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Good Puppy Training Tips

Good Puppy Training Tips

Training a growing puppy is similar to raising a child in that there are numerous approaches to take. In reality, one method per family is the rule in most cases!
However, when it comes to children, the majority of us think that certain aspects are universal and unassailable.
Nonetheless, there are three things that a lot of people simply do not consider when it comes to rearing their pets.
“My dog ignores me,” or “I can’t get my dog to understand me,” how many times have we heard these phrases?

1. Dogs do not understand English until they are taught to do so by their owners.

The thing that we all adore about puppies is the way they live for us, the way they devote all of their energy to us, and the way our lives are transformed into theirs.
They begin by observing our body language, facial expressions, and words in order to discover more about who we are. For the time being, it is all they have until we teach them the English language.
In the same way that we may say, “Wanna go out?” one day then “Have to go potty?” the next. If they do figure out what we want on the third day, it is because we have picked up the leash and moved toward the door with a smile on our face the previous day.
In order to triple the speed of his training, you should teach him your native language.
Choose a command for each behavior and stick to it as much as possible. Tell everyone in your family to use the same terms and orders, and your puppy will wow you with how much faster he picks up on new commands and words.

2. The metabolism of a young puppy accelerates much more quickly than we realize.

It is true that the younger your puppy is, the more quickly he is developing, the more food and water he needs to fuel his metabolism, and the more frequently he must relieve himself.
When your puppy makes a mistake during the house-breaking process, do not penalize him.
Ultimately, It is YOUR responsibility that this has happened. As a rule of thumb very frequent (every 90 minutes to 2 hours) offers to a puppy to go to the toilet(outside) can really help them get into a positive routine early on.
BUT..YOU have to stick with it and be consistent.
The amount of time your puppy needs to be outside is determined by his age in weeks and the size of his breed. Once an hour is not excessively frequent for a huge 6-week-old dog, especially if it is the middle of summer.
Dogs enjoy the new and fascinating smells that they encounter outside, so there is no reason not to housebreak him by the age of 7-8 weeks.
The key times are immediately following a nap, immediately following a meal, and immediately following grooming.
He will alert you at these times.
If he is contentedly chewing on a toy and suddenly jumps to his feet with his nose to the floor, go to him as soon as possible!
Incidentally, you can NEVER have enough chew toys with a puppy and this package is unbeatable value!

And every time he uses the restroom outside, you must sing his or her praises to the highest heaven!

“What a nice BOYY!”, “GOOD go potty!” and other like phrases are common.
Dogs are obsessed with our joyful faces, and they will go to any length to get one. They absolutely want to please you so always keep that in mind.
You are ALREADY the most important human in their life so please, don’t let them down.
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3. Our facial expressions and body language are extremely important to dogs.

From time to time, your dog will do things that you don’t want them to. It happens.
How we react is vitally important.
Consequently, the harshest punishment you can ever offer your dog is a disapproving look and a turn away from him.
You can see his tail fall to the ground and his face gets dejected.
I can assure you that he will learn his lesson in due course. However, his attention span is only 3-5 minutes, so don’t dismiss him for too much longer.
After time has passed then move on and do not continue withholding it against them. Dogs simply do not work that way.
Simply put, you just MOVE ON!
Give him a hug and put on a good face for him once more. And then work on building that ever so important bond.

Always use positive reinforcement

It is never necessary to use physical force to punish someone. Use regular commands and kind praise, and he will understand what you want of him before you even realize what you’re looking for.
Good Puppy Training Tips
In no time, he will have mastered the art of reading your body language and facial expressions. There are numerous factors to properly training your dog, which is understandable.
Petting pups with loving compassion works just as effectively as it does with children, resulting in a dog who is happy, well-adjusted, and obedient for the rest of his life.
These three crucial suggestions, if followed regularly and with conviction, will get him off to a good start.
Try them and keep repeating them over and over and you will soon realize that this whole training thing is very enjoyable because both you and your new puppy and dog will be growing together.
As I always say on here, dogs are really smart and they will “get it” as long as we as humans don’t let THEM down.
You have a lot of responsibilities as a dog owner so please don’t neglect your duties.
Good Puppy Training Tips
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