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How To Be A Good Dog Owner

How To Be A Good Dog Owner

Today we are looking at How To Be A Good Dog Owner and we will learn so absolute essentials that you need to practice with your dog.

Dog Training is a course that teaches you how to train your dog. Shouldn’t it be Owner Training instead…?

Since I was a child, my family has always had dogs around, and even when our family was “between dogs,” I adopted the Boxer dog from next door and raised him as my own.

The fact that our family was clueless about how to properly train a dog didn’t stop us from thinking things were OK as long as it didn’t poop on the floor, chew up our slippers, or come when we called its name five times in a row.

I was like many other dog owners in that I had no idea what I was doing when it came to teaching my dog.

We think we do because the dog sits or offers us a paw when we have a treat in our hands, but those are just gimmicks to get us to come to the party.

After that, when I was able to afford a home of my own, I purchased my first dog. Eventually, she went from being a cute puppy to becoming a liability.

She drifted off, never returned when summoned, and transformed into the Tasmanian Devil anytime anyone came up to talk to her.

That was the final straw when she stormed into the room and scrambled up to sit on the shoulders of a visitor who had come to interview me for a voluntary role.

My father was not a fan of dogs, and I can vividly remember the expression on his face…

Unfortunately, I had always thought of dogs as cuddly buddies, constantly giving in to their sad-looking eyes and never comprehending that they regarded me in a completely different light.

Do you have a dog?

Dogs are pack animals, and as such, they are intensely aware of their status in the pack. You and your family constitute the dog’s pack, even if it is just the two of you at the time.

If you can grasp that one truth of canine psychology, you will be well on your way to having a happier dog. Your dog will understand from now on that you are the Alpha male or pack leader, and that everything you say is binding on the rest of the group. See that piece of furniture?

That’s mine, by the way. You either lie down on the floor or in your dog basket for the night. Dogs should not be given treats from the dinner table; in fact, the dog should be kept in his basket while you eat and should only be served after everyone else has finished their meals.

But isn’t it just being cruel and depriving them of the enjoyment that comes with owning a dog?

The leader of the dog pack is the one who gets to eat first. He gets to sleep in the most comfortable position. If subordinate dogs are fussing around him when the Alpha male returns after a hunt, he will not pay attention to them.

As a leader, you are talking with your dog in a language he understands because you are constant in your actions.

As soon as you get home, ignore your dog’s frantic attempts to get your attention until he calms down, at which point you should praise him.

In no time, your dog will realize that he has fallen a few pegs in the pack hierarchy and will act in accordance with his newfound knowledge.

You’ll soon discover that your dog greets you gently and promptly settles down since he’s learned that when he receives praise from you, he’ll do so because he’s earned it.

Are you still not persuaded that training your dog will make him a more contented dog?

How To Be A Good Dog Owner

Consider the situation from the dog’s perspective.

He isn’t a human being living in a human world that is full of perplexing things and behavior that he cannot comprehend.

If you do not teach your dog his or her place in your pack, he or she will believe it is his or her responsibility to take command.

He becomes stressed as a result, and becomes unruly and confused, constantly attempting to make sense of a confusing and overwhelming reality that he cannot comprehend or comprehend.

However, when you assume charge as the leader of the pack, you relieve him of the burden of that task.

His happiness will be similar to that of a well-trained soldier, who is content with knowing his place, his function in the pack, and what is required of him.

He will be content to defer to your leadership, confident that you will take care of the “important stuff.”

With this in mind, let’s look a bit more in-depth

Some Tips That You Need To Follow

In order for you to be a good dog owner, you need to know exactly what you are doing and why. This way the psychology of the training will make more sense to you and won’t feel like you are being unkind to your dog.

8 Training Tips That Your Dog NEEDS

Do not let the dog take the lead during the walk.

If you let your dog walk ahead of you, you are sending a very clear message to them. In this relationship, he is the boss, and you are his servant.

You are letting the dog select where to walk, what to sniff, who to greet and at what pace to stroll.

Dogs are wandering creatures who delight in nothing more than traveling around the world with their owners.

Nothing strengthens a relationship like spending time together exploring– but in order to assert your dominance, you must take the lead.

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You Walk The Dog….NOT The Dog Walks YOU!

This means that he should not be permitted to pull, lunge, bark at passing dogs, exit first, or otherwise exert control over the walk in any manner.

A short leash with a slack should be used when walking through common areas of buildings and through the concrete jungle. Maintain a heel position with the dog to the side of your body.. The dog should be compelled to follow you if you are moving at a fast enough rate.

