Is An Irish Wolfhound A Good Family Dog?

Welcome to our quick answer article on the Irish Wolfhound. We really want to know Is An Irish Wolfhound A Good Family Dog? We aim to answer just a few quick questions that will help you decide if these are the dog breed for you! Essentially we are looking at just three things: Are They … Read more

Urolithiasis in Dogs

Urolithiasis in Dogs

Today we are looking at Kidney stones or to give it its proper name, Urolithiasis in Dogs. The diagnosis of urolithiasis in dogs can be difficult, as the underlying cause is unknown. This condition is caused by the formation of stones in the urinary tract. These stones can make urination very painful and in some … Read more

What Is A Serbian Defence Dog?

What Is A Serbian Defence Dog?

If you want a guard dog that can protect you from danger, a Serbian Defence Dog is an excellent choice. Personally, I think these dogs are just about as good a dog as you will ever find. They can do everything from hardcore security, protection, and military work to being loyal and truly wonderful family … Read more

What Is A Boerboel Mastiff?

What Is A Boerboel Mastiff

The Boerboel Mastiff is a large mastiff-type dog that is indigenous to South Africa. It is black with a mask on its face and has a short, silky coat. Their bones and muscles are well developed, which helps them to have an enormous amount of strength. The head of the Boerboel is blocky, with a … Read more

Jaundice In Dogs

What Is Jaundice In Dogs

Today we are looking at Jaundice in dogs and finding out a bit more about it so that you can spot the signs in your pooch! Icterus, or the more commonly referred to the title, Jaundice. Facts About Jaundice The medical term for Jaundice is Icterus and it refers to a yellowing or yellow discoloration … Read more

All About The Fila Brasileiro

What Is A Fila Brasileiro? The Fila Brasileiro is a large breed of dog. It is often referred to as the Brazilian Mastiff and is a highly-regarded working breed. The breed originated in Brazil and is one of the largest in the world. Its high levels of energy, stamina, and intelligence make it ideal for … Read more

How Can A Dog Get Parvo?

How Can A Dog Get Parvo

In our article What Is Parvo we looked at what the disease was. Now we are looking at how your dog can actually get this dreadful condition. How Can My Dog Get Parvo? In simple terms, it can actually get this dreadful disease quite easily. Dogs who become unwell as a result of a canine … Read more

What Is a Presa Canario?

What Is a Presa Canario, and where can I find one? This Spanish large dog breed is a mix of a mastiff and a catch dog. They originate in the autonomous region of the Canary Islands, where they can be found primarily on the island of Gran Canaria. The dog was formerly known as the … Read more

Can A Dog Be A Vegetarian?

Can A Dog Be A Vegetarian?

Can A Dog Be Vegetarian? It’s true that dogs are omnivores. They have a complex digestive system that makes them able to digest fruits and vegetables. But that doesn’t mean that a dog can survive on a vegetarian diet. Besides, canines are members of the order Carnivora, not the plant kingdom. That means they get … Read more

Dogs Diet Facts

Dogs Diet Facts

Do Dogs require varied diets at different stages of their lives? Yes. This is correct. Dogs have various nutritional requirements at different periods of their lives, and giving food that is developed for all life phases is not always the best option. All-purpose dog food may not include enough nutrients to suit the nutritional requirements … Read more

What Is a Caucasian Shepherd?

What Is A Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd, also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka, is a large livestock guardian dog that hails from the Caucasus region. This breed is native to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, and Ukraine. Though they are not considered working dogs, they are popular pets for owners. While their origins are unknown, they have numerous uses and … Read more

Zinc Toxicity in Dogs

What is Zinc Poisoning?

What Is Zinc Poisoning? Zinc poisoning can be caused by a variety of household products, with the penny being one of the most common. Zinc toxicity is not well understood, and the time interval between the administration and the beginning of clinical symptoms is not well understood, either. Before symptoms manifest themselves fully, it is … Read more

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous?

Are Bull Terriers Dangerous

Are Bull Terriers dangerous? This is a question many people have. They are not aggressive in the absence of cause, but it is important to keep this in mind. These dogs are very obedient, and they make wonderful family dogs. But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some precautions. Some breeds are more prone … Read more

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