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How to Adopt a Greyhound

How to Adopt a Greyhound

The aim of these smaller and straight-to-the-point articles is to inform and not scare. As with all of them, I urge you to do your due diligence and go to the experts at the rehoming kennels to get the absolute best advice for the dogs that they have.

Adopting a Greyhound is an excellent way to add a new member to your family. The breed has a long history as a racing and coursing game dog and is now a popular family pet.

Many individuals who were previously indifferent to the Greyhound are now rethinking their position and are considering adopting one of the retired racing dogs.

There are thousands worldwide that are discarded every year by the racing industry and as someone who has rescued and rehomed 4 over the last 23 years, I can say that they are absolutely superb dogs to rehome.

They are all different and have their own challenges, but they are my favorite breed of dog!

Learn how to adopt a Greyhound today.

Step 1- Research

There are many benefits to adopting a Greyhound.

Before adopting a Greyhound, find an adoption group or agency. Go to the group’s website to search for available dogs.

This varies from country to country but two very good Greyhound rescue websites in the USA and in the UK are:

UK  Greyhound Trust

USA Bluethegrey

These are just two of the great organizations where you can go to get lots of info on rehoming, the process, and the most important thing, the Greyhounds themselves!

Really decide if one of these dogs is for you as with all dog adoption and rehoming, you have to commit 100% to take a dog into your life and home.

Next, contact the adoption agency or rescue group to apply for a greyhound. The adoption representative will provide you with basic information and instructions.

Applications generally ask questions about what you will provide for the dog’s lifestyle, home environment, and exercise plan.

Usually, a home visit is required by a representative of the rescue or rehoming branch and this is normal as they want to see what kind of home you live in and if it is a good fit for your new dog.

Once approved, you’ll need to fill out an application with information about your home environment, exercise plans, and sleeping arrangements.

Step 2- The Home Visit

After passing your home visit you will be invited to the center to look at the dogs available.

Many times the center will have dogs that they think will be suited to you already and this is where the home visit is important. It gives them a chance to see who they think may be a good match for your circumstances.

Once approved, you’ll be asked to pay an adoption fee. In the UK it is usually £100 to £200 and similar in the US $150 to $300.

This will help cover the cost of the dog’s vaccinations, microchips, and spaying or neutering.

This will give you time to really decide if getting a Greyhound is for you.

Step 3- Getting Your Dog

Once you’ve found a greyhound you like, the adoption process will begin. Upon meeting the Greyhound, complete the necessary paperwork and take your new dog home.

It’s important to remember that all Greyhounds must be spayed or neutered before adoption.

This is nearly always already done for you because good rehoming organizations check all the dogs over for health before they allow them to be rehomed.

Take them for a walk and then get to know them a bit before deciding if you want to take the next step!

If you really going for it then make sure your vehicle that will be transporting your new hound home is suitable and comfortable.

They really are the sweetest dogs!

How to Adopt a Greyhound

Step 4- Taking Your New Greyhound Home

While the application process may seem time-consuming, the adoption process can be very rewarding for Greyhound.

Once you’ve chosen the dog you’re interested in, you must prepare your home for a new member of your family. You’ll need to make sure that the pet is happy in its new home.

Make them happy by giving them plenty of time to settle in, warm blankets, good food, and plenty of love.

This is a big step for a Greyhound and many of them have never stepped paw into a real home.

You’ll have to be patient until the new pet develops good habits.

Your adoptive greyhound will thank you for your kindness and care.

Most Greyhound still have their racing name but the organization usually renames them for you and I have always continued with the name given, but you can change it.

A dog soon gets to understand their new name.

Greyhounds are great with people, especially children.

Greyhounds can be not so good with very small dogs, cats, and other furry little animals so please be aware of that.

All of this will be explained to you by the rehoming or rescue agency you choose.

It’s important not to overthink taking on a Greyhound too much. There are plenty of articles on here about welcoming any dog into a new home and a Greyhound is just the same.

Simple steps like below will ensure you are always being the best owner you can be for your dog.

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