How Do Dogs Think?

How Do Dogs Think

In order for us as humans to understand our dogs, we have to try to work out things like how do dogs think and how their behavior patterns make sense to us. Indeed dogs are complex and we need to try to tune into their habits and ways in order to be able to have … Read more

Canine Dementia: Signs, Symptoms And What You Can Do

Dealing With Canine Dementia

Doggy Dementia is an age-related neurobehavioral degenerative disease that is very similar to the condition Alzheimer’s in us, humans. It’s known as CCD or Cognitive Dysfunction to give its appropriate name. The diagnosis is made through observing patterns of behavior and the symptoms of distinctive behavior. CCD worsens over time and again, as with humans, … Read more

Reiki for Dogs-Does It Work?

Reiki for Dogs

Reiki for Dogs Reiki has been generally available as a holistic remedy for only a short time ( the last century) but in that time it has garnered wide-ranging respect from healers and users of the therapy. In recent years it has been introduced to owners of pets as a form of therapy that can … Read more

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