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Welcome to our dog shop.

We have our own bespoke dog-related merchandise store where you will find some great shirts, mugs, and other gear that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Check it out today at Best Canine Merch

We design shirts and mugs and lots of other things too!

Please feel free to drop us a line if there is something that you would like made as we can also personalize products too.

All of our designs are hosted by our approved partners at Redbubble and Teepublic so that you can rest assured that the product you order will be shipped to you as quickly as humanly possible whilst ensuring really great quality and service is at the forefront of your transaction.

We are constantly making new dog-related gear so please bookmark this page and check in regularly to see new stuff!

If you see anything you like and want a bit more info then please let us know. Alternatively, if you want something specific or personalized, let us know your ideas and we can do a mock-up for you to see how it looks!

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We are now offering a bespoke design service!

If you want a shirt designed with your specific breed and your dog’s name on it then no problem!

We can do that for you!

Drop us a line below and let us know what you want and we can do it for you.

We will design it for you and send you a mock-up and then if you want to buy it then you can!

We get it sent to you via our approved partner, either Redbubble or Teespring!

To enquire about a bespoke design, please email us at 

Best Canine Merch

Use the form below for more information.

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