Dog Equipment : Choose Wisely

Dog Equipment

These days the market for dog equipment and accessories is absolutely huge. It’s easy to spend a small fortune on our dogs to make sure they look great and we feel good as we are splashing our cash on our fur babies like a parent would on a child. And that is all fine and … Read more

What Do Dog Behaviors Mean?

Dog Behavior

Dogs do some really strange things. We find them strange and it makes us wonder why they do the things that they do. Dog behavior is interesting and also a bit strange to us but not to them… In the world of a dog, of course, these actions and behaviors are perfectly normal and also … Read more

Are Dogs Omnivores?

Are Dogs Omnivores

Are Dogs Omnivores? There is a constant argument that rages on as to whether dogs are actually full carnivores or are they omnivores that can eat meat? All of a dog’s anatomical attributes lend it to be considered a scavenging carnivore. However, in general terms, this idea may well be slightly short-sighted as they can … Read more

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