The Main Reason For This Website

About Me

The main reason for this website.

Hi, My name is Tony and I have decided after owning dogs for the last 20 years or so to build a site that covers all aspects of looking after an animal at home that is quite rightly called “Man’s Best Friend”

I am sure as a dog owner or people interested in dogs, you will agree with that statement.

I simply feel that my life has been enriched over the years by having a dog.

Based now in Cornwall, I have lived all over the UK and also in Northern France, and at all times I have had the wonderful company of my much-loved dogs.


The most important factor to me and my wife whilst we have had dogs is their wellbeing.

Their health is THE vital aspect of looking after a dog.

This includes pretty much everything you do with your animal from training to caring for it in older age.

With that in mind, this site will be a way for you to follow our progress and learn the dos and do lots of looking after a dog.

Over the years I have picked up and learned many aspects of dog ownership and my site is dedicated to trying to offer the very best advice to readers along with the constant thread of positive reinforcement.

I do not believe in any kind of punishment training and I think it is barbaric and totally the wrong way to train a dog.

You will see that I do believe in the pack theory and the Alpha theory as it has ALWAYS worked for me and I know it works for thousands of other owners and trainers.

I am open-minded and although our domestic dogs are now a long time removed from their distant cousin, the Wolf, it is always good to remember that they still share 99.8% of the same DNA.

I provide everything for my dog from shelter, food and water, and love, therefore, I know that I am the Alpha to them and it’s vital they see me that way.

And they do, and that is why this website with its tips and advice will help you as long as you follow the same path.

On this website, we will be focusing on all aspects of looking after your dog from beginning to the end and everything in between.

I have been an owner of rescue Greyhounds since 1999.

And after owning these wonderful dogs over the years, we have found that you do indeed have to spend a small fortune sometimes on great stuff that you need for them to be happy.

And that goes for all breeds, so we decided to open an online store to help others and share information and add new products that we think will make your hounds a lot happier.

20% Of All Revenue From Sales On This Website Is Donated To Dog Rescue Charities In The UK and In the United States.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you will find some value in what we write on here.


Your Doggy Friend.

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