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Dog Personalities Are Important

We need to understand that Dog Personalities Are Important. Every dog is different so we need to be aware of that when owning one.

Why Dog Personalities Are Important.

One of the leading charities in the UK, Battersea Dogs Home, has released a statement recently that stated that many rescue dogs are losing out because of people’s preferences, especially in the Uk, for designer breeds.

With that in mind, Battersea has launched a “Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed” campaign in order to highlight this worrying trend.

It’s a way of encouraging animal lovers to actually consider a rescue dog before any other kind of breed.
Talking from experience, I have rescued 4 Greyhounds and although they are a pedigree breed, they are often discarded from people’s choices when it come to taking on a rescue dog.

It’s Battersea hope that people will consider the idea of a rescue dog rather than going to breeders online and offline when there are simply thousands of really great dogs nationwide that need a loving home and a second chance.

Research done by them have identified that in the last year 2019, French Bulldogs have been searched online 165000 times on average each month and this trend is increasing.

Dog Personalities

As well as celebrating rescue dogs characters and quirks they have taken the decision to remove breed filters from its online galleries and it is something that other charities and rescue centers globally could adopt too.

It’s a great way to encourage would-be owners to be more open-minded about the reasons they want a dog above the breed.

The early results of this approach have yielded more people actually viewing the profiles of the rescue dogs, so this is a positive start.

To find out more check out the Battersea Dog’s Home website @ www.battersea.org.uk

With the really positive ideas that Battersea is putting in place, it is important to ask ourselves some questions about our reasons to adopt.

Generally, most dogs that you see in rescue centers are older than the puppies that many people seem to think they want.
That is not to say that puppies don’t wind up in rescue centers, but unless you pay them a visit, you won’t find out!

Many dogs in rescue centers can be a bit older, 7 years plus is not uncommon and these dogs can have many, many really positive benefits including:

A Tendency To Be Calmer & More Relaxed.

These dogs can have benefitted from having a routine in the past, their personality has had a chance to develop and also they would of burned off all of the puppy behavior and energy a long time ago.

Chewing may no longer be a huge issue and generally, an adult dog will be able to settle in quicker and more easily.

House Training Can Be Less Stressful

In many cases, older dogs will be house trained and this is a huge bonus when taking on the role of rescuing a dog.
Dogs generally do not like to soil where they live so this is a huge bonus when introducing a dog into your home.

Your dog will most likely understand basic commands too but don’t rest on your laurels here as future and constant training and positive reinforcement is a whole of life thing for a dog.
A new dog in your home will need time to adjust and get used to the place they are now living and their new local area for walks and exercise.

Older Dogs Sleep Well

Again, it is always a generalization, but older dogs do seem to sleep a lot better as they are well used to the world they are living in.
The upside of this is no puppy whining at night (usually teething or feeling scared) and no puppy puddles when you get up!

Older Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!

It’s a popular saying that is completely wrong. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Tricks, however, don’t need to be of a circus nature.
The training can be particularly useful as older dogs can have a better attention span as they have learned to focus more

This can be particularly beneficial to us as owners as they tend to allow us to have a good night’s sleep also!

Dog Personalities

Ask Questions And Always Be Honest

You need to always be honest with the rescue centers when you are thinking about taking on an older rescue dog.
You need to be sure that you can cope and also that the dog will fit into your lifestyle.
These can be things that easily get overlooked sometimes when the excitement of taking on a dog becomes a reality.

You need to ask about their diet, how much exercise the dog needs, does the dog have any significant history concerns, etc.

Many times, a home visit will be required for the center to be sure that your home is suitable for the possible new addition.

What You See Is What You Get

Older dogs are pretty much the finished article. They have grown to the size they will be and they have formed their personalities too.

On the whole, older dogs can often be more chilled out and relaxed too, and that is always a welcome bonus.
The great thing about getting a dog like this is the backup and support and insights into the animal.

Rescue centers do their very best to profile and test the dog’s temperament before allowing the dog to be rehomed.
Things can go wrong and sometimes the dog and new owner simply don’t work out and again, the rescue centers will offer support and help and if need be, take the dog back.

Dog Personalities

This can be hugely useful in terms you feeling overwhelmed as you don’t need to be when taking on a new dog.

Another valuable consideration that has become a lot more en vogue in both the UK and the US in recent years is the companionship that a dog offers an owner.

Many of us are living longer these days, and sadly many may outlive their partners. This can leave people feeling lonely and a dog can be the absolute best thing to take them out of themselves once again.

Dogs don’t judge us so maybe the next time you are thinking of getting a dog, check out your local rescue center and you will quickly find a dog that will have a personality to suit you!


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