will take some time, but with patience and consistency, your dog will learn to ignore you and not to beg for food.

As mentioned above, training your dog is important. If you can’t give him food on his own, try a different method. Rather than letting your pet constantly beg for food, place food in a dish for him.

Try to find a way that suits YOU the best and then you won’t keep having those noses on your lap or those puppy dog eyes staring at you every time you take a bite.

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