While walking, give your dog plenty of opportunities to sniff everything. Its nose is a vital tool for learning about the world. While your dog is on a walk, allow it to use the bathroom, but don’t let it do it for no reason.

Your dog should focus on following you. However, you should use your own judgment to determine when your dog needs to relieve itself. It’s best to allow the dog to relieve itself when it’s ready.

Excessive Sniffing and marking should be avoided on a regular basis. It is recommended that retractable leashes be used only when hiking or in open locations where the dog is encouraged to be free to exercise.

It is a piece of particularly risky equipment in a metropolitan environment, as the dog can be hurt in fast-moving elevators, chase after a bicycle or jogger, or get into trouble with other dogs who pass by the dog walker’s location.

So, make your dog walk beside you, or even behind you! Remember to correct your dog if he shows signs of aggression or other behavioral issues.

Good Leash Walking Practice

Do Not Allow the Dog to Damage Your Furniture

If you have a dog who is constantly sitting on your furniture, you may be wondering how you can prevent your pet from ruining your beautiful pieces of furniture.

Firstly, remember that your dog may not realize that he’s damaging your furniture, but instead is testing your boundaries and learning.

There are several ways to prevent your dog from damaging your furniture, but the most effective way is to keep your dog from harming your valuable items.

If you allow your dog to sleep on your bed or on the couch with you, he is treated as an equal. When it comes to establishing hierarchy, it is prudent to assume that all four paws will be on the ground at all times.

How To Be A Good Dog Owner

Assure that the dog has his own place, whether it’s a crate, a bed, or a pen.

Teach him to be self-sufficient and to appreciate his own space. Tethering can be used to retrain your dog if he already believes that the bed or the couch is his exclusive territory.

Make use of a short cotton rope or a cotton leash that has been trimmed to a shorter length to tie around the dog’s collar to keep the dog from wandering into undesirable areas.

As you guide the dog off the couch or bed, order “OFF” loudly and enthusiastically, and praise him when his feet land on the floor.

Bring him to his bed or box and tell him to “SIT” and “STAY.” When he stays, give him some praise.

Until you can establish control over the dog using your voice, the tether serves the purpose of allowing you to maintain control over the dog.

Because a tether is lighter than a leash, the dog has the impression that he is free.

You should soak the tether with Listerine or Bitter Apple spray if the dog chews on it, then gradually shorten it as you establish more control over the dog.

It is permissible for the dog to snuggle on the bed only if the rules are followed, there is no evidence of dominance, and the dog has acquired emotional maturity.

After all, it is the most enjoyable aspect of dog ownership. It should be a privilege reserved for well-trained dogs who understand the hierarchical order of the household to spend time with their owners on the bed or on the couch.

Stop Your Dog Jumping Up On People

Most dogs are motivated to jump on people to greet them. While this behavior can be cute and endear your dog to you, it is also highly objectionable to other people.

Not only can it injure visitors, but it can also make your dog fearful of people.

Here are some tips to help you avoid this common behavior.

Listed below are some tips to help you prevent your dog from jumping on you. But first, you should know why your dog does it.

It gets a response and is a sign of dominating behavior.

Dogs should not be allowed to jump on people. Dogs should never leap on people, no matter how big they are.

If your dog jumps on strangers who are afraid of dogs, it is the last thing you want to happen. You are also safeguarding your dog by taking steps to prevent this behavior.

What To Do:

Immediately push him off, yelling “OFF,” and give him a round of applause as soon as his feet touch the floor. By petting a dog that has leaped on you, you are unintentionally promoting undesirable behavior.

Only reward your dog with praise when they do something that you want!

Don’t Allow Your Dog To Be Mouthy!

This can be something that occurs a lot with puppies when they are getting their teeth but it is just as relevant with older dogs too.

Allowing a dog to be mouthy is strictly prohibited. Keep your hands away from a dog’s mouth, and if he starts to bite you, cease playing with him immediately.

Never enable a dog to become aware of the strength of his mouth by engaging in activities such as tug of war.
If your dog accidentally bites you during play, it’s important for them to know that it’s not good.

A simple “Ouch” won’t cut it. You need to really make them know that you are upset, so make some noise! Immediately stop the play and move away from your dog.

This signals to your dog that this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated.
Keep doing this each and every time this happens until your dog realizes that this kind of play is not wanted.

If you have a dog, you must be aware of the dangers of dog mounting. A young dog will mount stuffed animals, especially if it is not neutered.

