Is An Irish Wolfhound A Good Family Dog?

Welcome to our quick answer article on the Irish Wolfhound. We really want to know Is An Irish Wolfhound A Good Family Dog? We aim to answer just a few quick questions that will help you decide if these are the dog breed for you! Essentially we are looking at just three things: Are They … Read more

What Is A Serbian Defence Dog?

What Is A Serbian Defence Dog?

If you want a guard dog that can protect you from danger, a Serbian Defence Dog is an excellent choice. Personally, I think these dogs are just about as good a dog as you will ever find. They can do everything from hardcore security, protection, and military work to being loyal and truly wonderful family … Read more

What Is A Boerboel Mastiff?

What Is A Boerboel Mastiff

The Boerboel Mastiff is a large mastiff-type dog that is indigenous to South Africa. It is black with a mask on its face and has a short, silky coat. Their bones and muscles are well developed, which helps them to have an enormous amount of strength. The head of the Boerboel is blocky, with a … Read more

All About The Fila Brasileiro

What Is A Fila Brasileiro? The Fila Brasileiro is a large breed of dog. It is often referred to as the Brazilian Mastiff and is a highly-regarded working breed. The breed originated in Brazil and is one of the largest in the world. Its high levels of energy, stamina, and intelligence make it ideal for … Read more

What Is a Presa Canario?

What Is a Presa Canario, and where can I find one? This Spanish large dog breed is a mix of a mastiff and a catch dog. They originate in the autonomous region of the Canary Islands, where they can be found primarily on the island of Gran Canaria. The dog was formerly known as the … Read more

What Is a Caucasian Shepherd?

What Is A Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, is a large livestock guardian dog that hails from the Caucasus region. This breed is native to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, and Ukraine. Though they are not considered working dogs, they are popular pets for owners. While their origins are unknown, they have numerous uses and … Read more

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous

Are Bull Terriers dangerous? This is a question many people have. They are not aggressive in the absence of cause, but it is important to keep this in mind. These dogs are very obedient, and they make wonderful family dogs. But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some precautions. Some breeds are more prone … Read more

What Is a Tibetan Mastiff?

Today, we are looking at a truly formidable breed, The Tibetan Mastiff. The Tibetan mastiff is a large dog from the Himalayan region of Asia. They are a huge guardian breed that has been bred in Tibet for centuries. Let’s find out a bit more about them Their appearance If you’re wondering what this breed … Read more

What Is a Bully Kutta?

What Is A Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta is a large dog breed that originated in the Indian subcontinent around the 16th century. It is a working dog, whose primary purpose is hunting. The breed is also popular in areas such as Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi, as well as in Tamil Nadu. Throughout its history, the Bully Kutta has evolved … Read more

Are Dobermans Good With Kids?

Are Dobermans Good With Kids?

Are Dobermans good with kids? This is a question you should be asking yourself if you have a child. In most cases, they are perfectly fine around children, as long as they are trained well. A good breeder understands the need to train their dogs and the fear stage in their development. This fear stage … Read more

Dogo Argentino Temperament

Dogo Argentino

The Argentine Dogo is a large white muscular breed that was originally developed in Argentina to hunt wild boar and big-game. Its founder, Antonio Nores Martnez, wanted a breed with high bravery and vigilance that would protect its owners. Although the dog is not a traditional hunting dog, it can be a good pet for … Read more

What Is a Brussels Griffon Dog?

What Is a Brussels Griffon Dog?

Weighing barely more than 12 pounds, this human-like toy dog with a deep personality may provide entertainment for as many as 10 typical canine companions! The Brussels Griffon is a delicate companion for discerning adults who appreciate intelligence, devotion, and a sense of humor about themselves. You get a lot of personality in a 5-to-15-pound … Read more

Bull Terrier Temperament

Bull Terrier Temperament

Today, we are looking at the Bull Terrier Temperament and trying to find out if they are a good fit for you as a prospective owner. If you’re wondering, “What is a Bull Terrier like?” then you’re not alone. The Bull Terrier is a breed of dog in the terrier family, and it has a … Read more

What Is a Swedish Vallhund?

What Is A Swedish Vallhund

Today, we are looking at the Swedish Vallhund and trying to find out a bit more about them. Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed The Swedish Vallhund Dog Breed is a very active breed that requires medium to high amounts of physical activity. They like long walks and short jogs, but they also love to play with … Read more

What Is a Yorkshire Terrier?

What is a Yorkshire Terrier?

What is a Yorkshire Terrier? These small, cute dogs are among the smallest traditional British breeds and were originally bred in Yorkshire, England. They normally reside between twelve to fifteen years. They are extremely affectionate and even playful with children and other pets. The full title for this breed is Yorkshire Terrier, however, it is … Read more

What Is a Husky?

What Is a Husky?

What Is a Siberian Husky? If properly cared for, the Siberian husky is a pleasant and gentle breed of dog that will make a good companion. They are also extremely playful with whoever is in charge of them. Siberian huskies are affectionate and sociable toward people and other dogs. In most cases, they get along … Read more

What Is A Coyote?

What Is A Coyote

In a slight deviation from our regular canine information, we are asking What is a coyote? The coyote is a beautiful species of domestic animal native to North America. It is slightly smaller than its close cousin, the wolf, and just as small as the closely Related red wolf and the eastern grey wolf. It … Read more

Best Therapy Dogs

Best Therapy Dogs

What is a Therapy Dog? A dog who offers emotional support and assistance to the handicapped or elderly. Generally speaking, they offer emotional support to those who are in need of support or who have physical disabilities. A Therapy dog, therefore, provides emotional support by assisting the disabled person to maintain independence and improve their … Read more

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