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Dog Rescue Shelters – And Why You Should Use One

Dog rescue shelters are incredible places!

It’s true. Of course, the poor dogs that no one wants usually reside within, however, the people who operate and run these places are nearly always the very best of our species.

And they are my absolute number 1 go-to place for anyone wanting or thinking of getting a dog.

I want to share with you the main reasons that I started my journey with owning a dog.

It will make more sense to you if we go right back to the very start of my story on really why I wanted to get a dog.

Back in 1999, my wife and I moved out into the rural countryside of Dorset in the UK.

From pretty much the first weekend we got unpacked we could see from the local area that there was a huge appetite for dog walking.

We saw many walkers and their variety of dogs out and about walking past our home on a sometimes hourly basis.

The countryside is beautiful with many many walks and places to go so that pretty much sewed the seed in our minds then.

After discussing with my wife all about the reasons we should get a dog, we decided to start to think about breeds and where we were going to get one.

Dog Rescue Shelters
You will find all kinds of wonderful dogs at a rescue shelter. They just need YOU to give them a chance!

Dog Rescue Centres Near Me

Well, this really wasn’t that easy to decide upon and we had leaned towards a Labrador breed but then I was reading all about a local organization that rescued retired racing Greyhounds and I was intrigued.

I had always liked Greyhounds but knew little about them, so taking the plunge, I rang the rescue center nearest to me and got chatting to one of the volunteers.

“Oh, they are marvelous dogs…really” they enthused. “We would have to come out and see your home to see if it suitable..you know, garden fenced in etc…but, they are really superb animals and really need a break with someone who will love them”

I was convinced and so was my wife, so we looked forward to our visit from the trust volunteers.

We passed with flying colors and then waited to get that all-important call.

Our journey was one of enlightenment and learning and that will all be laid out for you in future articles on here for you to enjoy (hopefully!)

Why A Rescue Dog?

I have always had a soft spot for the underdog. After learning more and more about the plight of these dogs, I was convinced they were the right fit for me.

There is a great episode of the Simpsons where Homer and Bart go to the dog track one Christmas and end up coming home with an unwanted dog.

That always stayed with me when I was younger and for some reason, really resonated with me and my personality. After meeting my wife and getting married in 1995, she too saw the episode and it resonated with her too!

I simply loved the idea of giving an unwanted dog a break!

It’s something that I believe in and would urge everyone who wants to get a dog to use a rescue center near them or ring up and get involved in learning more about rescue dogs and rehoming unwanted dogs.

You won’t regret it.

The Greyhound Rescue West Of England was the first charity we used to rescue a Greyhound and they are now part of https://foreverhoundstrust.org/  and he was called Albert.

Local Dog Rescue Shelters

These organizations are nearly always charity-run. They need donations to keep going and if you are unsure of where to find one, simply do a Google search or ask locally at any kennels you know of or indeed local veterinary practices in your nearest town.

It really is quite a simple task and one that I think is morally the right thing to do.

I know in the United States they call them Kill Shelters but if you are based in the States a simple search again will usually yield great results. Simply type “No Kill Shelters  Near Me” and this will give you a broad church of places that rescue dogs.

Dog Rescue Shelters

You may also find great results with the search term “No-Kill Animal Shelters Near Me” as this usually yields results as it’s not just dogs that get a raw deal, it’s their feline cousins too.

No-Kill Shelters Near Me

This is the term that is used predominantly for US-based folk who would be looking to rescue a dog, however, in the UK we have organizations like the RSPCA and The Dog’s Trust that are ideal ports of call to find that dog that really does need a great new home and family that will love it.

In the US you have the ASPCA who is a huge organization and throughout the entire United States.

It would be prudent of you to check out these great organizations whereby you will learn a huge amount about the need to rescue and rehome dogs.

Don’t expect to just walk in and get a dog though, these organizations are rigorous in vetting you out and this is what I and my wife have been through on a couple of occasions whilst adopting Greyhounds.

We are on our fourth dog now, but each time I am pleased that the process is getting harder to get a dog and quite rightly so as these guys have already been through a lot.

I Want A Rescue Dog

Dog Rescue Shelters

Thankfully and hopefully after doing your due diligence and research about the whys and wherefores of your reasons to get a dog, you have decided to get a rescue dog.

It really is vitally important to do your research about your motives behind this decision which if done properly, will change your life forever.

Getting a dog is a huge thing.

It really is, they take over your life and in our experience, they cost a small fortune, are in our thoughts daily and we love them for it.

It makes you a better person as a result, keeps you fit and the rewards and loyalty you get from a dog are incredible.

Over the course of this website, I will share with you all of my experiences and hopefully, it will help you with all the aspects of owning a dog and everything that goes with it.

There is a lot of psychology with dogs too.

It will make you ask questions like “Should I Get A Dog?” and this is a valid thought.

They do tend to take over your life and if you are yet to actually get a dog, then this is something to consider.

However, you will find lots of help here, and hopefully, you will make the decision that is right for you.

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