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How To Calm Down Your Dog

How To Calm Down Your Dog

Tips and tricks on how to calm down your dog

Dogs can be very anxious, filled with energy and that’s when challenges and problems can arise. This is why it’s a very good idea to learn how to calm down your dog, and we are here to help.

We created a list with some tips and tricks you can use to remove your pet’s anxiety naturally and with great results.

Here are our ideas you may want to take into consideration.

Exercise your pet

How To Calm Down Your Dog

One of the best ways you can learn how to calm down your dog is to be there with him all the time. Exercising can be used as a great bonding time. On top of that, it also tires out your pet too.

This will make him rest and go to sleep. In the end, you get to calm him down, while also connecting and keeping him happy. It’s the best of both worlds.

Use a calm touch

How To Calm Down Your Dog

Another way to learn how to calm down your dog is to touch him calmly, showing everything is ok. If you just reach out to grab your dog, he will back off. What you want to do is to look downward and try to touch the floor.

This encourages your pet to come closer to you. Remember that dogs are naturally inquisitive, so grabbing them will usually be the wrong approach.

Go on a walk

How To Calm Down Your Dog


Walking your pet is relaxing for both of you. The idea here is to go on a calm walk, avoid rushing your pet. Try to make him walk at your own speed.

As soon as you do that, things will be better and your dog will be happier. Go on regular walks, ideally once or twice a day. It’s great for your dog, it provides ways to exercise, while still calming down.

Try aromatherapy

How To Calm Down Your Dog

Aromatherapy works for humans, but it does a very good job for pets too. It will help soothe your pet, however, you want to go for the pet-approved essential oils. Those oils are diluted adequately and they have the right oil balance. Otherwise, you will end up with potential side effects.

Play some music

How To Calm Down Your Dog

Not a lot of people know this, but playing music can be very soothing for pets. It allows them to calm down and unwind, not to mention it reduces a lot of stress.

Try out all kinds of music and then see how your pet reacts to everything. If you’re unsure how to calm down your dog, music might very well be the answer.

On a personal note, my Greyhound Wilson loves Classical Music! Whenever I play it on the radio he relaxes near the sound source and falls asleep. The dulcet tones and strings seem to instantly make him calmer!

Compression wraps

If your dog is dealing with lots of anxiety, a really good idea is to try out compression wraps. These will help quite a bit since a little pressure can help your pet feel better. Whenever you see your dog very agitated, it makes sense to give these a shot.

They can be in wrap form or indeed a full-blown coat that actually is sort of a weighted jacket, but it really does benefit your dog as it makes them feel more secure.

They are incredibly well-reviewed and thought of by many owners and trainers alike.


Some say that even CBD oil might calm down your pet, but talk with the vet first before you use any of these novel approaches, just to be safe.

Massaging your dog

How To Calm Down Your Dog

One of the great ways you can learn how to calm down your dog is to start massaging him slowly. A massage will help your pet unwind, even if it lasts for 5-10 minutes.

At the end of the day, your pet needs a massage as much as you do. Plus, you will see a few behavioral changes after a quick massage session.

Check this great article out that we wrote about Emmett Therapy for Dogs


There’s no denying that every pet has its own anxiety and stress to deal with every day. It’s your duty as his owner to try and keep him healthy and happy.

These tips and tricks listed above are great if you want to learn how to calm down your dog quickly.

Start applying them today, and you will certainly see a huge difference in the long run!

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