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Are Whippets High Maintenance?

Are Whippets High Maintenance?

To answer the question “Are Whippets High Maintenance” quickly for all of you in a hurry then the simple reply is…No, not really at all!

Are Whippets High Maintenance

With that being said let’s just look at a few concerns that a prospective owner would want to know about these wonderful dogs in a few easy-to-digest chunks!


Whippets are lovely little dogs, sometimes they can be a little bit on the shy side.

If you get a shy Whippet then it would benefit in a quieter household that wasn’t too busy for the dog to cope with.

They are adorable dogs. They really love their owners and are great around children and other pets too.

Always monitor young children and their interaction with any dog until you are satisfied everything is OK.

Are Whippets High Maintenance


They’re so healthy. To know they’re one of the few breeds that have very few underlying health conditions is a real bonus financially when you take on the role of becoming a dog dad or mom!

Other than giving them a great diet with equally great exercise and love, your Whippet is a low health problem dog.

Obviously, you need to always make sure you have a great vet that you can trust and this article will help you with that task. Yes, Vets cost money but that is one of the things you have to factor in when having any dog in your life.

Sidenote: they are worth it!

how to choose a vet

Exercise with caution

They need medium exercise levels, they enjoy a good walk. But they’re also quite happy to be a bit of a couch potato and snooze a lot of the day so they can make great friends and companions.

A Whippet is a racing dog originally and resembles a small Greyhound, but they are actually extremely loyal, affectionate family pets.
Whippets are sighthounds and so their idea of distance is completely different from yours.

Like Greyhounds and other sighthounds, they have incredible vision.

Sighthound means they hunt through their eyes. And they’ll catch sight of what could technically be the prey, or in days gone by a rabbit or a hair.

They will watch it and then they’ll go straight away after the prey and this is where recall is vital.

They don’t need an enormous amount of exercise and it is quite a myth because they were hand and they were running dogs because people will know them as they need to have a lot of exercise.

Look to be taking them out for about a couple of decent half-hour walks and runs every day.

And that seems to do the trick there well happy the healthy and fit.

Are Whippets High Maintenance


Recall training is a must with these dogs and can not be started quick enough when you get one so it’s vital you address this through puppy training classes, socialization classes, and such.

These little guys can run pretty quickly right up to 40mph in short bursts!

If you go to let your whippet off the lead to run then you need to ensure that it is a secure place and that it can’t get out of it will run across roads.

The safest way is not to let it off lead unless you can actually rent a paddock or rent a space in which you can let it run freely and safely.

Absolutely Essential Bits Of Kit For Your Whippet

Leads and Collars

These dogs have skinny necks that can be quite fragile so please NEVER use the following pieces of equipment:

Standard collar and a retractable dog lead.


Real Leather Extra Wide Padded Tapered Dog Collar

The only collar that really works for these guys is this sort as it protects the neck bones much, much better and is specifically designed for sighthound breeds such as the Greyhound, the Whippet, and The Saluki.



Coolrunner Durable Dog Slip Rope Leash

The best lead for strength and control and also at a great price is these

Perfectly designed for your Whippet, they are strong and at 5m they keep your dog close enough for you to be in control.

Remember these little guys have explosive speed so you really do not want anything too long as it can jar and seriously damage their necks if they start to build up speed. This is why retractable long-length leads are dangerous for very fast dogs.



Bolux Dog Harness, No-Pull Reflective Dog Vest

These are great as not only do they protect the dog and give you better control, they are reflective for those night walks too. Ideal size for Whippets and will add to keeping them warmer as well.

Waterproof Hooded Winter Dog Coat

You need to remember that Whippets are skinny dogs that feel the cold a lot more than regular thicker coated breeds.

This is why you need to keep the little guys warm on their winter walks!

Convinced yet?

If you are thinking of getting one I would advise you to go to a reputable breeder and then you will know that you will be getting a good healthy puppy.


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