Mindfulness Meditation Tips Our Dogs Teach Us

Mindfulness Meditation Tips

Mindfulness Meditation Tips Our Dogs Teach Us “Living the Dream” = Mindfulness! We so often hear this expression and it conjures up visions of sun-kissed beaches, beautiful homes or super shiny trinkets, such as sleek cars. How would it be, however, to live the dream every day, every time you go out into the garden … Read more

How To Get A Dog To Trust You

How To Get A Dog To Trust You

How Can We Build Trust With Our Dogs and How To Get A Dog To Trust You Reading Behaviors The old adage, “man’s (and woman’s!) best friend is a dog” is heartwarming and a reality for many of us. Friendship, however, relies on verbal communication which, of course, we cannot have with our dog, or … Read more

What Is Vestibular Disease in Dogs?

what is Vestibular Syndrome

Vestibular Syndrome is a fairly common medical condition that primarily affects older dogs. It’s a condition that can present itself when your dog reaches 10 years of age or older. Generally, this is the case and it will be the focal point of this article, however, it is important to recognize the signs as old … Read more

How to Talk with Your Dog

How to Talk with Your Dog

How to Talk with Your Dog Just Because Your Dog Can’t Actually Talk to You Doesn’t Mean That We Can’t Communicate with Them. Here We Will Learn How to Talk with Your Dog. Dogs have a complex language and in many ways, it is no less complex than our own. The fact that our dogs … Read more

Dog Food Reviews Unbiased

Dog Food Reviews Unbiased

There are so many types of dog food out there today that it can be confusing. Dog Food Reviews Unbiased Will Inform You Of The Things To Look Out For. There is so much choice available these days it can be really confusing for an owner. Should you go for dry food or moist food? … Read more

Why Dogs Do Things They Do?

Why Dogs Do Things They Do

Why do our dogs do the things they do? From Puppy Dog Eyes To Exposing Their Belly For A Tummy Tickle, Let’s Try To Find Out Why! Our dogs see the world very differently to us. They employ a whole range of different ways of interacting with the environment around them and it is a … Read more

What Is Fear Aggression in Dogs?

What Is Fear Aggression in Dogs

Constant barking and fear of aggression can be a common problem for a dog owner. This can ultimately manifest itself in an owner becoming reluctant to walk their dog regularly for fear of incidents. The knock-on effect of this can be dreadful for both parties involved as the dog won’t be getting the exercise they … Read more

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