Benefits Of Bone Broth For Dogs

Winter is coming and that means the nights are going to get darker earlier and also colder.

Why not treat your dog to a really nice treat by making a very simple homemade winter bone broth that will warm them up after those cold and damp winter walks?

It’s a really easy recipe to make and if you get on well with your local butcher, it can be extremely cheap too.

This is a dish that you add to your dogs food or as a standalone and as it is full of goodness for them, it will be a sure fire hit.

Winter Bone Broth contains bones only to start with!

Bones….Lovely Bones!

What You Need To Get Started

You will need the following ingredients to make this stunning broth:

A large stock pot or if you have slow cooker, then that is a great addition to your kitchen.

Your bones!….beef is my favourite and you can get neck bones from your butcher very cheaply.just ask them as they are usually discarded daily.

Chicken, Duck, Turkey, and ox Tail bones are great too.
If you are thinking more along the game theme then Partridge, Pheasant, or Venison bones are all superb to use, or indeed you can use a mixture of all of them.

Plenty of water…enough to cover all of your bones.

Some celery…a couple of sticks are fine.
Cider Apple vinegar…2 tablespoons.
Ginger..root or powdered, it doesn’t really matter
Black pepper…a few pinches or about three grinds.
Some mushrooms….button mushrooms are fine and you need about a mug full.

And that’s all you really need as the meat and gelatine from the bones will easily season the broth!

How To make it!

OK, so now we have everything we need so now we have to make this great broth!

As I stated before, a slow cooker is a superb way of making this and it then becomes a really easy way of making it….slow cookers can be a great addition to any kitchen and one like this is brilliant for beginners and it’s affordable too with great ratings!

OK, so this is how I make it and you may find the way that suits you. The great thing about any kind of cooking is that you can add in or take away your own ideas, as long as you remember that this broth is for your dog, so always make sure you know what is going into the mix and that it is safe for your dog.

  1. Put all of your chosen types of bones into your pot and fill the pot with water making sure you completely cover them.
  2. Add in the Apple Cider Vinegar and the black pepper and then set your slow cooker on it’s very lowest setting or lowest heat on your stove with your stockpot.
  3. This is a long game and it needs to be cooking for around 24-28 hours! You will need to keep topping up the water so check on it every few hours to make sure it doesn’t cook dry.
  4. After around 24 hours of this slow cooking, add in your vegetables..the celery, and the mushrooms and Ginger.
  5. When it is finally cooked, remove the bones from the broth and skim off any fat that has risen to the top and discard it.
  6. Let the broth cool and then pour it through a sieve just to make sure that there are no tiny bone fragments in the liquid.
  7. Store when cold in your fridge and use within a week or you can store in a freezer and use within 4 months.
  8. You can add the broth either cold or warmed up for your dog as a nice healthy treat or in addition to any dry food or wet food they may be on.


Discard the bones…NEVER Feed Cooked Bones To Dogs!

I freeze portions in these great plastic takeaway style trays and then in the summer my boy loves to spend an hour or so eating one like it’s a giant broth ice pop!

Try it and your dog will certainly enjoy it!

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