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Herbal Health Supplements for Your Dog

Herbal Health Supplements for Your Dog

Three Top Picks For Happy Healthy Dogs

Part and parcel of having a dog in our lives are enjoying all the great activities like walking and running with your dog on a daily basis.

Add into that the general playtimes that you can enjoy at home or in your yard or garden and these can add up to some pretty incredible ways to bond and grow your relationship with your dog.

Obviously, to keep your dog in tip-top shape, their diet has to be good too.
Much like humans, we need to make sure that the food that is going into our dogs is good to expect good results.

There is no point waiting until your dog is unwell from lack of nutrition before you act, you have to make sure that you are keeping an eye on their wellbeing all the time.

They can’t tell you if they are ill, remember!

Dog care is an absolute cornerstone, a pillar of your responsibility when you take a dog into your life and their health is 100% dependent on what you give them to eat.

We have all seen the overweight dogs on TV and also in our local area and it simply is not right.

In addition to giving your dog good food and the right daily amount, it is also important to look at additional ways we can help them by introducing herbal medicines and supplements to improve their lives and again, in much the same way we as humans take things like vitamins and cod liver oil capsules, correctly researched and medically approved supplements will also improve and enrich our dogs lives too.

Herbal Health Supplements for Your Dog

What Can I Give My Dog Every Day To Keep Them Healthy?

This is probably one of the most common questions that most dog owners have asked themselves, their vets and most likely the people that work at the local pet store.
The answers will vary of course and this can be where confusion and mishaps can occur.

What we need here is clarity and a bit of delving deeper into manufactured dog food.

Many owners will think that their dog gets all they need in terms of the right nutrients and supplements already in the daily food they eat.
This can be the case sometimes, but more often than not, our dogs do not get what they need.
Many processed foods are subjected to heat treatments that can destroy many of the vital nutrients in the food.

In my article about dog food, you will remember…….

High-quality nutritional supplements are therefore essential as a part of your dog’s diet to counterbalance the missing goodness that has been “cooked” out.

By adding herbal medicines and supplements that are naturally produced to your dog’s diet, you will not only improve their diet but also support and improve their general health and immune system whether your dog is eating raw food, complete food or cooked food.

Herbal Health Supplements for Your Dog

Fleas, Coughs And Immune Health

Coughs, colds, and sniffles are very common for us in the winter months. We may well complain about the common cold or the flu and that is mainly from the fact that during this time we have a weakened immune system.

It’s very important to remember that the exact same conditions can happen to our dogs!

It’s well worth remembering that when we exercise our dogs during colder months that we are exposing them very quickly between a hopefully warm home to the cold outside and unless we make sure our dog’s health is cared for by making sure that shorter-haired dogs have coats on for instance, then these are the times that rapid temperature changes can cause our dogs to get colds too.

So supporting our dog’s immune system all year round is a very good step for us as owners to take for our own health and this can head off any opportunities for bugs to get a grip of our canine chums too.

Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets

A licensed herbal medicine to relieve skin conditions and arthritis and to treat minor infections in cats and dogs.

This ultimate herbal combination works synergistically to achieve optimum results in treating minor infections, such as inter-digital cysts, eczema, pyoderma, cystitis, and coughs, as well as being particularly effective in the treatment of arthritis and skin complaints, especially when given in conjunction with our Mixed Vegetable tablets.

Garlic is renowned for its antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-viral properties and contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine actions.

When given on a regular basis Garlic & Fenugreek Tablets increase resistance to infections by stimulating the immune system.

Many herbal-based supplements contain Garlic and this can have an excellent effect on our dogs as it is usually mixed to the exactly correct proportions to help health as opposed to the popular concern that garlic on its own is very dangerous to our dog’s diets.

Supplements that contain natural anti-inflammatory compounds, antihistamines as well as antibiotic and antiseptic compounds are exactly the right kinds of supplements to provide relief for minor infections, skin conditions, and coughs.

On top of these kinds of benefits, the trace garlic in the compounds can actually create a negative environment that pests like fleas and ticks absolutely hate!

So that is a real bonus too….we don’t like fleas!

Silky Coat And Healthy Skin

As we know, the skin is the largest organ in our body and yet again this is exactly the same with our dogs.
It’s a really great indicator of health be it good or poor.

As well as a consistent and effective grooming routine and healthy diet, adding healthy supplements to our dog’s diet can prove extremely beneficial.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are fats that must be supplied in your dog’s diet because the body cannot produce them naturally.

These are more commonly known as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Many dogs are deficient in Omega 3 but rich in Omega 6. Omega 6 is essential but too much can have a detrimental effect on our dogs and too little Omega 3 can manifest itself with scurfy skin, dry coat, and even brittle nails and can have your dog acting quite lethargic in their behavior.

Omega Star

This carefully created blend of nutritious plant oils effectively moisturizes, calms and nourishes the skin moisture barrier, whilst restoring coat shine and supporting quality coat growth too.

Keepers Mix

The All-Rounder: Coat, Joints, Heart, Skin, and Digestion

This is a unique blend of 8 herbs that were originally formulated by a gamekeeper and kennel man based in Dorset in the UK.

It is absolutely essential for dogs that are being fed a raw diet as well as being extremely important for dogs on other kinds of diets (dry, wet, balanced, etc).

This natural supplement contains natural antioxidants, naturally occurring minerals, and vitamins to keep your dog in tip-top condition by giving its existing diet a much-needed boost.

Each herb in the supplement contains ingredients that actually target different major organs within the dog’s body and the result being a much-improved look for your dog’s coat, skin, and general wellbeing.

Along with the benefits that you will see with your dog by giving them this great addition to their diets, the company behind Keepers Mix donates 10% of the profits from this product to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through The Dorwest Foundation that was launched in 2018.

So by purchasing this great supplement, you are also helping other dogs that are in need of care, health, and quality of life improvements too!

One of the best things about the Dorwest brand is that it has been around for a long time.
70 years to be exact and they have been applying their knowledge of herbal medicines to dog’s health and nutritional needs during that time.

For young dogs and older dogs, from glossy show dogs and loveable crossbreeds, from active outdoors dogs to contented couch potatoes like my boy Wilson (pictured here)!

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These three great products are highly recommended to keep your dog happy and healthy for its entire time with you.

Add into a dog’s life the love you give it, the wholesome food, the daily exercise and care and attention that they so richly need and deserve, and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your very best for them.

Another interesting article we have on supplements can be found here and it discusses the need for them at all stages of your dog’s life.

Happy reading!

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