I recently heard a story about a dog owner who complained that her young dog mounted a stuffed animal.

She received a lot of attention because of her behavior. Here are some tips to help you avoid mounting an innocent dog. Keep reading!

Stop It Immediately

Never allow a dog to mount you. it is absolutely necessary for you to make your dog aware that this is seriously unwanted behavior.

If a dog attempts to mount you, yell “NO!” and push him away from you.

Early spaying or neutering of your dog can help to prevent these unwanted behaviors that can land him in problems in canine social situations later on in life.

Don’t Give In To Demand Barking

If your dog is demanding attention from you, there are some things you can do to disarm it. First, ignore the barking. If you give attention to a dog when it’s barking, it will learn to associate your presence with the attention it’s demanding.

Give your dog attention for being quiet instead.

You can reward your dog by giving it a toy, a treat, or attention.

Do not give in to your dog’s need to bark. A dog should not be in the position of dictating your actions. If he is barking at you for treats, food, attention, or to throw a ball, give him a stern “NO” command and walk away from the situation.

By complying with his requests, you are essentially obeying the commands of a dog.

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Your Dog’s Food Is Given By YOU

You are the owner of the food your dog consumes.

The food belongs to the pack leader, not to the dog. There should be two feedings a day, and there should be no free feeding of the animals.

Establishing the hierarchy between you and the dog begins with the act of feeding. This is a necessary step in the process of training the dog.

Placing him in the same feeding location while you prepare his supper will help him to feel more comfortable and relaxed (or in the crate).

In order to do the “feed me” hustle, he shouldn’t be following you around. He must maintain complete stillness in the feeding area, or the food will not be delivered.

Bring the bowl over to him and tell him to sit down. “Leave it,” I said as I placed the bowl on the floor.

He is not permitted to sniff or touch the food until you have given him permission to do so.

Prior to releasing you, he should be gazing at you, not at the food bowl.

Footnote: NEVER take your dog’s food away from them as they are eating. It is unnecessary and simply not a good thing to do as it can upset and confuse your dog and it makes them trust you less and damage your bond.

You Exit The Home First

Never let your dog out the door unattended. The pack leader is always the first to leave.

If the dog is permitted to rush through doors or elevators, this is a serious problem.

Sit/stay at entrances on a regular basis to get into the habit. Then, open the door in front of your dog, telling him to sit until you give him permission to proceed through.

Teaching your dog that an open door is not an invitation to run out,  does not imply an encouragement to rush out is an important guideline that will keep him safe and prevent him from being hurt.

Don’t Allow Your Dog to Act as a Thief!

A dog should be able to distinguish between what is his and what is the property of his pack leader. Never feed your dog from the table; instead, keep him at a safe distance and praise him when he shows little interest in your food while you eat.

Provide the dog with appropriate toys that he can play with on his own.

You should take the item from his mouth if he is discovered in the act of transporting your belongings, such as socks or shoes.

Replace it with his toys to demonstrate to him that he is permitted to play with items that are specifically designated for him.

This also protects dogs from swallowing foods that they shouldn’t be eating, which is ultimately for their own safety as well as the protection of others.

How To Be A Good Dog Owner

A Dog Should Not Have Free Reign Of Your Home At First!

A dog should not be allowed to have free reign of the house until he has been completely potty trained and has learned to respect his environment.
Well-trained dogs have the privilege of roaming freely throughout the house.

If he is being disruptive, claiming furniture, or soiling the house, basic obedience and crate training are highly suggested for his safety and comfort.

Crate Training can be found on this blog.

Keep your exit and return routes as monotonous as possible.

It’s a fantastic feeling to arrive home to a dog who is overjoyed to see you. However, if your dog is nervous about being left alone at home or if he is young, keep your exit and entry routine.

Footnote: I am not a huge fan of leaving dogs on their own. I don’t do it, instead, I use doggy daycare and or an overnight at the kennels. It’s extremely cost-effective, good for your dog and their socialization, and also, a heck of a lot cheaper than your dog getting stressed, injuring themselves, or worse and also damaging your home.

Do not spoil your dog or give him additional attention when you get home while he is jumping around with delight in your arms.

The release of pent-up anxiety is an important part of the hustle.

Approximately one hour before departure, begin to ignore him. Prepare him to be calm and comfortable when you’re at work by talking to him about it.

Only meet him when he has relaxed and is no longer demanding your attention when you return home.

Good Puppy Training Tips

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